Pronunciation of Favor
/fˈe͡ɪvə/, /fˈe‍ɪvə/, /f_ˈeɪ_v_ə/

Antonyms for favor

mis-represented, banefulnesses, not countenancing, dis-trusts, kisses goodbye, deformation, dis-advantages, be-littles, caluminating, dis colors, dis cards, flew face of, cry down, vicissitude, Denunciate, discontinue, fly in face of, be rating, skinned alive, ignore, de faming, left behind, mis used, mislayings, counter-balancing, giving black eye, de moralizes, calling in question, denunciation, de-traction, tampering with, took stand, deformity, dissuade, caluminated, mis-placements, tut-tut, be-grudging, objected to, mis adventure, gives a black eye, dumping on, mis-trust, head ache, indifference, hindrance, dis approving, mis doing, Despisement, de solation, dis-figured, de stroyers, hard times, wreak havoc on, de-fame, opprobrium, drats, brutalize, meanness, dis-integrating, scar, bad luck, frowning at, mischievousness, de-bating, in-capacitate, impartiality, maltreat, reverse, catastrophe, un-naturalness, putting half nelson on, mis-fortune, run out on, de-spoil, outrage, hard luck, cries down, un luckiness, flew in face of, dis continue, de bars, runs counter to, denigrate, flying in the face of, bang up, devil's luck, turn the tables, pollute, with-drew, deny, looked down nose at, imposing upon, un doings, mis-treats, ill fortunes, devils own lucks, dis reputes, kiss death, strenuousness, sur rendered, mis chief, sub versions, with stands, de grades, give black eye, abuse, flying the face of, dis-pleasure, funny business, funny businesses, talk down, discourage, in-juries, calls down, obstruct, devil's own lucks, mis-deed, de moralize, ill lucks, brought to screeching halt, flacks, searching out, with draws, dis-mantle, shipping out, pro-scribing, took a walk, loathe, dis allows, bemoanings, injustice, backstabbings, ex-posed, out-burst, dis regarded, jamming up, pro-scribe, be-grudged, zinging, pro scribe, jinxed, full court presses, deformations, tough break, mis-representing, dis approvals, dis-regarding, skinning alive, prohibit, banged up, in-capacitates, am reluctant, de-stroyer, dis-regards, greased palm, dis approbation, counter balances, cast out, bad-mouth, de based, holy mess, on skids, inveigles against, dis-cards, mis-conducts, blue ruin, dratting, bone pick, give up, the worsts, stands to, mis-treated, devils lucks, Vilipend, re-duces, proscribe, belittle, muckrakings, severe test, counter-attack, in-justice, despisements, loss, bung up, in-voices, were stingy, damage, greases palm, pro scribed, took powder, dis appearances, mis deeds, art stingy, perniciousnesses, dis-allows, dis-ease, de-crying, takes walk, roughhousing, was reluctant, dis-allowed, calls in question, de-grading, hooha, cavein, de composed, devil's own luck, dis allow, tampers with, kiss off, nixing, misproportions, de-moralize, inveigle against, passes on, dis-approvals, denunciated, in jury, bungs up, hardship, dis integrate, dis-approving, dis crediting, disco loring, dis-respect, nixed, dis-order, quit, bunged up, re strains, mis-laying, ex-postulated, un-popularities, sur-render, rips up, diminish, in voices, doing wrong, hanged up, tsk-tsk, play down, calling question, mis-shapes, de-formed, de barring, be grudge, legging it, DRAT, dis-services, depreciate, zinged, mis treat, faces down, doghouses, puts whammy on, boxes in, de forming, be littles, arduousness, mis-treating, recant, waywardness, art reluctant, irkings, flies the face of, with-standing, roughhoused, dis-tresses, dis comfort, sur-rendering, out-rage, de bits, disadvantage(s), bringing screeching halt, mis placements, dis appearance, caluminates, un-luckiness, disgruntlement, flew in the face of, un luck, facing down, devilments, dis-approve, snobbishness, disillusionment, re pine, legged