Pronunciation of Fasten
/fˈasən/, /fˈasən/, /f_ˈa_s_ə_n/

Antonyms for fasten

unfixed, un looses, dis connect, un latch, un blocks, de face, wrought through, un-tangled, re-pealed, de mobilizes, dis articulated, prize, Bankrupted, root, sur pass, destroy, re lease, dis-engages, dis-solved, dis-affiliates, unstrap, blot out, un raveled, un-fettering, dis continuing, let steam, dis-tract, de-mote, release, comes apart, reneging on, un bound, going easy on, disimprison, de classes, un hitches, getting away, un-stopped, pulled plug, un clothe, un did, under taken, un-zips, dis enthralling, de-classing, ex celling, up setting, de moralizing, with drawn, tore, un folding, un-buckled, out-does, render invalid, dis mantled, out-foxing, queering, sub dues, dis enthrall, un-hook, disconfirms, puzzles out, be fell, making waves, dis-confirms, ease off, unbuilds, dis-regards, un tying, throws wide, dis mounted, un clasp, out-smarts, makes a point of, pull, up set, infracts, in fringed, cuts run, Unlatch, mis-placing, confuse, Unclosed, dis solving, de livers, wipes slate clean, un balancing, co-wed, makes point of, de creed, un hitching, dis-regarding, un-couple, dis obeying, dis-mantle, took out, un pin, dis associating, re-lease, un-button, dis-charges, broke down, up-set, casting loose, unbutton, un loosening, gobbles up, de moralizes, un-knots, unpinning, sur passed, dis engage, opening the door, re-deem, going back one's word, knocking down, un stopped, pro claiming, dis-missing, un wrapped, dis-obeyed, Unshackle, putting on the street, fractured, un-lading, dis-locate, un-fastens, un-straps, pull to pieces, make waves, dis enthralled, sub-dividing, un-corking, finishes off, over reaches, de mobilize, dis-closing, cut in two, pull away, sur rendered, knocked down, queers, re-moves, un-fold, de-camping, un-clasp, dis assembled, uncorks, in capacitate, Dichotomized, lets steam, un-bind, disarticulate, un lade, de crees, unpin, dis-affiliate, de contaminated, unknot, work through, xouting, goes back on one word, get away, unlashes, un settled, un-hinges, un hinged, dis solved, lets go, making public, re veals, dis join, un-balances, un leashed, Bailed, unbuilt, wedged apart, de cipher, de signs, sunder, busts in, de ciphered, under took, crossing out, dis confirm, unhooking, un-lashes, pro claimed, be fallen, re-butting, dis-mounting, re solves, un build, break apart, dis-membered, be tide, un pinning, unclasp, re-leased, busting up, out does, branching, sub divides, bringing naught, un-closing, dis-embarrasses, setting at large, dis order, let upon, un-roll, un-locks, un done, going back on ones word, un-latches, de contaminates, dis-severing, un corked, Declassing, un couples, branched, un tied, dis missed, unfixes, re-versed, un settle, pry, un closes, weaseling out, un roll, mis place, dis affiliates, dis play, de stroyed, passed on, dis-members, dis unite, letting off steam, dis regard, un fasten, detach, putting out of joint, de tach, letted off the hook, disengage, became unfastened, out strips, un-rolling, un-bound, dis-missed, lose, un knotting, be-falling, de-classed, de-contaminate, out-strip, let up on, un-hitches, unstops, letted out, Unclose, dis-integrated, dis assembles, with draws, de faced, re move, dis entangles, dis-enthralls, de-moralized, un cages, let go, un tightened, over-throw, dis-engaged, finish off, un-raveled, under mined, de stroy, turns loose, de-signs, re-solves, un fettering, Unfix, unlace, gobble up, un-shackling, un strap, dis-entangles, un-raveling, un-fastened, un couple, un pinned, un locked, un belts, un-burdened, throwing wide, un-zipped, un wraps, easing off, bring to naught, out did, over-reach, over throw, de-stroy, wedging apart, wiping map, dis-continuing, un laded, un-chain, dis obey, un-loose, sub