Pronunciation of Exhausted
/ɛɡzˈɔːstɪd/, /ɛɡzˈɔːstɪd/, /ɛ_ɡ_z_ˈɔː_s_t_ɪ_d/

Antonyms for exhausted

most bushy-tailed, Neoteric, most bushy tailed, what's happening, revitalized, most bright eyed, un seasoned, rested, sturdy, stored, Unwithered, relaxed, not stale, smartalecky, re-freshed, dewiest, un triedest, un-processed, un processed, un-triedest, un wearied, unfinished, nowest, de-finite, re-stored, bright, un conventional, in solent, hearty, bright-eyed, re cent, brandnew, un polluted, most neoteric, most another, un-faded, strong, most bushytailed, conspicuous, brand new, remaining, most invigorated, the latest, bushytailed, undimmed, un-withered, energetic, more unpolluted, be ginning, dis respectful, more bushytailed, full, un cultivated, more another, most bouncing, more undimmed, resolute, whats happening, flipper, bright eyed, tireless, nower, refreshed, unpolluted, more invigorated, leftover, bushy-tailed, un-polluted, filled, most unwithered, hot off press, left, hardy, lively, re freshed, more unfaded, saved, most undimmed, plenty, in-solent, this season's, in-creased, more refreshed, un-cultivated, brighteyed, un-conventional, un contaminated, un-contaminated, most unfaded, un skilled, more beginning, un-dimmed, un usual, uncontaminated, un-trained, restored, de finite, un-touched, firm, fresh, re-habilitated, odd, this season, un-used, undrained, un dimmed, un-seasoned, brilliant, re stored, most uncontaminated, Weariless, more bright eyed, up to date, un practiced, more bushy-tailed, un-wearied, smart alecky, unwearied, hot the press, invigorated, un tried, re habilitated, tenderfooted, un faded, more rehabilitated, more bright-eyed, vigorous, un trieder, most brighteyed, overflowing, most refreshed, Unfaded, like new, un withered, more brighteyed, un-tried, un-trieder, more uncontaminated, un touched, enough, dewier, more bouncing, un used, more unwithered, this seasons, active, most tenderfooted, dewy, animated, most rehabilitated, un-usual, un-skilled, able, incomplete, most beginning, more newborn, just out, hot press, dis-respectful, unused, Energized, pre sumptuous, Hoarded, most bright-eyed, most newborn, more bushy tailed, peppy, be-ginning, clear, un trained, flippest, strengthened, daring, more tenderfooted, Vitalized, most comer, bushy tailed.