Pronunciation of Fairness
/fˈe͡ənəs/, /fˈe‍ənəs/, /f_ˈeə_n_ə_s/

Antonyms for fairness

monomania, un justness, double dealers, in juries, de-nominations, re gards, prejudice, co-operations, in fraction, be-lief, tort, inclination, de sires, favoritism, dirty deal, single mindedness, dis-beliefs, in consistencies, illiberalities, dreadfulness, single mindednesses, doubledealer, dis-relish, disrespect, hatred, dis gusts, chicanes, dis crimination, mindtrip, dis-gusts, un-pleasantness, willfulness, zealotry, de-sires, Comities, insularity, foulness, un seemlinesses, mind trips, bad manners, un scrupulousnesses, un-truths, quibblings, narrow-mindedness, penchant, un sightlinesses, fraudulences, out-rage, mis-demeanors, inequality, in-equality, dis relishes, pre-conceptions, lovings, Incorrigibility, fast one, under standings, un-scrupulousnesses, horridnesses, tendency, sectarianism, criminality, dis-pleasures, untruth, weakness for, mis-representation, un evenness, incorrigibilities, in humanities, pre tenders, headsets, un-lawfulness, in-fidelities, inconstancies, dis courtesy, prejudgments, fast ones, de nomination, de sire, astucities, un lawfulness, inconstancy, pre-sent, terribleness, impropriety, cozenings, grotesqueness, in-consistencies, mis-doings, dis semblance, bluffers, mis-deeds, bad opinion, dis parity, in-decency, Double dealer, duperies, invalidity, pre tender, horse trader, dis semblances, imperfection, favor, pre-occupation, un-truth, dupings, non sequitur, dis-semblance, in constancies, narrow mindednesses, arbitrarinesses, dis-belief, sharp practice, co-operation, bad deeds, dis-positions, singlemindedness, mis carriage, in-fidelity, mis deed, indecency, injustice, in cline, re spects, attitude, dis simulation, subterfuge, frightfulnesses, dirty dealing, dis belief, in exactnesses, wile, over reaching, un-fairnesses, extremism, pre-dispositions, in-jury, dis beliefs, fickleness, inexactness, Hocuspocus, perfidiousness, doubledealers, head-sets, dis-relishes, in-commensuratenesses, un-fairness, fraudulence, in consistency, unloveliness, un fairnesses, head sets, velleity, pre possessions, un evennesses, Palates, one-sidedness, unlawfulness, fourberies, pre conceptions, disagreeableness, un justnesses, single-mindedness, dis-honesty, subjectiveness, dis-loyalties, in equalities, cup tea, un sightliness, un pleasantness, un-sightlinesses, pharisaicalnesses, horse traders, four flusher, slant, out-rages, dis loyalties, amicability, song dance, bad faith, shadiness, dis-position, mis judgment, preferential treatment, dis relish, willfulnesses, in corrigibilities, dis-proportions, dirty deals, bad faiths, re actions, in sincerities, mis judgments, in humanity, dis-proportion, entrappings, dis positions, narrow-mindednesses, de nominations, zealotries, insidiousnesses, dis honesties, false heartedness, dis similarities, sanctimony, under handednesses, phonies, discrimination, shark, misconstrual, mis demeanor, school thought, invalidities, inexactnesses, dis-parity, fanaticism, un-justness, thing for, in-exactness, un-evennesses, like i, bigotry, slyness, faultinesses, un-scrupulousness, loathsomeness, un-equivalences, under-handednesses, in-corrigibilities, dis proportions, in-fraction, re spect, nastiness, re-gard, in-constancies, tendentiousness, xenophobia, little game, unjustness, immoderation, pre-conception, unattractiveness, un equivalences, chauvinism, mis doings, leaning, in equity, pre sent, enjoyings, un pleasantnesses, dis-similitude, dis-crimination, jaundiced eyen, pre-tenders, in validity, homelinesses, imparities, dis-play, in-corrigibility, in fidelities, hoaxer, fetish, dis-loyalty, mis doing, dogmatism, mis-calculation, fallacy, point view, sharp practices, sinfulness, prejudgment, vileness, glibnesses, fraud, play actor, dis honesty, headset, bias, in-decencies, flaw, mis-demeanor, dishonesty, un-pleasantnesses, partisanship, dis-similarities, dis-semblances, dis similarity, elusion, mis representation, in-clines, mis