Pronunciation of Find
/f_ˈaɪ_n_d/, /fˈa͡ɪnd/, /fˈa‍ɪnd/

Antonyms for find:

inter-view, putting to question, Spading, re legates, de-ranged, look for, overshot, wast unable lay hands on, art after, aspired to, had look-see, had go at, up-rooting, dropped ball, dis ordering, had look see, are unable to lay hands on, un-earthed, troweling, question, looking over, look, delve in to, dis-lodging, dis organizing, un settled, dis regards, giving the third degree, mis lays, searching for, has a go at, turns inside out, showing curiosity, undershot, dig into, Expulse, seeks answer, pokes in to, worked over, run after, inquire, mis-placing, re-legate, dis-placed, look high and low, hadst looksee, goes over with a fine-tooth comb, looking high low, re searched, asking about, ex cavate, scout, delves into, reconnoitred, hath look-see, re searches, haddest go at, undershoot, go over with a fine-tooth comb, running reconnaissance, having a look-see, crowd out, un earths, dis-organized, miss, goes in quest of, questing, mis files, inquired in to, looked for, art unable to lay hands on, over hauled, made off with, aspire to, expulsed, was unable lay hands on, hadst look, were unable lay hands on, delving into, hunt for, picking ones brains, feels out, dis plant, dis locating, dis plants, wast unable to lay hands on, ask about, haddest look-see, make off with, mis carried, lost track of, dis-ordered, dis-organize, make with, is unable lay hands on, mis carry, sniff out, inquiring into, picking one brains, is late for, fore told, sweat out of, ex pulses, dis lodging, de-spoil, in-quire, wert late for, be late for, seek information, made inquiry, hunting for, misunderstand, hadst go at, fall flat face, misfile, be unable lay hands on, loses track of, pokes into, puts through the wringer, forcing out, wanted to know, wants know, fore-telling, smelt around, displanted, aspires to, dug in to, forgat whereabouts of, being late for, re quested, sounding out, hast look, bobbed for, dragneted, dis-place, turn inside out, dis lodge, Spaded, jumping in to, went over with a fine tooth comb, digs for, Ferrets, dis-plants, hath a look, mis firing, delve for, makes inquiry, dis planted, raised question, un-earth, be after, de-range, de-spoiled, looked over, delve into, Displant, digs into, dis establishes, requests information, mis-lays, mis fired, dug into, set eyes on, looks about, mis-filed, over shot, forget whereabouts of, looks for, go over with a finetooth comb, hast looksee, digging in to, haddest a look, dis planting, hunts for, over hauls, hath a go at, letting go, de range, asked about, dis orders, being after, modesty, over looks, in quiring, give third degree, goes over with fine tooth comb, had a go at, mis placing, lets go, hitting up, dropping ball, up rooted, un settles, tested the waters, wert after, seek, dis-lodges, has a look see, going over with a finetooth comb, asks about, having look, de ranges, fall short, drop the ball, up rooting, dug for, sniffs out, fore casting, mis-fired, poked in to, poking into, under shooting, dis ordered, delves for, left no stone unturned, expulses, de ranged, going over with fine-tooth comb, up-root, delving in to, having a look, dis regarded, putting the question, hunted for, fell flat on face, dis-lodged, going in quest of, crowded out, shaking down, pick one brains, mis-filing, fore-casting, picked one's brains, turns upside down, art unable lay hands on, dig in to, delved into, mis fire, dis arranges, testing the waters, having look-see, sweating it out of, delving for, art late for, cast about, bob for, gunned for, mis-fire, re-moving, has a look-see, un settle, laying waste, dis-regarded, putting wrong place, mis-firing, went over with fine tooth comb, under shot, hadst a go at, sweated it out of, dis-plant, crossexamine, casts about, reconnoitre, misfiling, dis-regarding, want to know, hast a look, go over with a fine tooth comb, leaved no stone unturned, over-hauling, hath look, hadst a look-see, under-taking, dis organizes, am late for, goes over with finetooth comb, letted slip, re-questing, gives third degree, re move, chased after, Overshooting, placing unwisely, raises question, chases after, ex pulse, mis-laying, took away, felt out, in spects, mis-file, picking one's brains, had a look see, letting slip, wants to know, trans-pose, falls flat on face, dis-establishing, inquires into, placed wrongly, tripping up, ex pulsed, dis possess, has go at, making with, mis-carrying, re moving, putting in wrong place, over looked, have a look, lay waste, looking over for, reallying get into, had looksee, smelled around, takes away, haddest looksee, look around, over-hauled, looked around, having go at, delves in to, dis place, hast look-see, fore-tell, leaves no stone unturned, dis located, dis regard, surrender, has look see, hath a looksee, forgot whereabouts of, jumps into, fore tells, forgetting whereabouts of, reckons on, inter-views, go over with finetooth comb, hadst a look see, cross examine, ran reconnaissance, un-settle, wast late for, run reconnaissance, dis-arranges, picks ones brains, gunning for, search out, inter view, shake down, over-look, displace, fail, fore-cast, am after, delve, mis placed, puts to question, picking brains, seeks an answer, passing up, searching out, re searching, fore-told, undershooting, looking for, hath a look-see, places wrongly, sought an answer, inter viewing, haddest a look-see, drop ball, falling flat face, expulsing, sweat it out of, puts to the question, over haul, gave the third degree, under-takes, has look, misplace, dis-establish, looking around, have a go at, ex-pulse, pass by, dig for, gives the third degree, dis-planted, falls short, being unable to lay hands on, dis-arrange, put the question, shows curiosity, over-looks, loss, dis-organizing, fore-tells, mis-carry, over-haul, having a look see, let slip, dis-places, searched for, reckoning on, dropped the ball, wanted know, dis