Pronunciation of Fan
/fˈan/, /fˈan/, /f_ˈa_n/

Antonyms for fan

resister, counteragents, troupers, parodist, re-sisters, bidder, playactors, contestant, standin, participant, walkons, squash, introgressions, lull, opponent, participators, allay, play actors, probationers, dissentients, parodists, rocker, playactor, dis-sentients, in-comer, scrappers, Oppugnant, lessen, pantomimist, dis tort, thesp, co juror, entry, head-liners, close, sub-missions, tranquilize, sit on, in comer, pantomimists, dis-torts, adversary, sits on, enemy, opposer, under-study, counter-agents, shorten, sharers, entrant, bidders, re sisters, dissentient, be-ginners, music maker, under-studies, contesters, battlers, team member, trouper, sharer, counter agents, ANTIS, play-actors, sitting on, stamped on, mollify, new members, dis torts, be ginners, Compurgator, sportspeople, soloist, head liner, caricaturists, novices, hopefuls, soubrette, team members, co-juror, Incomer, compurgators, dis-sentient, head-liner, scrapper, player, walk-on, shrink, impressionist, sate on, headliners, headliner, litigants, thesps, soubrettes, co medians, be ginner, party, under studies, plotter, calm, cojurors, pacify, sportsperson, soloists, caricaturist, a party tos, barnstormers, play-actor, a party to, compose, head liners, partakers, scene stealer, straight people, re-sister, actor, new member, impressionists, doorways, superjocks, be-ginner, free passages, hambone, super-jock, alleviate, scene stealers, co median, free passage, mimic, INS, still, sub mission, oppugnants, carper, soothe, co-jurors, straight persons, dis sentients, coming ins, enterings, ventriloquists, lower, quiet, disputants, co jurors, super jocks, battler, abridge, Introgression, super-jocks, Cojuror, jottings, super jock, hambones, contract, superjock, sportspersons, sub-mission, dis-tort, music makers, detractor, Participator, walk on, instrumentalists, play actor, appease, stamps on, walkon, dis sentient, doorway, co-median, Squashing, incomers, counteragent, stamping on, partaker, straight person, lead, mummers, ventriloquist, walk ons, sub missions, decrease, pros, under study, Counter-agent, litigant, critic, bore, in comers, counter agent, walk-ons, probationer, contester, disputant, instrumentalist, plotters, stamp on, barnstormer, anti, in-comers, co-medians, re sister, team players.