interpretation, infamy, in-validities, offensiveness, dogmatisms, unreasonableness, maneuver, falsehood, provincialisms, like it i, in corrigibility, mindtrips, frame mind, immorality, mis deeds, incommensuratenesses, trickiness, unctuousnesses, proneness, propensity, pre-judgment, in-equalities, partialness, friendship, four-flusher, chicane, cunning, be lief, pre occupations, lying, in equities, dis-pleasure, in jury, schemings, amicabilities, shiftiness, in-tolerance, deceptiveness, deceit, one sidedness, inequity, relish, under-standings, in-equities, out-look, pre-sents, in-tolerances, un-equivalence, dis simulations, dis-plays, pre-disposition, in justice, hideousness, in clines, sneakiness, arbitrariness, jaundiced eyne, dis parities, unctuousness, double-dealers, out-looks, sexism, sectarianisms, in-justice, smoke mirrors, un-reasonableness, mis calculation, Horribleness, Double dealing, monomanias, Astucity, repulsiveness, singlemindednesses, preferential treatments, homeliness, mis carriages, hocus pocus, pre judgment, un lawfulnesses, dirty dealings, pre conception, dis-similitudes, Obligement, druthers, dis play, mis-carriage, mind trip, dis proportion, predilection, pre disposition, incommensurateness, obsessivenesses, bamboozlement, four-flushers, mind set, play actors, where is ats, comity, mis-calculations, in justices, jim crowisms, un-faithfulness, crying shames, un truth, un equivalence, dis pleasures, rudeness, fourflusher, pre judgments, dis-similarity, bad opinions, pre dispositions, dissemblings, in-equity, mis-apprehension, mis apprehensions, dis courtesies, un truths, un-reasonablenesses, unequivalence, mis chief, Hanky Panky, intolerance, where one is ats, blemish, mis take, two facedness, drutherses, swindlings, dis similitudes, deception, disregard, Propensities, nonobjectivity, crying shame, subjectivity, fourberie, contemptuousnesses, pre-possessions, prepossession, mis-take, misconstruals, ugliness, proclivity, frightfulness, bent, plainness, over-reaching, co operations, pre tenses, dissimulations, in decencies, bamboozlements, racialisms, out rages, little games, Barratry, mis-apprehensions, elusions, wilinesses, double-dealer, dis-courtesies, preconception, narrow mindedness, jaundiced eye, sinfulnesses, in decency, dis-criminations, dis loyalty, predisposition, racialism, illiberality, pre-occupations, Contemptuousness, odiousnesses, narrowness, hankypanky, out look, preferentiality, dis-simulations, mis-deed, in exactness, sanctimoniousness, under-standing, mis-carriages, in equality, dissimulation, offensivenesses, doubledealing, like is, dis plays, dis similitude, jaundiced eyes, in fractions, insularities, mis takes, unequivalences, defraudings, un seemliness, de-nomination, provincialism, persuasion, insidiousness, obsessiveness, dis criminations, dis pleasure, nepotism, un faithfulness, Sharks, in-cline, liking, pre-tense, fast shuffles, single-mindednesses, un-seemliness, under-handedness, wrong, un-seemlinesses, Imparity, in-fractions, four flushers, ambidextrousnesses, in-justices, obliques, sapidities, mis chiefs, horridness, barratries, speciousness, say so, dis gust, un reasonableness, de-sire, pre tense, dupery, in-constancy, Torts, un scrupulousness, dis-courtesy, dis-gust, narrowmindedness, blind, artifice, xenophobias, spuriousness, un reasonablenesses, un-sightliness, odiousness, un-lawfulnesses, repulsivenesses, in constancy, glibness, re-spects, hoodwinkings, dis-parities, co operation, mis-interpretation, narrowmindednesses, mis-interpretations, head-set, weakness fors, unscrupulousness, ambidextrousness, unbecomingness, school of thought, unscrupulousnesses, infidelity, in fidelity, sapidity, re-spect, mis-judgment, non sequiturs, un-faithfulnesses, ghastliness, false profession, partiality, pre occupation, in-exactnesses, fourflushers, ficklenesses, in-consistency, faithlessness, mis representations, dis-simulation, thing fors, unfairness, deceptivenesses, where is at, dis position, cunnings, out looks, unsightliness, criminalities, mis-takes, under standing, dis-honesties, bad deed, pre-judgments, wiliness.