Pronunciation of Expert
/ˈɛkspɜːt/, /ˈɛkspɜːt/, /ˈɛ_k_s_p_ɜː_t/

Antonyms for expert

Unhandy, most hamhanded, un-convincing, more blue-green, abecedarian, in-nocuous, un-riper, most emasculated, un wieldiest, un gainlier, new persons, most beryl, in experienced, environmentfriendly, more loser, untalented, un-initiate, unproficient, more bluegreen, un-tactful, new hands, un handier, most blue-green, unequipped, mountebank, more lubberly, Strengthless, in-competent, in efficient, most blue green, more viridian, Non-professional, catechumen, in firmest, rook, more unfacile, environmentallysafe, servicepeople, unfamiliar with, more undexterous, putterers, unskilled, enlisted person, clownish, un-fledged, in efficacious, prentice, probationer, un-skillful, in-apter, nonexpert, recruit, tenderfoot, schoolboy girls, un-decayed, un fruitful, more verduous, shooting blanks, un-talented, more verdigris, un practiced, sophomore, un easiest, cub, entrant, bush leaguer, greenies, greenishblue, more unfitted, most willow, peacock, biodegradable, incomers, more greenish-blue, foliate, more unconversant, blunderer, un-worldly, unskillful, heavyhanded, un abler, in elegant, un-handier, first year student, all thumbs, rude, hacker, bio-degradable, not have it, buckwheater, un easier, un handiest, sappest, most unequipped, in apter, johnnies-come-lately, unfitting, in nocuous, more tenderfoot, unprofessional, un-tried, un prepared, fakir, most stumbling, late arrivals, un-schooled, in nocent, in capable, in effective, non-expert, most inadept, slackspined, greenhorn, boskier, most chicken, un decayed, un acquainted, un-seasoned, illshaped, new people, most enfeebled, most bluegreen, under graduates, verduous, un conversant, firstyear student, most environmental, un polished, be-ginners, mossest, un-initiates, Vert, most strengthless, blunderous, new hand, jackleg, ignoramus, un-adapted, stupid, in substantial, un-easiest, more blundering, un-ripest, Ungifted, new boygirl, un availing, gawkish, first-year student, neophyte, bushleague, most anticlimactic, un worthier, un-worldliest, un adept, half formed, un-prepared, graduate students, in-effectual, un educated, postulants, pupil, most rookie, Viridian, more blunderous, novitiate, un accustomed, more environmentallysafe, blow in, in-effective, un-wieldier, more anticlimactic, more ill-shaped, spring chicken, un-easy, bio degradable, un aptest, anti-climactic, in-efficacious, most untalented, no go, more forceless, environment-friendly, more improficient, un-worldlier, ineffective, blowin, more ill shaped, more unfledged, re cent, buckwheaters, babe, more undried, tinkerer, naifs, out-sider, defeasible, more butterfingered, un dried, aqua marine, new person, blunderbuss, slack spined, not effective, more rookie, non-professionals, verdigris, most pullulating, botcher, un worthiest, selectees, most olive, sunday drivers, bungling, dis organized, freshmanwomen, helpless, un-conversant, environmentally-safe, most greenish-blue, freshman, in-efficient, greenish blue, un available, un gainly, half baked, un-dexterous, un-educated, anticlimactic, in effectual, more illshaped, most amateur, novices, wet behind the ears, dis-organized, more biodegradable, tinkerers, more ham handed, newbie, in-proficient, most vitiated, more prentice, underclassman, malachite, un gainliest, awkward, wimpiest, in firmer, most aquamarine, un-wieldy, aqua-marine, un-productive, witless, would-be, un initiated, most forceless, more malachite, plebe, bosky, more zero, in-decisive, un tactful, more defeasible, enlisted persons, most unconversant, more foliate, ineffectual, un ripest, un trained, Thick-headed, more butterfingers, limest, inept, un successful, unpolished, un trieder, triflers, un-abler, un worldly, un-worthiest, untested, most sapless, dull, firrer, un-fitting, most floundering, new boygirls, un-handy, more slackspined, dis qualified, more half-formed, in-experienced, most foliate, peaer, most environmentally safe, more stumbling, most butterfingered, un-facile, de feasible, plebes, Undecayed, un-fruitful, out of gas, uninitiate, seaest, un equipped, splayer, amateur, more environment friendly, layman, forceless, more aquamarine, un convincing, be ginner, un ripe, out lunch, un easy, more floundering, un wieldy, more clownish, Incomer, know from nothing, undexterous, most ill-shaped, most improficient, new kid on block, more environmentfriendly, no way, in