Pronunciation of Feeble
/fˈiːbə͡l/, /fˈiːbə‍l/, /f_ˈiː_b_əl/

Antonyms for feeble

fullbodied, passionate, punchest, bushy-tailed, fortified, most deep felt, know backwards forwards, strong as ox, effective, heartiest, pre pared, Undoubtful, re liablest, daring, bold, up hill, cinchest, hardened, heavy duty, un feigned, most ironwilled, harddriving, up snuff, pro-fuse, more quickened, bullish, more strong flavored, more strong-arm, end-owed, more bushy-tailed, more bouncing, de finite, cincher, most well built, un impaired, most bullish, most unanxious, rosy-cheeked, bushytailed, in good shape, ball fire, fit, strong flavored, most all powerful, more dismaying, un compromising, most undoubtful, wellbuilt, well-built, up speed, heavyduty, shoo in, more constraining, hardnosed, hard-driving, most brighteyed, most daunting, red blooded, equal to, more bushytailed, most well-built, athletic, more harddriving, back slapping, most rosycheeked, more all powerful, ball of fire, most take-over, un-diluted, un-bending, most shoo-in, most back slapping, more filling, hard as nails, strong, powerful, in fine feather, most ballbuster, built to last, recovering, vigorous, tall order, more hard-driving, more red blooded, re-liabler, selfconfident, conspicuous, most unmixed, in tenser, most dismaying, safe sound, more bright-eyed, more backslapping, backslapping, more heavyduty, firm, un mixed, most hard driving, most bright-eyed, strapping, pro fuse, most bright eyed, in-spiring, powerhouse, most high pressure, rugged, up to speed, most reassured, un-compromising, more strongflavored, most heavy-duty, most hard-driving, more strong arm, forcible, wellestablished, more iron willed, high-pressure, most deep-felt, up it, in dependent, unmixed, more hard driving, full bodied, most bouncing, know onions, more deepfelt, smart, expert, rosy cheeked, more high pressure, more ballbuster, ablebodied, therer, more daunting, most strong-flavored, most take-charge, deep felt, coming strong, dis maying, most wellestablished, more undoubtful, in good condition, most redblooded, eyecatching, invigorated, bright-eyed, more allpowerful, forceful, more rosycheeked, resolute, able, most rosy-cheeked, most takecharge, physically fit, rough go, know ones onions, most high-pressure, in-tense, more intelligent, hardy, hearty, un-restrained, more murder, most strongflavored, most deepfelt, all-powerful, more bushy tailed, re-liablest, un flagging, most inebriating, in the pink, highpowered, steamed up, fresh, more take-over, heavy-duty, know one's onions, end owed, more acclimatized, more wellbuilt, built last, tough proposition, at ease, more strongarm, well built, most challenging, eye catching, in fine fettle, more efficient, formidable, rosycheeked, most constraining, most capable, strong-flavored, Vitalized, most strongarm, most well established, hard driving, in bag, unbreakable, strengthened, shooin, deep-felt, know backwards and forwards, virile, mightiest, more steamroller, head long, safe and sound, highly flavored, un bending, full life, most murder, most bushy tailed, most wellbuilt, most take charge, un-anxious, un doubtful, most red blooded, ballbuster, over-powering, most filling, takecharge, un-mixed, more take over, most strong flavored, more takeover, stalwart, more deep-felt, re assured, head-long, re-doubtable, re-liable, most heavyduty, re liabler, able bodied, selfassertive, up-hill, more brighteyed, in-tenser, un-yielding, most acclimatized, de-finite, most harddriving, wellmade, iron willed, re stored, most iron-willed, un-reserved, dis-maying, well-made, most takeover, most shooin, up to snuff, capable, most quickened, hotblooded, up to it, take-over, hard nosed, most back-slapping, most take over, strongflavored, more inured, strongarm, brighteyed, selfassured, re solute, pre-pared, more heavy-duty, most efficient, re-stored, most well-established, un-impaired, more high-pressure, un yielding, more back slapping, in-tensest, sound, strong arm, un-feigned, bushy tailed, most red-blooded, toughened, puncher, re doubtable, sturdy, coming on strong, solid, husky, efficient, more redblooded, wellfounded, more shooin, un-flagging, more well established, self assured, locked on, more bright eyed, more well built, over powering, more takecharge, inured, redblooded, back-slapping, there, bright, highpressure, more all-powerful, in pink, clearcut, therest, more take charge, most inured, more take-charge, deepfelt, re sourceful, most shoo in, clear, more wellestablished, competent, most strong arm, most bushytailed, more bullish, more red-blooded, healthy, un diluted, take-charge, re-solute, more unmixed, in-dependent, know ropes, most steamroller, un anxious, allpowerful, in tense, take charge, more strong-flavored, in spiring, well established, secure, more unanxious, clear cut, most heavy duty, most powerhouse, bright eyed, take over, well made, tough, more powerhouse, tried true, brilliant, more highpressure, know one onions, more well-built, hale, more deep felt, re-assured, more heavy duty, more inebriating.