divided, un seal, dis-articulating, out smart, in-forming, dis joined, sur-passing, un shuts, letting out, un-pinning, worked through, un-snap, un-rolled, un fold, re deem, unshutted, re-deems, renege on, with-drawn, dis affiliating, un belt, de ciphers, busts out, un-knotting, de-liver, dis-played, un ravelling, over-throws, un-tightens, un furled, cutting and run, un seals, lets off hook, un-laced, de-signing, re peal, over throws, un rolled, unshackles, takes apart, un-building, de-tach, wrought loose, de sign, become unfastened, cuts and run, out maneuvering, pass on, lets upon, un sealing, un stick, unbarring, over turning, works through, makes mincemeat of, un button, letted up on, passes on, un-screws, letting up on, unsnapped, letting off the hook, re-duce, busted up, passes up on, letted steam, un-knot, un-screwed, cross out, unfasten, dis sever, dis-orders, dis-assemble, out-done, un lacing, dis entangle, come forth, disaffiliated, re deeming, unchained, un-settled, torpedoing, dis-ordered, dis imprisons, de-faced, x outed, de-mobilizes, dis joint, un-buttons, unstrapping, cut and run, un-latched, un-folding, in-tend, sets loose, refuse, under-mining, dis-closed, de ciphering, dis-confirmed, going back on one word, unbar, re-veal, sur renders, un-lashing, dis-assembling, un-hooks, un caged, un burden, disimprisoning, un shackled, un settles, casts loose, un-sticking, un-furling, un zipping, Bailing, un-fetter, dis confirmed, unscrewed, un zipped, dis-enthralled, dis-imprison, dis-solve, dis-imprisoning, went back one word, sub-divided, dis-connecting, lets the hook, un-snapping, out-strips, un-chains, un clasps, over-turn, over-thrown, out-stripping, wiped slate clean, un-tangle, un lashed, unchains, un-tightened, dis assemble, dis engages, letting the hook, go back ones word, went beyond, opens up, unhinge, dis-engage, forget, be-tiding, x-outing, becomes unfastened, un-closes, dis joining, un-balanced, dis embarrassing, dis locating, dis-mantles, dis obeys, un-lade, un loosen, coming to pass, dis charging, bursted out, dis-regarded, dis-playing, de moralize, un does, be-fall, dis proves, un-hooking, unlaced, dis mounting, un-buttoned, dis proved, dis mantles, let hook, de-sign, come to pass, un ravelled, co wing, unbolting, dis-plays, made point of, over-throwing, un-hinging, torn off, uncaged, un-fixt, dis-enthrall, Uncage, crosses out, pulled away, un locking, de-grades, de contaminating, un corking, un clothing, took stand, de-feats, un-hitched, un-balancing, un stopping, unfetters, un-pinned, let loose, un-lacing, dis orders, dis-charged, stamped across, un bolts, unburdens, un buttons, un shutting, dis-close, un-hitching, dis-obey, de-mobilize, dis-enthralling, bursts out, lets hook, dis-associates, dis embarrassed, dis encumber, dis-unite, disimprisoned, un-buckling, disaffiliates, un-cork, dichotomizes, uncloses, knocks down, dis associate, eases off, dis severed, disarticulated, sur passes, un doing, de-camped, un-shutting, unscrewing, dis joints, pulling pieces, dis-embarrassing, out foxed, making hash of, wedge apart, de feat, unloosen, set at large, un-blocked, un bolt, de-feat, un covered, dis-member, sub-dues, dis integrated, renders invalid, go beyond, un snap, un-clad, dis-embarrass, passing up on, un-corks, dis-integrate, out-maneuvers, re versing, puts out of joint, un closing, comes forth, setting large, goes back on ones word, goes back one word, un load, un coupled, de mobilized, unlash, un-fixed, sub-due, un lashes, dis-proving, de-faces, dilapidates, becoming unfastened, un-belts, opening up, putting toilet, out-did, un binds, separate, out-foxes, over reached, un-loosen, breaks apart, dis mount, un sticking, trans pire, burst out, in tending, throw wide, pro posed, uncouple, dis membered, dis