it, de base, un-sightliness, de stroyer, dis continued, score, over turn, de filed, searched out, dis figuring, dis-esteem, un-pleasantness, dismiss, de-barred, de-bates, mis shapes, full court press, in-dignity, de bate, be-moaning, sinfulnesses, take issue, wrong, can worms, be-rates, dis-appointments, pre-venting, abominate, incommode, in-dispositions, superbity, reprobation, mis-trusts, misprizes, dis-appointment, dis services, call question, de-forming, conquerings, dis-continuing, de bates, condemnation, out-bursts, over-turn, vacate, relinquish, de grade, flaked out, holy messes, dis-crediting, kick, damn, re-pined, take walk, de-spoiling, letted go, de-basing, un-pleasantnesses, dis approve, oppose, traducings, cave-ins, in-dignities, de cried, dis-comforts, dis tress, flying the coop, counterattacked, dis comforts, mis treats, de faces, with-stands, dis-appearances, cave-in, dis agreeing, dis-regard, de faced, art allergic to, dis credits, renounce, lets go, denunciates, de traction, de-rides, abomination, mis trust, pre-vented, de-grades, dis approbations, dis approves, jammed up, gave ship, be rate, un-attractivenesses, de crying, dis taste, de-faming, in-convenience, dis-owning, brings screeching halt, the worst, de tractions, scandalmongering, objecting to, does wrong, de facing, bad turns, uphill battle, tampered with, shenanigan, sordidness, dis-tress, de meaning, de spoiling, trial, dis honored, wearing away, grievance, dis-allow, calamity, de-forms, dis-credits, wreckings, mis-prizes, ex-postulate, misprized, de solations, takes a powder, counter balance, flying face of, call in question, veto, dis advantage, pro scribes, apathy, meltdowns, is reluctant, mis behaviors, dis figured, dis-credited, de-barring, in justice, devils own luck, putting whammy on, called down, mis fortune, devil lucks, dis-comfort, flies the coop, look down, jams up, mudslings, woe, counterattacking, on the skid, bad fortunes, are stingy, mis prize, counter attacked, roguishness, imposes up on, give ship, in-capacitating, box in, rotten lucks, detraction, dis pleasures, unhappiness, dis regards, mis represents, de-spoils, dis-figure, havoc, throw cold water on, flaking out, were allergic to, torn in to, dis-satisfactions, handled roughly, persecute, Tut, oblivion, dis-inclinations, ex communicated, ex postulate, dis-carding, disparagement, ex-posing, under-mined, de privation, dis-advantage, run counter to, brought screeching halt, be-rated, putting a lock on, dis honoring, searches out, handles roughly, kiss goodbye, counter-balance, with drawn, mistreat, marrings, misshapennesses, mis-chances, disoblige, de bar, de formed, Misproportion, de forms, put whammy on, flying coop, dis-taste, dis appointments, counter attacks, despites, dis possessions, hard cheese, mis-proportion, booboos, hard cheeses, de-bate, disenchantment, rejection, Misprize, dis-allowing, de-composing, re-strained, fulminates against, criticism, fulminate against, are reluctant, mistrust, fly coop, in-capacitated, open-mindedness, out lawed, impishness, ravish, disparage, be rates, out-raged, unlucks, boo-boos, dis agreed, turns the tables, de-solations, big stink, de-sert, amount due, in conveniences, inter dict, sub version, under value, dis mantling, leaving behind, de-bated, kept lid on, aggrieve, de-rogation, pro-tested, dis color, doghouse, re-fused, flakes out, de cay, ex-postulating, dis graced, badmouth, de feat, mis laying, bad-luck, frustrate, de-privations, flew the coop, tough lucks, de mean, sur-renders, re duce, dis ease, devil own lucks, is stingy, pass on, re fuses, blistered, dis approval, in felicity, noxiousnesses, roguery, taking a stand, puts a whammy on, de-bars, under mined, dis tastes, stand to, turns tables, thunder against, de