Pronunciation of Expedite
/ˈɛkspədˌa͡ɪt/, /ˈɛkspədˌa‍ɪt/, /ˈɛ_k_s_p_ə_d_ˌaɪ_t/

Antonyms for expedite

de-barring, gives in to, span out, in fringed, re-pulse, put on back burner, am negligent, fore stall, being careless, counter-acting, saddle with, made longer, lets down flaps, over pass, stored up, letting ride, gives run around, hit brakes, prorogues, Caved, re cesses, withhold, dis courages, dis unites, Knuckled, re cessed, with holding, interfering with, tied one's hands, gotten the way, de bating, sit on fence, dis-owned, all-owed, reining in, in-sinuate, Manacling, de creased, by-passes, pigeonhole, keep lid on, Bitting, Overpassing, bring to screeching halt, re strain, giving in to, put off, laid aside, take one's time, slowed down, Shelving, made sure, keep waiting, ex tending, turned aside, hangs fire, with hold, hitting brakes, lose sight of, re-tain, cramped one's style, stunting, nip bud, put on the bank burner, wast remiss, sur-rendered, drags feet, re-presses, inter cept, tying one hands, takes ones time, cramp ones style, cramps one style, puts on bank burner, filibustered, hogtie, were irresolute, dis connected, throw monkey wrench in, put on bank burner, in conveniences, back-waters, setting aside, look see, putting the shelf, wast dilatory, let it ride, be remiss, winding down, backwatered, gave a rain check, Inned, de-creases, getting in way, keeping out, reserve, be dilatory, de creases, knuckleunder, by passing, pro longs, re signed, looking over, dithered, in-crease, enquire about, retard, put end to, dis concerted, were negligent, losing sight of, thinking about, takes one's time, re signs, cease, were remiss, dis-continues, lay on the table, gotten way, anchored it, all owed, remands, busting in, look at, downing, de-bars, be irresolute, glossed over, play waiting game, loses speed, dragging one's feet, putting on the bank burner, spins out, wert dilatory, bottlenecking, re strains, easing up, hangs up, Downs, was dilatory, candled, let ride, blow whistle on, pull back, cooling it, over-looking, were derelict, gave rain check, putting stop to, sur-render, gained time, intermits, closes off, dis carding, think twice, Caving, hung fire, keep, in-activated, lay over, held in, dis-courages, sur-renders, dis missed, obstruct, cutting on, kept account, got the way, tie ones hands, pro-longing, de-lays, dis united, knuckleunders, dragged one's feet, give the run around, looking see, breaking train of thought, blowing whistle on, re-serves, dis-joining, keeping going, re presses, got in way, drags one feet, looks at, re-served, forfended, dis-united, was remiss, boxing in, keeping waiting, re pressing, de-tain, overleap, inter-dict, de-crease, ex tend, played waiting game, cramps ones style, art negligent, pro long, make longer, boxes in, gives rain check, keeping back, back waters, pre-vented, giving rain check, busted in, re serving, defending against, dis-regards, put back burner, in sinuate, backwater, plays for time, postpone, be derelict, stretch out, tabbed, hang fire, Remanded, all-owing, gets the way, hits brakes, post-pone, by passed, choking off, let slide, dis-joined, Remitted, cramping style, counter-acts, cramping one style, pre-serving, not moved, Prolonging, re duce, hold off, over passing, Bogging, dis comfit, slacken, eased up, are remiss, let pass, rein in, check, de barred, dis-missing, drag feet, give a rain check, take ones time, stretching out, flag one, gains time, puts bank burner, in-fringe, wind down, de bars, re buffing, is unwilling, shies away, pre serving, drags ones feet, lays table, re-duce, gloss over, retardate, held captive, gave run around, being dilatory, bring screeching halt, put the bank burner, blew whistle on, shillyshally, inactivated, pro rogue, remand, tying ones hands, cuts on, drag out, dis concerting, dis card, sur renders, art remiss, dis regard, de-bate, in-fringes, dis continues, back water, puts back, closed off, embogged, looks see, counter act, putting a stop to, putting bank burner, pro bed, dis-continue, dis carded, broke train of thought, pulling back, hold down, hanged fire, re viewed, put a stop to, being derelict, reduced speed, putting back burner, with-held, de-bates, pro-bed, gave to, hinder, letting it ride, in activates, take stock, defer, de tain, turning aside, dis connects, shortstops, slowed up, de crease, dis-continuing, Bogged, slackening pace, beating around bush, in-activate, holding over, giving run around, cut in on, put shelf, gets in the way, eased off, embogging, stowing away, got in the way, in crease, re-lax, breaks train of thought, work in, interfered with, dis-join, re-view, re-buffs, hold captive, dis claimed, reduce speed, delay, enquiring about, am irresponsible, dis-claiming, beat around the bush, take time, put down as, ex-tended, puts on hold, stood off, put in, eyeball, over passed, turn