locate, go over with fine-tooth comb, lays waste, hast look see, go in to, am unable to lay hands on, go quest of, dis-locates, sought answer, delved in to, inter-viewing, under-shooting, leaving no stone unturned, disestablishes, were late for, dis order, digging for, tested waters, is unable to lay hands on, sweating out of, un-settling, went after, mis carrying, really get into, dis-organizes, mis-files, picks one's brains, having a looksee, over-hauls, go after, pro spect, dis arrange, pro-spects, forgets whereabouts of, staking out, Re-search, tests waters, dragneting, crowds out, mis places, take away, work over, de-ranging, picks one brains, looking high and low, rifle through, made with, dis possessed, de-ranges, fore casts, digged into, hath go at, sought information, leave no stone unturned, Troweled, put to the question, sweated out of, re-quests, dis regarding, puts the question, jumps in to, over-shooting, being unable lay hands on, puts question, mis fires, seeking answer, seek an answer, crowding out, give the third degree, dis-lodge, aspiring to, ex pulsing, show curiosity, over shooting, mis-fires, pro spects, seeking an answer, dropping the ball, disestablish, works over, rifled through, put to question, dis-possessed, inquiring in to, reallies get in to, make inquiry, looks over for, put through wringer, in quire, in-quired, letted go, dropt ball, looked high and low, Displanting, un settling, birddog, have a look see, Trowelled, de-spoiling, makes off with, inter viewed, explore, chase after, dis-established, dis-possessing, shakes down, dropt the ball, fore tell, ex-cavate, wanting to know, go in quest of, misfiles, Ferreting, dis-ordering, trips up, dis-arranged, trowels, inquire into, pro bed, under took, hast a look-see, searches, in quired, dis-regards, dis-orders, going quest of, want know, having a go at, mis-places, fore cast, dis-possess, dis possesses, pro-bed, shook down, pick brains, inquired into, have go at, hast go at, had a look-see, in quires, de spoil, inquires in to, chasing after, gun for, leave, lose track of, dis-locating, searched out, casting about, re-searched, quested, look high low, hit up, falling short, de spoiling, hadst a looksee, dis lodged, was unable to lay hands on, went over with fine-tooth comb, reallied get into, under take, bobbing for, under-shot, raise question, dis places, passed up, gouged out, has a looksee, searches for, going over with a fine-tooth comb, dis-arranging, making off with, dis establishing, putting to the question, passes up, in vite, drops ball, requesting information, put wrong place, haddest a go at, had a looksee, dis-establishes, put through the wringer, re-moves, seek answer, bird dog, re legate, hast a look see, mouses, de ranging, looked all over for, mis-laid, putting through the wringer, forces out, putting question, trans pose, turning upside down, re-legates, displants, un earthing, dis organize, dis-order, request information, scooped out, puts wrong place, losing track of, dis established, lets slip, dis-locate, look over, disestablishing, mislay, jump into, lose, trip up, dis placed, is after, over look, looks over, has looksee, beating about, are late for, looked about, haddest a looksee, laid waste, sounds out, poke into, jump in to, de spoiled, haddest a look see, taking away, beat about, had a look, dis arranged, went over with finetooth comb, are after, de-spoils, under taken, mis filing, have look see, makes with, scoop out, feel out, fore-casts, smells around, dis lodges, places unwisely, re quests, dis organized, running after, looking all over for, looks around, were unable to lay hands on, trans posed, under-taken, digging into, fall flat on face, digged in to, re questing, mis-place, mis file, overlook, setting eyes on, ex-pulses, hold out for, re search, ferret, Mousing, re moved, in-quires, look all over for, reconnoitring, sniffing out, look about, dis arranging, search, bobs for, goes quest of, ran after, hadst look see, digs in to, trowel, testing waters, spend, smelling around, tests the waters, rifling through, went in quest of, overshoots, placing wrongly, goes over with a fine tooth comb, runs after, requested information, de spoils, went over with a fine-tooth comb, poked into, stakes out, picks brains, forced out, had look, Moused, overshoot, neglect, looks high and low, pick ones brains, mis lay, reckoned on, trans-posing, wast after, put in wrong place, puts in wrong place, Ferreted, ex-pulsing, digged for, turned upside down, inter views, holding out for, dis establish, hadst look-see, smell around, wrought over, was late for, un earth, be unable to lay hands on, place unwisely, beat bushes, has a look, ex-pulsed, dis possessing, un-earths, turning inside out, delved for, misfiled, beats about, inquire in to, forfeit, drops the ball, raising question, in spect, dis-located, search for, mis place, undershoots, looked over for, rifles through, mis-lay, in-spects, went quest of, under taking, re-move, reallies get into, was after, have look-see, un-settled, giving third degree, am unable lay hands on, showed curiosity, dis-regard, in-spect, un earthed, seeks information, poke in to, over hauling, disestablished, runs reconnaissance, pass up, wert unable lay hands on, goes over with a finetooth comb, have a looksee, looking about, un-earthing, sounded out, sweats it out of, dis placing, dis-placing, are unable lay hands on, dis-planting, dis locates, under takes, poking in to, held out for, hast a looksee, hits up, having looksee, placed unwisely, dis-possesses, searches out, hast a go at, tripped up, sniffed out, in-quiring, look over for, guns for, mis carries, fore telling, scooping out, avoid, falling flat on face, gouges out, pick one's brains, up root, looks all over for, holds out for, mis laying, wert unable to lay hands on, over-looking, place wrongly, go over with fine tooth comb, mis filed.

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