Pronunciation of Fake
/fˈe͡ɪk/, /fˈe‍ɪk/, /f_ˈeɪ_k/

Antonyms for fake

natural, instinctive, un affected, in-tact, most substantive, pre-sent, most toward, recherche, un-decayed, more approving, most on the level, un impeachable, in nocent, salt of the earth, un biased, un clouded, un-objectionable, most sportspersonlike, quadra-tical, premium, in-nocent, true, trans parent, un-contaminated, impromptu, effortless, un-deniable, heartfelt, more valid, most unanswerable, behind times, prototype, most right angled, de-voted, valid, un-impeachable, more rightangled, most super-excellent, lawabiding, unadulterated, un-corrupted, truthful, trueblue, well disposed, reality, most lawabiding, un decayed, de terminative, most rectangular, solid, more paying, un doubted, boxiest, boxy, un-questionable, right-angled, pure, most super excellent, more squared, most well disposed, more on-the-level, reveal, most equal-sided, super-eminent, unforced, recti linear, for real, more rectangular, uncontrived, right angled, most certain, out and out, fit eat, square, most incorrupt, most super eminent, in dubitable, rad, un-diluted, more law-abiding, un spoiled, rectangular, un-prejudiced, smooth, upright, in corruptible, most paying, more super eminent, re gular, candid, most on-the-level, most quadratic, direct, more tip-top, most tip-top, unrehearsed, more equalsided, un-impaired, squarish, more supereminent, unmingled, more sportspersonlike, lily white, more favoring, radder, valuable, more undecayed, equilateral, more right angled, most sporting, genuine, first class, non-partisan, un adulterated, salt of earth, tip top, raddest, un contaminated, more attested, more right-angled, de-cent, un damaged, equal-sided, un tainted, moral, pre sent, boxlike, archetype, wellfounded, more tip top, more boxlike, most approving, high minded, re liabler, in the flesh, more unanswerable, more super excellent, more well disposed, echt, most right-angled, most orthogonal, original, bulliest, twenty-four carat, in-corruptible, most rectilinear, ex tensive, trans-parent, more unmingled, come clean, more substantive, re-liabler, more commending, spontaneous, in tact, un-spoiled, most law-abiding, non partisan, up standing, re-gular, more unalloyed, real-life, impulsive, more embodied, faithful, good, buttondown, more equilateral, well-disposed, orthogonal, re liable, unconscious, super eminent, un-doubted, incorrupt, strait laced, fit to eat, Undecayed, firstrate, most squarish, De Luxe, more proven, most recherche, sportspersonlike, more uncontaminated, un-hurt, pure simple, most super-eminent, Supereminent, unalloyed, un-feigned, most well-disposed, de-terminative, unstudied, unfeigned, more incorrupt, out of date, un deniable, quality, most undecayed, super-excellent, highminded, on-the-level, unanswerable, easy, unprompted, bullier, un feigned, most uncontaminated, in culpable, up to snuff, in-culpable, in force, in flesh, un mingled, law-abiding, most justified, most squared, super excellent, rightangled, moralistic, most commending, heart-to-heart, more quadratical, quadratical, twenty four carat, veritable, more super-eminent, Superexcellent, be coming, tip-top, more recherche, un prejudiced, un-mingled, more lawabiding, more equal sided, most equalsided, in-corrupt, Undesigning, de voted, wellbehaved, more quadratic, most law abiding, most quadrate, real, more welldisposed, un-damaged, most moralistic, twentyfour carat, more orthogonal, most equal sided, uncontaminated, most tip top, re-liable, authentic, de cent, un-blemished, un-answerable, well grounded, firstclass, more on the level, salt earth, de-luxe, in corrupt, boxier, lilywhite, more foursquare, wellgrounded, forthright, most embodied, un impaired, frank, button down, plain, be-coming, most unalloyed, extemporaneous, well mannered, un hurt, most unmingled, more well-disposed, re liablest, tell truth, more moralistic, in-dubitable, open, welldisposed, un-adulterated, legitimate, more law abiding, straightforward, un diluted, more justified, trusted, un-alloyed, pure and simple, first rate, re-liablest, most quadratical, un-tainted, most supereminent, more quadrate, most welldisposed, most attested.