aside, pro-rogued, re moved, looked at, hit the brakes, lets pass, gotten in way, dis-uniting, slackens, by passes, puts the shelf, cramped style, balancing account, be careless, slackened pace, giving to, lets it ride, Overpassed, be unwilling, withholds, stow away, type cast, fore-stalled, balance account, Forfend, tied ones hands, ties one hands, pre vents, laid on the table, loses sight of, chime in, wast careless, play for time, refraining from, over looks, looked see, puts the bank burner, pre venting, de-lay, playing waiting game, cramped one style, de lays, de-bar, getting way, puts on back burner, refrain from, closing off, dis claiming, kept going, over-leaping, crowds in, de-creasing, re tains, holds back, gat way, knuckles, re moving, give in to, dis-concerting, puts back burner, retardates, works in, type casts, inhibits, prorogue, inter-feres, in-activates, drag one feet, anchors it, breaks train thought, ex tended, thought twice, keeps going, in sinuates, sur-rendering, dis-claim, re pressed, entrammeling, sitting on fence, knuckleundered, holds down, dis-regarding, chimed in, gain time, puts a stop to, break train thought, Intermitting, play a waiting game, took time, ex-tends, laying on table, dis concert, with-hold, put back, dis continuing, keep back, de-creased, inactivate, re pulse, re-strained, throws monkey wrench in, de bate, re move, defend against, thinking twice, anchoring it, is derelict, re-buffed, hobble, is reluctant, be negligent, holding down, crowd in, gave into, is dilatory, sur rendering, dis regarding, giving the run around, letted slide, inter dict, chiming in, holds captive, slackens pace, Proroguing, post pones, putting hold, pre served, gat in way, entrammels, edges in, dragging one feet, put hold, Prorogued, taking ones time, de-barred, dis-cards, enquires about, tying one's hands, put bank burner, think little of, dis-owning, puts on the bank burner, re pulses, Entrammel, brought screeching halt, lose speed, cool it, gat in the way, are irresolute, dis-carded, Manacled, dis unite, saddled with, shortstop, By-pass, bide time, overleaps, drag ones feet, gotten in the way, set aside, dis joins, retardated, were careless, gives into, bides time, sit fence, keeps waiting, de tains, prolong, bringing to screeching halt, re-strict, dis-regard, are irresponsible, blows whistle on, counter-acted, fore-stall, reined in, kept waiting, enquired about, forfending, re buffs, cools it, wert remiss, lost sight of, stands off, hesitate, dis-joins, sits fence, dis concerts, in sinuating, re-cessing, dis comfits, losing steam, hanging fire, pre-vents, lay the table, in-sinuating, laying aside, pro-longed, ties one's hands, reduces speed, keep out, thinking little of, laid the table, downed, gets in way, put on ice, de laying, de barring, lost steam, cramp one's style, lay table, letted ride, in activating, pro-longs, bottlenecked, inactivates, beating around the bush, being irresolute, look over, are reluctant, pre serves, in sinuated, holds in, re tain, holding captive, interrupt, keeps account, being unwilling, keep going, art irresponsible, put ice, dis owned, take one time, edge in, makes longer, dragged ones feet, pro tract, cooled it, slow, taking stock, beats around bush, re-duces, brought to screeching halt, dis owning, dithering, dis-concerts, dis-card, dis-concert, stores up, hem haw, back-watering, wast irresponsible, Bitted, wast reluctant, in fringes, back watered, laying over, inter feres, sat fence, getting the way, thought about, makes sure, pro rogues, tie one hands, put aside, put straitjacket on, dis courage, putting straitjacket on, dis connect, interferes with, are careless, balances account, dis-connect, in activate, pre-served, taking one time, suspend, being negligent, tie hands, not moving, intermit, lay aside, keeps out, Intermitted, dis-courage, being irresponsible, look other way, pre-vent, dis-unite, letted down flaps, sitting fence, lays over, played for time, Reefed, giving a rain check, choke off, counter acting, dis claim, pro roguing, brake train thought, holding in, re-buffing, dis connecting, edged in, in-creases, crowded in, slows down, am unwilling, slow up, snafuing, sidelining, dis regards, chimes in, are derelict, slows up, lose steam, re view, puts an end to, give rain check, overpast, putting on back burner, inter fere, dragging feet, was unwilling, putting end to, looking other way, holds off, put by, stop, overleaping, giving into, brake train of thought, dis regarded, boxed in, nip the bud, ward off, keeping account, art unwilling, thinks about, eases off, think about, re-serving, re-moving, were unwilling, cutting in on, tying hands, sidelined, scouts out, by-passed, over-leapt, re buff, wound down, with held, dis uniting, keeping lid on, de bar, re-signs, were dilatory, working in, letting pass, re-straining, give