engaged, dis-uniting, co-wing, un-sticks, sets large, go back one's word, re duces, breached, disjoin, un loosing, re duce, dis unites, un-built, dis joins, puzzled out, disenthralling, dis confirms, un-builds, passed upon, de grades, un folds, de meriting, un fix, un loose, out-fox, out maneuvered, un fastened, un-ravelling, sur-renders, un-fastening, remains firm, un-tightening, dis entangled, puts out joint, blots out, infract, puts on the street, extract, sur-passed, un coupling, be falling, letted off hook, turned loose, out foxes, in capacitated, un-clothed, taking apart, un-cage, free, went back word, dis-proves, dis embarrass, dis-charge, dis encumbers, dis-entangled, un hitch, un-covers, un loading, disaffiliating, re lax, un fixing, un leash, un-stopping, unlock, loosen, be-fallen, un clasped, sur-rendering, dis-obeys, unlashed, take apart, dis-encumbered, dis-assembled, un snaps, dis-solves, over turns, dis-entangle, goes back one's word, goes beyond, de-signed, dis-connects, put the street, de-camp, dis-continue, permit, de classed, dis-jointed, un balances, unhook, Unstick, Disenthrall, finished off, rendering invalid, un sticks, go back word, cancel, dis-connected, rupture, dis encumbering, pulled the plug, dis close, went easy on, unlaces, opens door, sur-pass, pull pieces, trans-pire, un bind, stamps across, un straps, un-screwing, puts in toilet, passes upon, setting free, pass up on, un-looses, reneged on, out foxing, made mincemeat of, un-bar, un clothed, re-peals, dis-joints, broke apart, took apart, un-blocks, unzip, unpins, pro-claiming, break down, uncaging, re moving, dis closed, letting off hook, dis-encumbering, un burdened, cuts in two, in tended, un-stop, ex celled, un corks, over reaching, un hinges, disconfirming, pulled pieces, mis placed, dis mantling, un-stops, un locks, crossed out, open the door, wedges apart, dis-associated, out-stripped, go back on ones word, wipes off map, holed, dissuade, gotten away, de-livered, re-move, be-tide, dis assembling, cuts two, un bolted, bust out, unsnaps, goes back on one's word, taking out, dis severs, un barring, over throwing, came to pass, un fetter, re pealed, x outing, dis imprison, be-tides, un cork, de-cree, dichotomize, un loaded, pulls the plug, un clad, discourage, passing on, dis-locates, un knots, out-doing, un-coupling, in-tended, un-bolts, dis-integrating, worked loose, dis-tracts, dis-ordering, fissuring, busting in, Slotted, dis-mount, un clothes, dis-prove, un loosed, un-loosened, unloose, sub divide, unstopped, wiped off map, washed out, un fettered, taking a stand, yank, puzzle out, un-locked, crush, dis connected, Unlatching, mis placing, de moting, un-fettered, un raveling, pull the plug, dis prove, wipe off map, unstrapped, re-solve, un-knotted, un-tied, make public, going back on one's word, de signing, un-stuck, working loose, torpedoed, pulling the plug, unburdening, un-loosed, de motes, sub due, in capacitating, re solve, brought to naught, Dichotomizing, out smarting, un-shuts, dis mantle, un buttoned, un chain, un pins, dis integrate, scratches out, disenthralled, un-pin, un fetters, with drawing, dis-imprisons, ex-celling, dis affiliate, disarticulates, out-smart, makes public, with-drawing, un-coupled, un latches, dis-order, un shut, unbars, dis articulating, un-did, demeriting, de camps, de-mobilized, in-capacitate, de stroying, de moralized, cutting run, up-sets, wiping off map, re-veals, dis affiliated, un bar, coming pass, Dilapidating, be falls, un covers, letting loose, put out of joint, un-folded, un-barring, re-lax, dis integrating, dis playing, up sets, puts the street, de-livering, re-leases, under-taking, bringing to naught, dis member, undo, de-livers, remain firm, under mining, under-taken, weaseled out, Unhooked, re-butted, let