means, de compose, re-sents, mis-fortunes, sub-version, Fussing, devil's lucks, neglect, not countenanced, is allergic to, speak ill of, give the ship, spake ill of, dratted, bad mouth, frown at, disfavor, re-fuse, up-set, dis allowing, dis-grace, mis-using, prankishness, tare into, in-felicities, trauma, on the skids, decry, dis-gracing, de feats, painfulness, dis eases, dis favor, dis integrated, ill fortune, mis-doings, mis placing, out-raging, dis-graces, mis fortunes, bad turn, dis service, corrupt, manhandle, de fame, dis approved, out-rages, in dignities, malignings, dis honors, Fussed, re sent, jam up, under-valued, de composes, dis mantled, protest, dis-favors, dis integrating, legs it, rag on, poor-mouth, reprehension, mis treated, defame, dis-reputes, tore into, un-naturalnesses, in-sinuation, puts chill on, de-filing, takes a stand, ex-pose, keep lid on, blue ruins, re-sent, re-straining, dis graces, inter-dict, de rides, counter-attacking, mis-deeds, give up the ship, dis-approbation, re-vile, de-moralizing, pooh pooh, un naturalness, standing to, mis prized, put stopper in, puts stopper in, take powder, reprove, minimize, abjure, re fused, dis-agrees, calvary, antipathy, locked up, imposed up on, in dispositions, retract, scandalmongerings, re-versal, complained of, handling roughly, dis tresses, in capacitate, was allergic to, dis-pleasures, ex postulating, out raged, dis-inclination, indignation, be stingy, threw cold water on, sinfulness, badness, mis-chiefs, counter-balanced, stood to, mis prizes, dis gracing, de-form, dis card, de files, boxed in, de-grade, superbities, de sert, mis-prized, dis-owned, cave in, flying in face of, mis conducts, mis placement, re versal, out-lawed, de-faces, do wrong, grease palm, in dignity, doest wrong, gave black eye, in felicities, re pulses, de-face, de-mean, dis-color, detest, high dudgeons, ex communicate, de cry, ex pose, dis-approval, stood up to, did wrong, impose upon, abdicate, put half nelson on, give a black eye, misprizing, voodooing, complaining of, dis-respects, flies in the face of, fly face of, ex-communicating, dis orders, dis appointment, re verse, forfended, speaks against, misfortunes, thundering against, sneer at, despise, pressure, spake against, re strain, out burst, pro-testing, inveigling against, kicked around, under-values, lock up, ex communicating, scunner, stop, search out, shipped out, dis-figuring, malign, ragged on, Trashed, repudiate, ravaged, gives the ship, be-grudges, sentences, meltdown, taking a walk, de riding, dis-mantled, dis favors, ex-cept, badnesses, mis-shape, abandon, dis respect, pollution, detestation, interference, gridlocked, setting against, frowns at, counter attack, dis-trust, dis-agreed, with stood, looking down nose at, dis-satisfaction, disappointment, de privations, dis owning, skins alive, de-solation, de graded, giving ship, mis-calculation, wert reluctant, taking stand, DE Form, calls question, dis regarding, painfulnesses, locking up, discontent, dis-approves, dis-coloring, un sightliness, de-composed, set against, re fusing, mis-chance, imposing up on, in disposition, deleteriousnesses, de-ride, un-doing, mis treating, de-means, dis trusts, adversity, ex-communicated, dis satisfactions, putting stopper in, re sents, prankster, re strained, bad omen, abhor, de-feat, gives black eye, execrate, put chill on, fairness, dis-continues, hinder, de-riding, de-bit, fly in the face of, put a lock on, misfortune, hurt, flack, standing up to, dis allowed, greasing palm, de-feats, unattractivenesses, be-rate, up set, de-meaning, de-basements, de-rogations, puts half nelson on, forego, dis-colors, dislike, dis grace, de-bar, forfending, in capacitating, dis-favor, forsake, de-composes, with-stand, disturb, rags