Pronunciation of Finished
/fˈɪnɪʃt/, /fˈɪnɪʃt/, /f_ˈɪ_n_ɪ_ʃ_t/

Antonyms for finished

vicarial, un interrupted, sketchy, dead set on, kept, more thrown-together, halfdone, no end of, more emergency, getting ready, un-remitting, in-substantial, make do, constant, re-gular, throwaway, most roughhewn, de stroyed, afoot, uncompleted, all day and all night, most another, in-competent, short, most unfulfilled, Unexecuted, glitcher, un changing, re-turning, wealthy, make-do, out-line, continuing, more astir, more brickwall, unpolished, in-sane, on treadmill, more persisting, most sunk, most thrown together, most brewing, stiff-necked, most bandaid, more backup, more stiff-necked, more band aid, worthless, un done, in terminate, more stiffnecked, never-ceasing, round-the-clock, un-consummated, dis tressed, in competent, most halfdone, most neverceasing, ongoing, dis figured, ruined, un fathomable, co-oking, deficient, un-bounded, un-developed, in commensurate, most make-do, quick and dirty, most never-ceasing, most reserve, most garbled, up the air, un-abated, in-complete, in-finite, most returning, most brick wall, stiff necked, self perpetuating, more outline, pro-longed, brick wall, more oft-repeated, more unaccomplished, over-long, interim, un fashioned, Parter, partest, more reoccurring, un surpassable, more iron-fisted, un polished, in-terminable, bottom of barrel, most hard-headed, solvent, un bending, in determinate, more unperformed, more hard-headed, more depthless, in trouble, undone, un-varying, ex-tended, Substitutive, more world without end, un-decided, restored, ex tended, un consummated, more unfastened, re-serve, more roughhewn, un-concluded, more unconsummated, more unzipped, proxier, scant, in complete, more marred, unrefined, un-assembled, endless, in-commensurate, fragmentary, re presentative, most niggardly, more abridged, repaired, in-terminate, re-placement, half done, in-adequate, more halfdone, fallible, un flinching, in the rough, in-considerable, more unglued, un-glued, un abated, un disturbed, most unglued, un resolved, more oftrepeated, un-faltering, throwntogether, most disfigured, in-exorable, under construction, perverted, uncultivated, more garbled, found wanting, un tied, faulty, un-changing, most vicarial, de-stroyed, most unperformed, non-stop, most unconcluded, un-told, defaced, in-apter, most stinted, inter minable, more garbage, up in air, un-limited, most substitutive, un-fastened, un productive, pro visional, re-curring, most world without end, deformed, un nerved, most replacement, roughhewn, more makedo, blemished, most garbage, in sanest, duddest, most astir, most surrogate, most expurgated, un bounded, un-equal, more unfulfilled, more unexecuted, more throwaway, most recurring, most unnerved, dis-tressed, un failing, more staying, up-set, un executed, most dabbling, more brick-wall, un faltering, washedup, most stiffnecked, more hard headed, Unfashioned, dummier, niggardly, thrown together, more selfperpetuating, most warped, no end to, un-balanced, rich, at all times, most half done, spoiled, un-accomplished, most half-done, world-without-end, bound determined, more replacement, most stiff necked, Iron-fisted, most thrown-together, most day and night, most marred, day night, more substitutive, in adequate, most make do, defective, rough and ready, un-adorned, re gular, perpetual, more surrogate, most iron fisted, more reserve, round clock, un fulfilled, more uncompleted, neverending, more expurgated, re-current, stopgap, un settled, in apter, day-and-night, un ceasing, most bottom of barrel, most abridged, most unconsummated, poor, up air, incomplete, imperfect, un completed, marred, self-perpetuating, bandaid, out line, un fastened, most emergency, Interminate, un assembled, oft repeated, never-ending, dis-figured, held, most oftrepeated, most unfastened, bottom-of-barrel, washed up, most unaccomplished, glitchest, more caretaker, un-ending, more unconcluded, all day all night, un-sounder, unconsummated, more half done, un-interrupted, more aeonian, un refined, in substantial, warped, band aid, most unwaning, unremitting, unending, most world-without-end, most never ceasing, most throwaway, un accomplished, inter-minable, incessant, around the clock, in the making, round the clock, most stiff-necked, un remitting, un-performed, un-critical, un perfected, most self perpetuating, un-failing, twobit, uninterrupted, crude, re-occurring, selfperpetuating, most makedo, more unbroken, unperformed, most continued, un divided, un-yielding, most hard headed, more throwntogether, most lemon, eternal, un-flagging, un adorned, most unbroken, in finite, un-refined, un relenting, more unnerved, un buttoned, most unassembled, un finished, most self-perpetuating, for ever ever, non stop, more unassembled, un-settled, makedo, in-capable, around-the-clock, un equal, ceaseless, un-broken, un sounder, most aeonian, unassembled, un-finished, bushleague, continuous, un developed, all day and night, never ending, more unabated, more another, un-surpassable, corrupted, inferior, more half-done, un broken, un-tiring, brickwall, un-divided, unfulfilled, most throwntogether, un-determined, un ending, most outline, most imitation, most oft-repeated, in terminable, more neverceasing, more bottom-of-barrel, un critical, ironfisted, in making, pending, un performed, oft-repeated, most uncompleted, more bottom of barrel, most depthless, most unfashioned, un decided, up set, un wavering, day and night, more make-do, more unwaning, not done, meager, un varying, re-presentative, on a treadmill, more self-perpetuating, more stinted, more world-without-end, un qualified, most band aid, brick-wall, un-zipped, un sound, un glued, more warped, most unzipped, unsophisticated, few bugs, up in the air, unrelenting, most bottom-of-barrel, Unaccomplished, Hard-headed, unabated, Dudder, in-saner, more recurring, in capable, un-done, Depthless, un-productive, more make do, junkest, un waning, un-buttoned, re turning, more brewing, un-perfected, un concluded, re current, re curring, insufficient, un-flinching, makeshift, aeonian, un-completed, more killed, re occurring, un-fashioned, inadequate, nonstop, proxiest, pro longed, un-soundest, in saner, most reoccurring, un tiring, more brick wall, for ever and ever, un-tied, more returning, continual, more dabbling, more ironfisted, most killed, most ironfisted, in-sufficient, in sane, re serve, un-wavering, all day night, un-qualified, un-sound, most band-aid, most unbuttoned, un-fulfilled, in rough, on foot, bad, co oking, un-bending, corrupt, preserved, more imitation, over long, thrown-together, unfinished, more continued, un-executed, uncritical, most unabated, most staying, more vicarial, unceasing, un-waning, stored, unconcluded, dummiest, unglued, half-done, in preparation, most oft repeated, more bandaid, most day-and-night, in-coherent, saved, more unfashioned, most iron-fisted, in considerable, lively, more band-aid, un yielding, most unexecuted, more disfigured, not enough.