Pronunciation of Fete
/fˈe͡ɪt/, /fˈe‍ɪt/, /f_ˈeɪ_t/

Synonyms for fete:

Sense 2 (noun)

affair, bash, celebration, festivity, function, gala, group, occasion, soiree, work, DO.

celebration, party (noun)

ball, banquet, bazaar, fair, festival, fiesta, gala, DO.

festival (noun)

ball, celebration, entertainment, gala.

fete (noun)

celebrate, feast, festival, fiesta.

celebrate (verb)

acclaim, carouse, celebrate, cheer, commemorate, enjoy, exult, frolic, glorify, hail, hallow, honor, inaugurate, jubilate, laud, make merry, memorialize, observe, party, praise, proclaim, rejoice, revel, salute, solemnize, trumpet, venerate.

throw a party for someone (verb)

celebrate, entertain, feast, holiday, honor, lionize, treat, wine and dine, make much of, hold reception for, roll out the red carpet.

Sense 1

carnival, celebration, holiday, soiree.

Sense 2

entertainment, gala.

Sense 3

bash, festivity.

Sense 4

affair, function.

Sense 11


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