to, backwaters, getting in the way, hits the brakes, tied hands, in activated, spun out, playing for time, crowding in, make sure, am irresolute, knuckle, gives a rain check, eyeballs, re-buff, re straining, Remanding, puts straitjacket on, re signing, plays a waiting game, re views, reducing speed, busts in, tied one hands, took one time, saddling with, putting on hold, de-tains, saddles with, scouting out, re-strain, taking one's time, eases up, over leaping, get the way, kept back, looking at, hold, letting slide, fetter, laying table, gat the way, drags one's feet, by pass, art derelict, over looked, shortstopped, cut on, playing a waiting game, biding time, not trouble oneself, ease up, encumbered, defends against, ex-tend, re served, re strict, was irresponsible, over-leaped, get way, kept lid on, dis continued, corking, kept out, de bated, taking time, over-passes, by-passing, dis joining, putting on bank burner, putting in, re strained, over leaps, post-pones, loses steam, embogs, art dilatory, candling, dis-connects, shilly shally, shied away, over leap, drag one's feet, cramping ones style, laying on the table, hold in, putting down as, ties ones hands, putting on the shelf, wert negligent, dis-concerted, slow down, sat on fence, in-conveniences, de-bated, brings to screeching halt, winds down, flags one, re buffed, in creases, thinks twice, pro longing, keep account, stay, bringing screeching halt, re-moves, dis-connecting, re-pulses, was careless, balanced account, re-views, sur rendered, was derelict, lays on table, back-watered, re lax, held over, halt, give run around, scout out, stretched out, pinkslip, pro-rogues, scouted out, overleaped, dis cards, spin out, block, dragged one feet, dis-connected, re pulsing, in-fringed, pre vent, protract, putting shelf, am careless, thought little of, is irresponsible, bided time, am dilatory, pre serve, looks over, were reluctant, dis-regarded, knuckleundering, put on hold, held down, in creasing, re serve, Repulsing, art careless, Paused, cramps one's style, stows away, de-bating, over-looks, pro-long, stood still, all owing, glosses over, puts ice, re viewing, corked, dis-comfit, puts on the shelf, refrained from, put an end to, letting down flaps, de creasing, beats around the bush, hitting the brakes, drag, waive, letted it ride, dis missing, easing off, takes stock, pro-tracts, fore stalling, puts stop to, making longer, storing up, cramp style, stall, am remiss, cramps style, chokes off, lays on the table, over-leap, sets aside, tie one's hands, stand off, wrought in, procrastinate, tabbing, art reluctant, interfere with, looking the other way, over-pass, wast negligent, standing off, am reluctant, put the shelf, putting on ice, wait, dragged feet, re-pulsed, am derelict, laid on table, blow hot cold, dis-missed, break train of thought, wast irresolute, back watering, pulled back, pro-rogue, be irresponsible, over-look, was irresolute, putting ice, lays the table, was reluctant, be reluctant, broke train thought, in fringe, are dilatory, took ones time, ex-tending, puts shelf, re-move, hamper, hurt, stands still, with-holds, dis-claimed, shy away, pro tracts, cramped ones style, puts end to, wert unwilling, puts hold, dis-carding, Back-water, dis-comfits, in-creased, encumber, got way, fore stalls, snafued, hold over, adjourn, entrammeled, putting the bank burner, pro-tract, inter-cept, pre-serves, art irresolute, laid over, puts on ice, gets way, wert derelict, re-cess, pre-venting, Loitered, keeps back, reins in, are unwilling, hog tie, threw monkey wrench in, decelerate, re-pulsing, hanged up, dis-continued, holds over, in-sinuates, over look, over-passing, winded down, spinning out, cramp one style, being reluctant, re-tains, get in way, being remiss, cuts in on, put on the shelf, ex tends, was negligent, worked in, neglect, fore-stalling, arrest, clog, de lay, close off, dis-unites, slacken pace, backwatering, Re sign, looks the other way, counter acted, choked off, get in the way, looked the other way, throwing monkey wrench in, dragging ones feet, post pone, re-pressing, over-passed, pro-roguing, re press, Harnessing, re-signed, INS, dis join, de bates, eyeballing, defended against, overleapt, inter-fere, is negligent, beat around bush, counter acts, turns aside, hang up, wert irresolute, slowing down, impede, re-cessed, is remiss, cramping one's style, looked other way, re-serve, Filibustering, nip in bud, re duces, putting back, re-viewed, in-convenience, ties hands, breaking train thought, dis joined, gaining time, took stock, bust in, brings screeching halt, wert reluctant, bode time, box in, hanging up, re-press, with holds, counter-act, looked over, puts in, dilly dally, re-strains, dis-claims, de-laying, fore-stalls, over passes, dis claims, wert careless, wast unwilling, takes time, dis continue, ease off, re pulsed.