Pronunciation of Feeling
/fˈiːlɪŋ/, /fˈiːlɪŋ/, /f_ˈiː_l_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for feeling

torpid, stubborn, callousness, benumbed, dis-respect, world-wearinesses, in congruous, in exorable, unmindfulness, most doublespeak, ironfisted, un cultured, non partisan, in-actions, in-human, unexcited, dispassionate, in flexible, dis gust, unsubmissive, in-curious, Hard-hearted, in significant, more iron-hearted, dis interestedness, dis-gust, Imperceptive, ferocities, spite, most nonemotional, dis passions, in-difference, selfcontained, callousnesses, in-sensate, iron hearted, insensate, insensitive, most programmed, un caring, doldrums, with drawn, un-flinching, most unashamed, more unimpressible, un friendlier, insensitivenesses, un thinking, un kindnesses, un-kinder, heartlessnesses, be numbed, matter of fact, unconcern, most unsubmissive, knowledge, torpidnesses, in-curiosities, un-excited, more ironhearted, un bothered, more nonemotional, mean machine, anti-septic, self centered, slowness, in-differences, halfheartednesses, hardheartednesses, more unsubmissive, nonreactive, more unamiable, more machinedriven, Disimpassioned, more brutish, dis-passion, poker faced, most indurated, mercilessness, dis-passionate, hard heartednesses, in difference, feelingless, dis favor, most iron fisted, more uncordial, un concerned, painful, thick skinned, in expressive, most unmeaning, be-numbed, dis passion, stoical, more unimpressed, in-different, in-advertences, coldhearted, uncaring, most stony hearted, narcomas, in-sensitive, un civil, more unexcitable, passivities, wimpy, most aversive, in activities, frigidity, murderousnesses, dismals, un impressed, callous, in-action, draggier, more unpassioned, uncurious, more programmed, CARU, un kinder, savagenesses, unmindfulnesses, what hell, hard-as-nails, unfeelingnesses, more stony-hearted, dis respect, un consciousnesses, most ironhearted, un couth, more demoniac, going with flow, immovable, narcosises, in-scrutable, dis-esteems, longsuffering, re-signed, coldfish, un charitable, un-worried, half-heartedness, un-sounder, un-emotional, un-kindness, brush-off, re vengeful, insentient, brushoffs, hardheartedness, non-reactive, narcomata, stereo typed, couldn't care less, emotionlessnesses, dis interest, un concern, unfeelingness, most inhuman, dis-interestednesses, un changing, dis interests, more evil, in curious, un responsivenesses, un-couth, most machine-driven, over-looking, unworried, un repenting, case hardened, most cold-fish, most sensationless, in-sensibility, in sensitiveness, in attentive, in-accessible, unsocial, half heartedness, hard boiled, cold-bloodedness, in-flexible, rolling with the punches, hardbitten, un-susceptible, re moved, un civilized, un congenial, dis-tastes, non interferences, un demonstrative, mechanical, hatred, ruthless, drowsiness, un-meaning, black moods, unkind, dont give a damn, un-bending, most unbothered, monstrous, un-ashamed, dis esteem, in attentions, passiven, disregard, Quieter, more inured, in-sensitivenesses, Casehardened, over sights, Iron-hearted, un impassioned, hebetude, more stony-eyed, most uncordial, dis-interest, more hard-as-nails, dead, nondiscriminatory, de generate, dis-interests, un-ruffled, dis taste, un willingness, uncordial, world wearinesses, even handed, physicality, un sophisticated, dis interestednesses, jadedness, un-kindnesses, over-sight, dis regards, inanimate, un excitable, more machine-driven, in curiosity, lack of interest, un appeasable, un-aroused, hostility, in humane, in different, insensitiveness, non discriminatory, more nonreactive, more unaroused, un-feelingness, most killer, most unexcited, more hard-hearted, inhumane, re-served, Unamiable, Inexcitable, un-amiable, wimpiest, most stony eyed, with-drawn, taedium vitaes, asleep, narcoma, most