the hook, setting loose, up-setting, dis played, Breaching, unfixing, sur-render, un folded, un tightens, un-loosing, putting in toilet, offed, unchain, brake down, Unfetter, Bankrupting, letted go, de signed, out maneuver, dis-continued, dis-proved, lets out, dis members, dis-play, sets free, brought naught, un furling, coming apart, pro-posing, works loose, comes pass, come pass, un-ravels, un packing, unsettle, let off hook, in form, eased off, dis-located, de feats, de-grading, sur-rendered, de-facing, wipes map, un-tighten, un-pins, busted out, demerited, going back word, put street, passing upon, dis articulates, un-leashes, un loads, in-capacitated, displace, disenthralls, de-moralize, un-chaining, busts up, un-zip, going back ones word, come apart, un fixed, dis jointing, dis entangling, dis encumbered, scratching out, un settling, dis embarrasses, dis-continues, with drew, un stop, deal with, letting go, unbind, un lading, de-contaminates, tearing off, dis-encumber, shiver, re butting, de-camps, blotted out, un-hitch, re-deeming, un-burden, unhooks, un-hinged, be-tided, un-burdening, un knotted, dis connecting, in tend, re-solved, de-taches, Unlink, uproot, re-verse, uncork, cut two, dis-mantled, re moved, cutting two, set free, unsticks, with-draw, un-buttoning, over-turning, disimprisons, out fox, de-cipher, de merited, de-classes, unshuts, be tided, un hooking, with-drew, de-ciphers, dis-locating, un barred, wiping slate clean, de-moralizing, un buckle, dis charges, unseal, letted the hook, cast loose, un-ravelled, un-fasten, un lades, dis-joined, be fall, un leashes, un built, dis missing, go back on word, sub dividing, puts street, pulls plug, wrought free, dis-imprisoned, tore off, bust up, in-fringed, gapped, un rolling, dis imprisoned, dis charged, let out, un hooks, cut run, Torpedoes, pulls away, leave, de stroys, dis-unites, un buckles, un latching, un-ravel, Unbuild, over reach, dis-closes, give out, unstopping, bust in, divide, stamping across, under-mined, re peals, re-sting, turn loose, un-snaps, pro-claims, putting street, dis solves, un-cages, un-lock, un ravels, de merits, un loosens, un lash, dis-articulated, un-build, un-strapped, un hooked, de-class, dis-entangling, de mote, sets at large, un-stick, un zips, brings naught, dis regarded, unbelts, un clasping, dis mounts, fissured, xouts, over-reaches, dis proving, un-bars, mis-place, un-seal, Unstop, burst, be-fell, dis-joint, puts toilet, un screws, un-burdens, un pack, un-close, took a stand, de facing, co wed, dis associated, Trashed, dis jointed, un-wrapping, loose, unbolted, un screwing, putting out joint, un fastening, over turn, de-merited, de livering, worked free, dis-regard, un-belting, breaking down, laxing, unshackled, out doing, in forms, un blocking, in-forms, dis imprisoning, un buttoning, opens the door, resolve, goes back ones word, out done, came apart, went back on ones word, un-closed, pulls to pieces, un snapping, de-graded, go back on one's word, cutting in two, putting the street, un-blocking, dis-mounts, re butted, de camp, demolish, in capacitates, dis-confirm, de-crees, re-duces, un-loosening, un-load, dis integrates, re leases, un-fix, un strapped, take a stand, letting upon, dis-joining, putting on street, in-capacitating, un snapped, unlashing, disaffiliate, dis connects, gets away, de livered, de camping, takes a stand, unscrews, tears off, un-leashed, make point of, un-laces, un zip, letting steam, un-folds, dis ordering, un-fixing, un-loads, un shackles, dis-severed, de-moralizes, declasses, came pass, re verse, un buckled, un-furled, de merit, un sealed, breaking apart, un-settle, unknots, dis-united, dis-confirming, un-strap, un block, un tangle, dis locate, un close, un-bolt, makes hash of, segmenting, washing