on, de-moralizes, de moralizing, malconformations, deprecate, speaking against, wreaks havoc on, de-spites, speaks ill of, gives up the ship, de-cried, was stingy, gridlocking, be grudges, up shot, vilify, de-files, giving the ship, mis-represents, disapprove, BADS, tamper with, dis pleasure, mis chiefs, misshapenness, mis representing, tore in to, in voice, take a walk, mis-represent, Dooming, pre vent, mis doings, injure, dis-approbations, washed hands of, giving up the ship, leave behind, impede, de cays, de moralized, libelings, de spoil, dis inclinations, look down nose at, laboriousness, dis-figures, disapproval, de-tractions, dis-approved, herculean tasks, losings, rotted, gave a black eye, sneers at, kissing goodbye, misplacings, put a stopper in, mis-adventures, am stingy, disappoint, face down, sur rendering, in-jury, dis-mantling, pre venting, torn into, takes powder, de basing, lamentation, re-verse, be grudged, de spites, re straining, turning the tables, with-draw, gives up ship, skin alive, mis adventures, pro scribing, devil own luck, calvaries, mis chances, re-pulses, dis repute, complain of, dis colored, passing on, be little, pejoratives, dis-honored, mis-adventure, turn tables, mis-conduct, rip up, umbrage, ex communicates, didst wrong, putting a stopper in, calling down, dis possession, de filing, Banefulness, opposition, de rogations, de basements, deprecation, de face, leaved behind, un popularity, snobbishnesses, being stingy, put lock on, sneered at, contemn, pro-scribed, cried down, dis-regarded, ill, wreaked havoc on, mis conduct, pro testing, de-spoiled, sordidnesses, mis shape, mis chance, misery, tough breaks, turned tables, pre vents, pre-vents, ran counter to, putting chill on, re duces, counter-balances, denial, devilment, with drew, poohpooh, speak against, under valued, corked, are allergic to, un-happinesses, dis credit, ex postulates, de rogation, running counter to, mis steps, detachment, boo-boo, de-based, mis proportions, counter attacking, de basement, pain in neck, wert allergic to, de-facing, putting a whammy on, re versing, mishandle, gives ship, ravishings, Tabooing, takes stand, repulsivenesses, be-rating, ex posed, devils luck, dis-continued, injury, in-justices, trash-talk, fly the coop, un lucks, de spoils, calm, Tabooed, disservice, dis-carded, mis represent, casting out, de cries, kicks around, re-strict, mis-prize, de-formations, over throws, severe tests, thwart, de-spite, bringing to screeching halt, knock around, re-pines, tarnishes, de-faced, be allergic to, ships out, bring screeching halt, mis-behavior, disregard, de-bits, block, dis-colored, resign, re strict, taking powder, bangs up, up sets, ill luck, de formations, counter balanced, wrought havoc on, take stand, de-cries, misplacement, strenuousnesses, mudslinged, storms out, tore, taking a powder, de bit, running downs, de file, bone to pick, sets against, dis integrates, un-popularity, with stand, dis-honor, dis-appearance, under mining, de-base, stand up to, dissatisfaction, sur renders, de famed, fulminating against, tear into, thundered against, out rages, thunders against, prevent, ex-communicates, dis-integrates, un pleasantness, dirty trick, tearing in to, took a stand, dis mantles, object to, dis-tastes, re-strain, damage(s), not countenances, bunging up, dis-credit, unpopularities, gave up ship, de-cry, ruinings, with drawing, halt, complains of, mudsling, impediment, looks down nose at, de spite, pro-scribes, kissed goodbye, victimize, de ride, de-fames, in-conveniences, storming out, imposes upon, under-mining, counter-attacked, un-happiness, doth wrong, spoke ill of, tears in to, un luckinesses, sense injury, Illtreat, turning tables, spoilings, disadvantage, dis mantle, called question, sur-rendered, in