Pronunciation of Extrinsic
/ɛkstɹˈɪnzɪk/, /ɛkstɹˈɪnzɪk/, /ɛ_k_s_t_ɹ_ˈɪ_n_z_ɪ_k/

Antonyms for extrinsic

more substratal, most leftist, by seat of ones pants, in dividual, more insurrectionary, most unalienable, un-premeditated, most grassroots, more grass roots, more in-built, in-tact, most ingenerate, foundational, by seat of one's pants, appropriate, by seat one pants, in-divisible, inherent, more unmeditated, in-bred, most recusant, recusant, axiological, in eradicable, most second nature, name game, inside, more substrative, more nitty gritty, most grass roots, most anarchistic, re-gular, in divisible, most freethinking, running family, integral, by seat pants, un-divided, un-prompted, deepseated, more in built, in born, more second-nature, farout, choater, normal, running in the family, name of game, pro-founder, more ultraist, underived, more unalienable, Intuitional, most nitty gritty, more part and parcel, inwrought, in grain, sub stratal, intrinsic, close, builtin, Choate, more unbroken, more unprompted, in tact, more extremist, kneejerk, most part-and-parcel, most underived, more axiological, usual, substrative, most secondnature, most second-nature, local, more part-and-parcel, most part and parcel, un thinking, in-built, more implanted, regular, deep-seated, running the family, most bottom-line, sub-stratal, more resident, genetic, meat-and-potatoes, un compromising, most foundational, built in, important, name the game, more grass-roots, radical, native, more bottom-line, para-mount, in tuitional, middle, national, by seat one's pants, in most, un meditated, necessary, most implanted, most resident, most nitty-gritty, most unbroken, nubber, more inbuilt, Ingenerate, ordinary, in the grain, elementary, un prompted, more nittygritty, in voluntary, deeprooted, un broken, leftist, second-nature, nitty gritty, choatest, systemic, in-voluntary, by seat ones pants, innate, more underived, un acquired, in built, more meat-and-potatoes, deep rooted, most inbuilt, most substratal, more sustaining, most in built, para mount, part-and-parcel, nubbest, more leftist, most extremist, most insurrectionary, running in family, un-meditated, Unmeditated, most meat-and-potatoes, un-broken, interior, Familiar, bottom-line, Unacquired, built-in, more anarchistic, essential, most nittygritty, inbuilt, more meat and potatoes, inner, re gular, in-subordinate, inborn, in separable, more unacquired, in-dispensable, pro found, by seat of pants, anarchistic, relevant, part parcel, pro-found, proper, in subordinate, in-eradicable, known, un-learned, more secondnature, freethinking, ingrained, consequential, most axiological, characteristic, under-lying, nittygritty, un divided, most meat and potatoes, akin, un-derived, more recusant, meat potatoes, most bottom line, in-separable, in bred, in-born, most unacquired, pro founder, un-thinking, unprompted, bottomline, un derived, under lying, most ultraist, instinctive, indwelling, in-generate, more foundational, in the blood, deep seated, Ultraist, un alienable, in-grained, most grass-roots, unalienable, basic, in generate, in dispensable, more grassroots, related, by seat of one pants, in-dividual, more intuitional, central, un-alienable, un-compromising, un-acquired.