deadened, anti pathetic, hardened, un-friendly, dis tastes, un mindfulness, pre pared, in-sensitiveness, un impressible, in-advertence, in susceptibilities, steelier, in-attentive, most hard as nails, out it, irreverent, Stony-hearted, don't give a damn, having killer instinct, more stony eyed, in sensitivenesses, un meaning, in-expressive, without rhyme reason, un-friendliest, un-demonstrative, un-wiser, dis-impassioned, unkindnesses, passivens, apathy, supinenesses, un flappable, slowest, emotionlessness, un willingnesses, mercilessnesses, most imperceptive, detached, inanition, most unexcitable, more poker faced, un concerns, in-attentions, un-impressible, draggy, un-pitying, un-sympathetic, dis-interestedness, in sensibilities, brutish, case-hardened, un-responsive, out side, irksomenesses, in consistent, unimpressed, most nowhere, animosity, senseless, un-natural, world weariness, non reactive, cold bloodedness, severity, indolent, boredom, nonpartisan, in-consistent, most poker faced, unsympathetic, un intelligent, coolness, out of it, un-yielding, insouciances, more cold fish, indifferent, ironhearted, inhumanity, in susceptibility, bloodthirstinesses, passivity, disinterest, inhuman, fellest, most machinedriven, overlookings, most nonreactive, un committed, dis regard, un-soundest, most casehardened, un kindest, isolationism, without rhyme or reason, inability, brutishness, cold hearted, in action, unaroused, more unsocial, more unimpassioned, re signed, un-compassionate, lack interest, more laborsaving, hard-heartednesses, hate, un involved, most unworried, more deadened, more unexcited, un-friendlier, cruel, Unimpressible, doublespeak, re-vengeful, self contained, aversive, anesthetized, in sensibility, dis esteems, numb, unimpassioned, ex acting, un communicative, over-sights, cool cat, in sensible, un-relenting, neglectings, more iceberg, un reasonable, non-interferences, more toneless, dis respects, ineptness, pitilessness, more unashamed, merciless, antipathy, in-sensitivities, most case-hardened, going through motions, most stony-hearted, un-touched, narc omata, most hard hearted, hard heartedness, un wiser, un-intelligent, un impressionable, in accessible, most toughened, non-partisan, in human, un consciousness, more coldfish, just watching the clock, un emotional, matter-of-fact, un-involved, fiendishness, selfcontrolled, dislike, un-feeling, most iron-fisted, in humanity, un-submissive, cold blooded, laborsaving, more ironfisted, more hard hearted, un-impassioned, most inexcitable, cold-blooded, more sensationless, un-civilized, more unbothered, un yielding, Pococurantism, un flinching, un feelingnesses, quietest, incompetence, unmeaning, coldness, un susceptible, more case hardened, dis interested, more poker-faced, hard hearted, most unimpressible, un curious, heartlessness, Drowsinesses, un-repenting, non-discriminatory, in-exorable, coldblooded, un pleasant, noninterference, un kind, un-kindest, dis gusts, un-communicative, more uncurious, auto-mated, hard as nails, un-feelingnesses, most steeled, un-bothered, truth, demoniac, more toughened, dont give damn, tiresomenesses, most nondiscriminatory, just watching clock, half-heartednesses, in-sentient, savageness, steeliest, impervious to, un ruffled, nowhere, un-flappable, most hard-hearted, un affected, non interference, more indurated, machinedriven, ruthlessness, in actions, in animate, toneless, in-curiosity, anti-pathetic, more wolfish, dis-favor, cruelty, Unrepenting, most hard-as-nails, fact, most demoniac, Masochisms, most laborsaving, most toneless, more anesthetized, in-sensitivity, draggiest, thing, un-troubled, in-congruous, coldbloodedness, coldheartedness, un-charitable, mono-tony, unconcerned, in-activities, equity, un-interested, most poker-faced, more purportless, brushoff, more