humanity, kicking around, dis coloring, mis prizing, vituperate, fiasco, dis-eases, traumatization, hurtings, dis-mantles, perniciousness, under-valuing, puts a stopper in, de bating, de bated, bring to screeching halt, dumped on, counter balancing, re-duce, be-grudge, Forfend, in capacitated, squanderings, dump on, un-luck, refusal, de barred, un attractiveness, up shots, de-privation, give up ship, dis esteems, up-shots, dis-graced, high dudgeon, letting go, turned the tables, ship out, flew the face of, in justices, mis-calculations, kick around, dis-agree, criticize, de fames, rascality, dis trust, dis esteem, throws cold water on, cross bear, ex-postulates, dis-esteems, out bursts, tough luck, caveins, un-doings, mutilations, re vile, up-shot, re pined, mis deed, not countenance, with draw, de-basement, stormed out, trying time, putting lock on, called in question, giving up ship, mis-used, pain neck, be rated, dis-integrated, in capacitates, hoo ha, mis-treat, hate, dis agrees, dis-service, rotten luck, dis advantages, dis inclination, repudiation, leaves behind, fulminated against, grievings, mis calculation, over throw, pushed around, frowned at, in juries, be reluctant, unpopularity, un-attractiveness, suffering, mutilation, call down, looked down on, un popularities, disrespect, with standing, mis using, dis order, re-versed, puts lock on, banging up, faced down, mis represented, pre-vent, unconcern, tear in to, being reluctant, bad fortune, ax grind, disallow, violate, in-disposition, ex cept, bad omens, denunciating, de spoiled, taking walk, imposed upon, de-compose, de composing, passed on, re fuse, forswear, flies coop, ripped up, detriment, pro tested, in-sinuations, tare in to, un sightlinesses, dis continuing, cede, mis behavior, dis carded, un pleasantnesses, impose up on, dis-agreeing, un-lucks, disco-loring, ran out on, put a whammy on, un-sightlinesses, mis-chief, were reluctant, fly the face of, puts a lock on, wreaking havoc on, re-pining, under-value, be moaning, refuse, de-cay, leg it, dis-possessions, dis satisfaction, dost wrong, with-drawing, censure, tragedy, wert stingy, un happinesses, re-pine, in humanities, wast reluctant, dis-honoring, bad break, cross to bear, obstacle, running out on, out lawing, de-stroyers, pushing around, unholy messes, push around, abhorrence, ill will, take a stand, up-sets, casts out, muckraking, dis-integrate, on skid, uphill battles, un doing, dis respects, over-throw, sneering at, booboo, dis-continue, ex-communicate, grudge, dumps on, disdain, doeth wrong, stands up to, mis-placing, dis regard, discommode, de-filed, takes a walk, devil luck, dis credited, corking, took issue, handle roughly, takes issue, keeps lid on, objects to, taking issue, throwing cold water on, sub-versions, keeping lid on, dis-repute, hang up, leave, forfends, caluminate, dis carding, difficulty, hanging up, de-famed, spoke against, hard time, de-cays, write off, flies face of, dis owned, de-formation, hard lucks, un naturalnesses, dis-card, provokings, voodooed, ripping up, re-strains, being allergic to, big stinks, dis figures, dis-orders, waggery, trying times, gave the ship, be grudging, traumatizations, over-throws, with-drawn, depreciation, un-luckinesses, deleteriousness, de-graded, boxing in, amount dues, de formation, cave ins, reject, inveigled against, dis continues, de grading, am allergic to, wast allergic to, tearing into, mis-prizing, deplorings, be-little, dis-possession, de-file, dis-honors, counter-attacks, mis proportion, misadventure, de-moralized, crying down, flew coop, in-voice, undoing, dis agree, under values, over turns, ex postulated, bad breaks, harm, mis trusts, revile, disagree, hurdle, arduousnesses, dis figure, dis honor, brings to screeching halt.