Pronunciation of Fashionable
/f_ˈa_ʃ_ə_n_ə_b_əl/, /fˈaʃənəbə͡l/, /fˈaʃənəbə‍l/

Antonyms for fashionable:

shabby, in elegant, unknown, un mannerly, nerdy, oldfashioned, un popular, un-fashionable, out, messy, most hasbeen, more oldhat, be-draggled, more softcore, most soft core, out worn, un-mannerly, dripper, wrinkled, most execrated, rejected, dis-favored, disheveled, more disesteemed, un worthiest, most detested, dime dozen, Indistinguished, unimportant, most despised, yester day, most unstylish, dis esteemed, more detested, most abhorred, de-mode, dis favored, un-attractive, untidiest, wimpiest, more despised, more unaccepted, out of date, more out of style, tacky, out favor, more loser, un seemliest, dis-liked, Unhandsome, more outworn, un-kempter, graceless, de tested, more unvalued, in-delicate, hasbeen, un-couth, old, most disused, un seemlier, worn, x rated, un-popular, un-tidiest, un-seemliest, most disfavored, pro-fane, in-elegant, most oldhat, un-seemlier, ex, in decent, rumpled, most anachronous, most loser, vintage, un wanted, un-desirable, be lated, softcore, most slatternly, more slatternly, more disused, more disliked, behind times, in decorous, out of favor, most unvalued, un-worthier, drippest, wimpy, more out of date, cheesy, uncool, most softcore, un stylish, outdated, oldhat, hated, out of style, more demode, unfashionable, un accepted, most avoided, by gone, most shunned, mussy, most out-of-style, has been, un tidy, stick-in-the-mud, more avoided, more loathed, un worthier, un kemptest, inconspicuous, dis-used, nerdier, more execrated, un couth, un kempt, soft core, de mode, motheaten, un welcome, most disliked, most demode, more soft-core, blowsiest, un fashionable, more unstylish, garden variety, more shunned, most loathed, un refined, xrated, most yesterday, un worthy, un kempter, most old-hat, most old hat, in delicate, dull, more out-of-style, slovenly, disused, more yesterday, run of the mill, be draggled, un-valued, dis used, in-decorous, dis liked, old-hat, obscure, more has-been, un-kemptest, un-stylish, anonymous, old-fashioned, de-tested, dowdy, offcolor, off color, most unaccepted, un desirable, unstylish, dis-gusting, disliked, be-lated, un-kempt, old fashioned, yesterday, not with it, by-gone, un-seemly, un-accepted, more hasbeen, un seemly, un-refined, out-of-style, blowsy, most has been, most has-been, vulgar, unvalued, most disesteemed, yester-day, un valued, out-of-date, sleazy, uncared for, in-decent, washed-up, slatternly, back number, most outworn, despised, un-tidier, unattractive, most scorned, more old-hat, Disfavored, more abhorred, nameless, pro fane, unbecoming, un-worthiest, unpopular, un loved, dis-honorable, more old hat, drab, out dated, unexceptional, un-loved, unaccepted, more disfavored, more has been, un-wanted, most out of style, out-dated, dis gusting, has-been, insignificant, nerdiest, blowsier, dis honorable, dis-esteemed, un-tidy, more scorned, hard core, un attractive, detested, more anachronous, un tidier, un tidiest.

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