Pronunciation of Explicate
/ɛksplɪkˈe͡ɪt/, /ɛksplɪkˈe‍ɪt/, /ɛ_k_s_p_l_ɪ_k_ˈeɪ_t/

Antonyms for explicate

knocks down, de-feat, dis-compose, un settles, mis-arranges, rattle ones cage, hang up, snakings, threw monkey wrench in to, disorient, be tokens, over whelm, be cloud, de ranged, in-tended, dead-ending, inter-weave, be sets, renders uncertain, ex-cites, knocking down, blowing ones mind, un-hinge, be setting, sur-prises, compress, enchained, duking in, imply, be-devilled, cramped ones style, implied, un nerves, de-moralize, throw off balance, cramps one style, inter twine, dis countenance, throw in to a tizzy, de-noting, over cast, puts on back burner, throw into tizzy, de-moralized, addle, un-nerve, pointing to, inter-twines, be fogging, lessen, steam up, over-powering, mystify, dis-illusions, Muddying, brought short, becloud, be-dimming, Downs, sur-prise, blew away, mucks up, stirred up, be dimming, blew ones mind, steamed up, take aback, making mess of, be-fog, over throws, downed, barging, blew mind, un-hinged, mis-arranged, inter-woven, dis-courage, pre vent, de moralizes, gave hint, daze, putting hold, over shadows, muddy the waters, tangle, be-lying, overcasting, get to, dead-end, befogged, disorients, dis-arrange, be-numbs, floor, pre-supposes, corkscrewing, dis hearten, be clouding, faze, un nerved, be-fogs, be token, be devilling, knock down, Zigzagging, be-deviled, pointed to, dis arrange, dis orienting, mis-arranging, dis-torts, blows mind, be-muse, be-deviling, be-dimmed, dis-concerted, sur-prising, inter woven, deadend, make a mess of, turned around, ex cites, dis countenanced, galumph, entangle, mis-took, muddies waters, in sinuated, be-numbing, misidentifies, be musing, out wit, getting to, leads on, hide, be wildering, in tended, spiraling, mess with one's head, be clouded, dis illusion, dis oriented, out-wit, fluster, dis-organized, fog in, de moralizing, cramp style, mis-informed, ex cite, dis torts, puts hold, fogs in, barged, be-musing, blew one's mind, nonplus, rattling ones cage, dis-maying, cramp one style, enchains, befuddle, de range, misquotes, over casts, rope in, psyched out, dis arranged, dis-concerting, snookered, making nervous, snafuing, mess with head, over-coming, Gloomed, pre suppose, puzzle, cramping ones style, rattled one cage, un settled, over powered, throws into a tizzy, blowing one mind, be-tokens, give a hint, put hold, throw monkey wrench in to, be-numb, mis states, be wildered, un-settling, de noted, blinded, up-sets, lead on, knocking over with feather, dis heartened, inter weaving, pre-vented, corkscrewed, messes with one's head, dis-countenanced, dis tress, messes with ones head, be devil, corkscrew, buffaloing, un-settled, Messing, cramped one's style, give the run around, throwing into a tizzy, mystified, bring up short, dis-arranges, in tending, dis-comfit, mis-stating, dis composing, inter-tangled, throwing monkey wrench into, made a mess of, over-shadows, wreathed, rattles cage, de-moralizing, over-whelm, snarling up, dis may, threw a monkey wrench in to, throwing a monkey wrench in to, dis orient, in tends, dismay, de feat, be fuddled, stomping, dead ended, gives run around, dis orients, wrapped around, dis-organizing, muddying waters, dis illusioned, over casting, be-fogging, confuse, enchaining, snakinging, over shadow, up sets, leads astray, throwing into tizzy, un hinge, snarled up, pre-venting, messed with head, complicate, un hinging, be numb, rattles one cage, throw in to tizzy, laying low, pre supposed, profundicated, throwing balance, over-thrown, deadends, rendered uncertain, choke off, buffalo, over whelms, in-tend, over-powered, be-lied, sur prising, inter twining, buffaloed, dis ordered, Wreathen, makes a mess of, throw balance, inter weaved, inter weave, befog, makes nervous, blow one mind, dis-ordering, blowing one's mind, Muddy Waters, dis-orients, gives a hint, gat to, over shadowing, takes aback, de-moralizes, dis tressed, took aback, hanged up, dis tracts, mis-quoted, dis-mayed, give run around, making waves, throwing in to tizzy, stump, throw into a tizzy, putting on back burner, mess with one head, over-power, taking aback, be-fogged, threw off balance, cramped style, mis identify, in-sinuates, over-throws, be set, muddied the waters, be-fuddle, mis-taking, knocked over with feather, dis-courages, duked in, cramps one's style, over-throw, de-noted, mis identifying, dis-illusion, mucking, cramping one style, knocked down, point to, lead astray, be fog, be-mused, in sinuating, dis-quiet, mis-arrange, implicate, pre supposing, over coming, up-set, dis concerting, fogging in, dis illusions, messes with head, dis-comfits, be-devilling, ropes in, out wits, intertangles, sur prise, dis-heartened, over-comes, dis-countenance, un nerving, dis-tracts, dis-heartens, dukes in, be tokening, conceal, befogs, lay low, misquote, dis-tort, rattled one's cage, importing, Fuddling, be fuddling, bringing short, hung fire, in sinuate, un-hinging, dis-may, convolute, over throwing, dead-ends, stirring up, intricates, ricked, dis-composes, ex-cited, muddying the waters, stirs up, be-wildering, dis heartens, over powering, dis-heartening, in-sinuating, un-nerving, blows one's mind, giving a hint, de moralize, mis quoting, bring short, dizzies, stir