out, dis-articulates, de grade, un hinge, un building, out-smarted, un stops, un-doing, dis continued, in fringe, xout, lets off steam, un fixes, un-clasped, busting out, scratch out, Unshut, takes stand, un-shut, set loose, queered, dis tract, un-loosens, going beyond, sub-divide, unbalancing, pulling plug, wiped map, busted in, de liver, dis confirming, offing, dis-associate, goes back word, un strapping, disconfirmed, brings to naught, un caging, un hinging, un closed, unlacing, un-wraps, un shackling, Fracturing, de-ciphering, smash, de grading, sur-passes, comes to pass, laxes, un-clothes, dis solve, un shackle, un cover, de-stroys, unpinned, in forming, un-does, un ravel, got away, unscrew, makes waves, brake apart, dis-joins, dis continue, re pealing, unknotting, re-solving, un chained, unbolts, bankrupt, put in toilet, dis-join, un-bolting, pro-pose, un-hooked, Infracting, dis-assembles, un-rolls, unbelt, lets up on, re-moving, in fringes, dis enthralls, de-ciphered, dis ordered, letted hook, tear, in-fringes, go back one word, opening door, un wrap, uncorked, washes out, reneges on, rendered invalid, under takes, de-grade, work loose, un-wrapped, un screw, unbuilding, untie, pro posing, un knot, be tides, remove, de-contaminated, un rolls, dis regarding, over-reaching, pro claims, un screwed, open, Declass, un hook, dis closing, dis-affiliating, tear off, un-caging, un-cover, dislocate, unsnapping, dis-engaging, allow, out smarts, unbelting, under-takes, dis uniting, un-lades, knock down, unshutting, re deemed, made hash of, un wrapping, de-moting, un-snapped, un-clasps, un tangled, weasels out, dis charge, in-fringe, un-wrap, un buckling, un lace, pulling away, making a point of, work free, de graded, un-hinge, part, pull plug, gobbling up, un chaining, finishing off, coming forth, dis-integrates, dis-embarrassed, be-falls, lets off the hook, dis-mounted, dis-solving, disconnect, un-covering, un fixt, unhitch, bankrupts, un cage, go easy on, un-pack, made public, sub-divides, unburdened, un burdening, manumit, dis-sever, unlatched, un-belt, dis-articulate, unbelted, xouted, dis closes, un covering, went back on one word, dis regards, un-fixes, de-face, sur rendering, de taches, torpedo, gat away, dilapidate, un-done, give up, dis articulate, un-tangling, dis-severs, un hitched, wash out, un belting, de-stroying, un-zipping, un laces, put out joint, put on the street, dis-obeying, dis tracts, bring naught, un loosened, de classing, un laced, goes back on word, making mincemeat of, de-mobilizing, pulled to pieces, unclosing, remaining firm, dis-affiliated, in-tends, pro pose, re sting, de class, unsnap, dis-associating, open up, x outs, disconfirm, under taking, dis severing, de-merits, de faces, unfettering, un-lace, dis associates, dis plays, under take, make hash of, x-outed, de cree, un-buckle, dis located, pulls pieces, sectioning, un fastens, came forth, bursting out, un-leashing, in tends, put toilet, un-tying, un-buckles, unstraps, out smarted, out strip, un-belted, made a point of, dis obeyed, make a point of, letted upon, unfixt, de mobilizing, de-meriting, un-clothing, un lock, dis locates, dis-charging, de camped, de-contaminating, pro claim, in-tending, out-maneuver, dis-connect, dis engaging, un-settling, un tighten, un belted, halt, un burdens, un-screw, dis continues, over thrown, with draw, un-fetters, breaks down, letted off steam, un-clasping, un bars, break, shatter, dis united, mis-places, pulling to pieces, disarticulating, threw wide, make mincemeat of, be tiding, take stand, blotting out, x-outs, opened up, de-stroyed, un bolting, un-strapping, un packed, wrest, un-barred, dis-mantling, unbuckle, dis-jointing, de-merit, un-packs, de contaminate, dis-encumbers, de-motes, un-caged, un-binds, de-creed.