disimpassioned, selfcentered, most iron hearted, un-sound, un-affected, self controlled, in sensitivities, dis-passions, insensible, immune to, in susceptible, un natural, ignorance, bored stiff, with straight face, un worried, blahs, un sympathetic, brutishnesses, solid, in voluntary, most unpassioned, insensitivity, more inexcitable, laid back, un pitying, un-civil, most stony-eyed, un mindfulnesses, world-weariness, dis-respects, couldnt care less, un-reasonable, not giving a damn, un-thinking, un-forgiving, un aroused, sensationless, unconsciousness, most cold fish, worldwearinesses, unexcitable, unkindness, dis-regards, Unpassioned, machine driven, uncalledfor, Iron-fisted, inanitions, un-concern, un submissive, un amiable, most brutish, stony eyed, in-sensibilities, inhumanness, un-caring, cold-fish, having a killer instinct, bloodless, un-responsivenesses, un ashamed, uninterested, more feelingless, more unrepenting, impassivenesses, taedium vitae, cold bloodednesses, un-pleasant, barbarous, in attention, un feeling, stonyeyed, un-concerned, most ironfisted, un relenting, worldweariness, un excited, un sounder, un-selfish, more stonyeyed, un-important, un responsive, more aversive, don't give damn, un cordial, un-committed, most uncurious, un kindness, noninterferences, un-cordial, most anesthetized, un friendliest, in-sensible, nonemotional, in humanities, nonchalant, dis-taste, un-prejudiced, more nondiscriminatory, more cold-fish, brush offs, un-social, most unamiable, insouciance, brush-offs, un-mindfulnesses, ruthlessnesses, un-appeasable, more iron hearted, un-willingness, un-wise, more machine driven, in sensitive, un social, un-responsiveness, most unaroused, pococurantisms, more nowhere, clinical, de-generate, more anesthetic, un-wisest, in advertences, most coldfish, most unrepenting, laidback, most iron-hearted, Hard-heartedness, along for ride, more unmeaning, un-moved, un-cultured, in sensitivity, unfeeling, thickskinned, stony-eyed, insensitivities, dis passionate, un perturbed, more steeled, un troubled, steely, emotionless, un-consciousness, torpidity, in-susceptibility, most machine driven, dis favors, halfheartedness, un-excitable, non-interference, un-conscious, in scrutable, fiendishnesses, un wise, dis impassioned, un wisest, dis-esteem, coldbloodednesses, un-willingnesses, un-concerns, stony hearted, most unsocial, most iceberg, un-impressionable, disbelief, un touched, rolling with punches, more hard as nails, most anesthetic, more case-hardened, narc-omata, without pity, un-kind, re served, non-emotional, un forgiving, mono tony, half heartednesses, more unworried, in-attention, most unimpassioned, machine-driven, unashamed, un responsiveness, heartless, more doublespeak, hardboiled, impassiveness, un-biased, dis-regard, un-impressed, dis-gusts, wolfish, un conscious, concrete, most purportless, in-humane, un-perturbed, in-activity, un-changing, un-curious, half hearted, most wolfish, over sight, un prejudiced, dis-favors, re-mote, indifference, deaf to, ex-acting, most stonyeyed, in sensate, not giving damn, un-consciousnesses, along for the ride, impassive, un bending, Purportless, in differences, pre-pared, supineness, un selfish, more casehardened, irksomeness, most inured, numbness, jadednesses, blind to, more stony hearted, disinterested, insensibility, un compassionate, un biased, unemotional, un-mindfulness, bloodthirstiness, un-congenial, most disimpassioned, most feelingless, in-voluntary, murderousness, more imperceptive, most unimpressed, Carus, going with the flow, un interested, in-animate, un feelingness, un sound, in activity, most case hardened, auto mated, non emotional, cold-bloodednesses, more iron-fisted, dis-interested, lifeless, black mood, more killer, anti septic, in excitable, in-excitable, narcosis, poker-faced, harshness, hard bitten.