expert, unintelligent, uneasy, undergrads, in decisive, draftee, more vitiated, more enfeebled, un-acquainted, ingenuous, non expert, most emasculate, most blunderous, more hamhanded, in-comer, spinach, un worthy, in competent, more strengthless, most half formed, johnny come lately, most sprouting, new kid the block, more environmentally safe, raw, verter, johnnies come lately, more undecayed, ponderous, in-adequate, more pullulating, un professional, un-fitted, unhandiest, more half formed, most neutralized, peaest, most slackspined, anti climactic, latecomer, naif, blow-in, un-skilled, more developing, Bice, more unequipped, unadept, more slack spined, new boy girl, more unadapted, freshmanwoman, more beryl, environmental, piner, sapper, environmentally safe, in-comers, most chartreuse, potterer, un skillful, cant hack it, weak, halfbaked, unfacile, fumbler, in-eligible, aquamarine, hamhanded, in-sufficient, sapless, blow-ins, most etiolated, Kidder, un triedest, most inproficient, greenie, most illshaped, undried, under-graduates, most burgeoning, senseless, more gawkish, schoolboy girl, in firm, most undexterous, ringer, more slack-spined, unseasoned, un suitable, not cut out for, un wieldier, lubberly, most unadapted, un schooled, Quacksalver, half-formed, johnny-come-latelies, un grown, dis-qualified, un-successful, butterfingered, vertest, late arrival, tyro, wet behind ears, most unproficient, splay, un talented, inexpert, ungrown, un-worthier, incompetent, kiddest, splayest, un profitable, undergrad, most undried, new boy-girls, un-professional, un sophisticated, un-proficient, nestlings, pinest, mosser, hopefuls, un ablest, new kid block, inexperienced, trifler, feeble, grasser, most environmentallysafe, un-easier, un apter, inefficient, more disqualified, un-fit, halfformed, foolish, un graceful, inproficient, unfledged, more unadept, juniors, most gawkish, novice, most unfitting, most unfledged, bluegreen, selectee, un-handiest, pre tenders, un qualified, in adequate, newcomer, un-equipped, more ham-handed, most nonexpert, un fledged, un worldlier, jadest, un-couth, ignorant, environment friendly, olive, bicest, unfitted, primitive, un-dried, more neutralized, in-operative, be-ginner, under graduate, schoolboy- girls, firrest, most clownish, un-used, in-nocent, un-gainly, most verduous, un fitted, beryl, wimpy, new members, Jader, freshman-woman, boskiest, un seasoned, most lubberly, seaer, most tenderfoot, most ham-handed, potterers, not up to, most greenishblue, un ethical, un-ablest, most ham handed, un tried, in-elegant, blowins, most slack-spined, most unfitted, more ungrown, first may, more nonexpert, un dexterous, blue-green, catechumens, incapable, most blundering, un-accustomed, more ineffective, most prentice, ill-shaped, clumsy, draftees, more unfitting, most undecayed, un couth, more halfformed, prentices, more inadept, more blue green, unadapted, more untalented, blue green, un productive, beginner, un adapted, in eligible, de-feasible, beginning, Unconversant, johnny come latelies, not equal to, in-expert, most zero, un-availing, slow, new, un-wieldiest, freshman-women, new member, more emasculated, unknowledgeable, un-triedest, un-gainliest, graduate student, most disqualified, un skilled, underclassmen, new boy-girl, un-trieder, fledgling, Sophomoric, in adept, in-adept, more olive, rookie, most environmentally-safe, idiotic, most environment-friendly, pre-tenders, pre tender, un-grown, in-substantial, Limer, in-firmer, untrained, un-graceful, unhandier, in-firmest, more unproficient, more environment-friendly, ham handed, untried, un-initiated, un disciplined, un fitting, un-qualified, un handy, un-suitable, un worldliest, postulant, screwup, more greenish blue, ill shaped, apprentice, most unadept, quack, heavy handed, first-year students, willow, un proficient, more peacock, green, un-ripe, kellier, probationers, un-ethical, out gas, BICER, bush leaguers, most halfformed, more amateur, firstyear students, in operative, in-capable, be ginners, blow ins, most loser, more sprouting, non professionals, grassest, klutzy, improficient, un-apter, servicepersons, more emasculate, inadept, most biodegradable, most defeasible, un-available, butcher, dabbler, un-trained, more greenishblue, most ill shaped, schoolboy- girl, most butterfingers, more willow, un-developed, in comers, initiate, ham-handed, slovenly, putterer, lime, un-gainlier, chartreuse, more chicken, un-adept.