Pronunciation of Farther
/f_ˈɑː_ð_ə/, /fˈɑːðə/, /fˈɑːðə/

Antonyms for farther:

existent, nigh, nearer, closer, close, existing, less, used, old, common, near, usual, inside, fewer.

Usage examples for farther:

  • " I know she's not going to go my way farther than that. - "The Reclaimers", Margaret Hill McCarter.
  • I will not go any farther! - "A Bicycle of Cathay", Frank R. Stockton.
  • Then still farther away there are seven. - "Letters of a Radio-Engineer to His Son", John Mills.

Idioms for farther:

  • nearer the church, the farther from God;

Quotes for farther:

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