up, obscure, brings up short, blows away, in sinuates, inter twines, gotten to, Intertangle, wrapping around, be muse, psychs, duke in, obfuscate, muddies the waters, sur-prised, de-range, be clouds, rattles ones cage, over come, be-setting, be mused, dis courages, dis maying, intoxicate, mis identified, cramping one's style, mis taking, metagrobolizes, mis-inform, misidentify, gives hint, put back burner, be-set, over-whelms, muddied, got to, be fogs, galumphed, stymie, mis-quoting, be devils, blinding, snarls up, blow mind, inter tangle, de moralized, mis quotes, pre vents, threw in to tizzy, mis-leading, over throw, dis-arranging, Snowing, Misarrange, mis arranges, mis-quotes, dis orders, dis organizes, Dizzied, points to, dis quieting, intricated, dis heartening, mis informed, mis-lead, made mess of, mis arranged, over powers, spiraled, brought up short, messes with one head, throws a monkey wrench in to, inter-twine, up setting, pre-supposing, ricking, muck up, up set, cramp one's style, rendering uncertain, mix up, spiralling, over whelming, de ranges, be-token, Buffaloes, be-fuddling, over thrown, muddies, de ranging, mis arranging, inter-weaved, cramps ones style, glooming, be lied, be fuddle, ricks, giving run around, cramp ones style, pre venting, dis mays, dis-ordered, inter-wove, ex cited, de noting, snakinged, muddied waters, throwing in to a tizzy, mucking up, threw into a tizzy, cramps style, be deviling, metagrobolize, roped in, be numbed, make waves, corkscrews, puts back burner, over shadowed, over whelmed, mis arrange, messing with one's head, co loring, dis-orient, over-casts, pre-supposed, ex citing, be fuddles, wreathes, snafued, out-witting, be-cloud, bewilder, dis tresses, over-throwing, un-settle, baffle, downing, making punchy, blowing away, muddle, be wilder, dis arranging, be-clouds, Wreathing, be tokened, disorienting, mis took, be-numbed, profundicates, pre-suppose, blow away, dis-tresses, mis lead, un settle, choking off, Snowed, messing with one head, dis countenancing, be-tokened, blows one mind, Spraining, rattle one's cage, be dimmed, dead ending, un hinged, psych out, steaming up, mis-identifying, dis organize, dis-organize, made nervous, dis quiets, putting back burner, Snaking, mis quote, blow one's mind, giving the run around, mis-take, intricating, inter tangling, mis-stated, be-tokening, spiralled, perplex, over-cast, blew one mind, rattle cage, mis-states, intoxicates, dis countenances, dis concerts, give hint, in-sinuate, threw a monkey wrench into, throws monkey wrench into, mis take, pre-vent, be-wilder, messing with head, pre-vents, dis composed, dis mayed, snarl up, up-setting, confound, be-wilders, be wilders, dis-tressed, mis-quote, galumphs, be-fuddled, dis ordering, fuddle, make mess of, fog, be-devils, pre supposes, making a mess of, Befogging, be-fuddles, mis quoted, dis-concert, mis-identified, put on back burner, be-clouding, cramping style, messed with one's head, mis-identifies, zigzags, gave a hint, over-whelming, over-whelmed, be lying, throws in to tizzy, galumphing, dis-concerts, snookering, de-ranged, messing with ones head, dis-quiets, throws monkey wrench in to, dis-quieted, mis-takes, dis order, inter-tangle, dis quiet, dis-illusioned, un settling, rattling cage, overcasts, be-sets, made punchy, rattles one's cage, dis concert, de-note, inter-tangling, dis-oriented, over-shadowing, hanged fire, dis tract, dis courage, cramped one style, dis composes, profundicate, be deviled, throwing monkey wrench in to, fuddled, knock over with feather, turn around, throws in to a tizzy, dis-tract, dis-hearten, in-tends, misidentified, deadended, dis-tress, knocks over with feather, giving hint, fogged in, throws into tizzy, out witting, put on hold, co-loring, get, misarranges, dis-organizes, inter-weaving, dis concerted, Zigzagged, twist, throwing off balance, inter tangled, be devilled, choked off, in-tending, intertangling, inter-twined, dumbfound, dis-composed, dis-orienting, snookers, inter weaves, blow ones mind, dis tort, be fogged, dis arranges, blowing mind, leading astray, rattling one's cage, un-hinges, deadending, enchain, metagrobolized, dis-composing, mis informing, de note, un nerve, mess with ones head, hanging fire, makes waves, in tend, dis organized, sur prises, messed with ones head, rattled cage, un hinges, gave run around, gets to, de-ranging, dis-arranged, make punchy, de-ranges, dis comfit, mis stated, blows ones mind, out witted, psychs out, misidentifying, mucked up, be-wildered, de-feats, Implying, Misarranged, mis-identify, be numbs, roping in, dis-orders, hangs fire, makes mess of, bringing up short, dis compose, ex-cite, inter-twining, out-wits, chokes off, dis quieted, mis-state, over comes, be-devil, mis taken, lays low, dis comfits, Messed, be-clouded, de notes, be numbing, mucked, turning around, mis-leads, psyching out, psyching, dead-ended, dis organizing, dis-countenances, dis-quieting, wreathe, fuddles, dis-countenancing, hanging up, dis-mays, laid low, wrap around, threw in to a tizzy, metagrobolizing, cloud, dis-order, inter-tangles, rattle one cage, led on, threw into tizzy, putting on hold, Misarranging, stop, de feats, turns around, brings short, throwing a monkey wrench into, mis leading, de-notes, mis takes.