Pronunciation of Fire
/fˈa͡ɪ͡ə/, /fˈa‍ɪ‍ə/, /f_ˈaɪə/

Antonyms for fire

using up, finding help, dis-patch, re-instate, prearranging, be stows, makes use of, re-tain, signed on, chilliness, switching on, lethargy, quench, de riving, re instating, comes on board, having a shot at, re-hire, keep mind, Husbanding, gave a break, re member, de crees, pre arranges, re collecting, holding responsible, be stowed, be-stow, re-minded, inter-acting, in-corporate, truck with, find help, hast a go at, bringing to mind, inter lace, re turn, give one's word, taking part, be stowing, gives try, rings a bell, fits out, sub lease, calmness, Collectedness, re establish, giving word, fit out, rings bell, in duct, be speak, all-owed, confiding to, tabbed, dis-patched, got going, discourage, having a fling at, de-tain, be-troths, all owed, re habilitates, re-cognizing, dis patch, prearranged, inter-locks, inter laced, in-vests, depute, strikes a note, deaden, with-hold, keeping in mind, re collects, re placing, re-invested, giving try, rang a bell, referenced, be spake, reelected, bring on board, strook a note, re stores, switches on, dampen, puts work, gave a whirl, with held, pre serve, re-strained, pre-serves, idleness, interplaying, has fling at, had a go at, keeps possession, filled position, paid for, confide to, pressing into service, opts for, re-cords, sub leasing, de legates, gives work, Woodenness, strike note, coming to one, re-strain, strook note, re-electing, re established, coming board, re-elects, Re-collect, inactivity, re-instates, bringing mind, pro-cure, joining up, under taken, re-habilitates, in-scribe, re introduce, re-elect, soothe, hath a fling at, re-cording, inter-playing, please, spiritlessness, dissuade, trucks with, giving break, re store, re-served, under takes, inter lacing, gives a break, ex tract, didst battle with, keeping possession, employ, had fling at, apathy, in ducted, re collected, giving work, re-calling, bring mind, contract for, re introduces, out-fit, be-spoke, under-taking, composure, gives whirl, laziness, re-new, out fit, re members, take course, gives battle to, re stored, re-turns, re cording, under took, be troth, gat going, brought back, Preengage, sub letting, signing on, kept busy, prearranges, re-places, de-cree, think of, re new, re-elected, inaugurate, be-witch, went for broke, pro-vides, Deputing, pressed into service, putting power again, taking course, make use of, be-thinks, brings mind, become student, gives word, de cree, does battle with, clung to, re-introduce, ringing a bell, pro mise, bringing board, discouragement, de-rived, dis-patching, all owing, be witch, dehydrate, keeping busy, be witches, call up, de rive, in-ducts, indifference, be witched, singling out, re-habilitated, give work, establish, hath a go at, out fitted, giving ones word, pre-arranged, de tains, dis patched, delight, having fling at, in-stalled, handing onto, adding payroll, with-holds, re cognize, insensitivity, petrify, in vests, Inked, bear mind, becoming student, dullness, tried on for size, brought on board, re hire, commission, de-crees, flashing on, trothed, re-deeming, under-takes, re-strains, giving job to, Conscribe, hadst shot at, bring back, take part, re-introducing, give a whirl, under-taken, retro spects, in scribe, re-corded, inter acting, took part, get going, switched on, haddest fling at, giving a whirl, retrospected, gave break, come on board, used up, coming one, pre-served, re minds, unenthusiasm, decide on, pro-cured, confided to, pre-engage, de-tains, be troths, keeps mind, deactivate, re cord, be-spake, pre engaging, give break, optating, re-collected, adding to payroll, pressing in to service, re instate, re placed, gave a try, sub-lease, brings to mind, coolness, flashes on, trucking with, inter lock, sub scribe, strikes note, fill position, re-tains, engage, takes course, conscripted, hadst go at, put power again, in-scribes, re calls, reinvested, subleasing, nominate, falls on, holds responsible, haddest a go at, re-stores, fills position, re-establishes, joined battle with, re-news, under taking, filled a position, pro-viding, out fitting, lifelessness, devitalize, Insensibleness, calls up, be-thought, pro-cures, gave job to, enlist, pro-mises, re-introduces, hast a fling at, re-collecting, affiances, re storing, hadst fling at, preengages, sub-scribed, re collect, strike a note, pre occupied, inter-play, Leasing, re calling, intermeshed, pro cures, putting to use, in stalled, in-ducted, haddest a fling at, inter meshing, re-serves, dull, Preengaging, sublets, goes in for, inter act, puts to use, pre-arranges, stiffness, be speaking, finds help, pressed in to service, having go at, re-deem, enroll, hold responsible, sub scribes, hadst a shot at, trying for size, going for broke, be thinks, looking back, presses in to service, re places, putting back, enervate, re invests, Deputed, sign up, re investing, contracting for, pre-engaging, re-establish, Slotted, bringing back, optates, ringed a bell, opted for, install, interplayed, contracted for, struck a note, goes for broke, inter mesh, handed onto, come to one, nailing down, nailing it down, puts power again, gives a whirl, looked back, have shot at, put in power again, re serving, puts back, hath fling at, be-speak, in-duct, join battle with, Inking, re-investing, sub scribed, came one, in corporates, have a shot at, inter play, keep in mind, brings on board, becomes student, has a fling at, signs on, comes one, conscribed, re news, re instates, brings back, pre engage, re cognizing, decides on, reelect, hath go at, Rehire, in-scribing, ex-tract, assign, joining battle with, constitute, opting for, press into service, filling position, re-minds, gave one's word, getting going, going in for, keep busy, reservedness, under take, dis-patches, re turning, re-serve, inter-lock, conscribes, inter meshed, elect, pre served, be thinking, de tain, gives a try, re-established, enter in to, rehires, re strain, be speaks, in-corporates, re serve, trying on for size, give word, inter acted, give one word, contracts for, inter-acts, be-stows, coldness, be-stowed, be-witched, went in for, dost battle with, Affiancing, tabbing, pro viding, bringing on board, press in to service, joins up, Subletting, out-fits, inter-lace, take, reinvesting, pro-mise, pro vides, thought of, came to one, giving one's word, de-legate, retro-spect, out fits, desiccate, downlinked, sub-leased, reinvests, re minding, doeth battle with, be-thinking, pro mises, sublease, inter laces, de rives, give battle to, sub scribing, re tains, giving whirl, ink, re establishing, haddest shot at, haddest a shot at, rehiring, re-hiring, brought board, holding fast, pre-occupies, sub-leases, singled out, has shot at, insensitiveness, be-speaking, give ones word, baptize, dis patching, held fast, pre engaged, sub leases, re-cord, clinging to, Reinvest, out-fitting, de-legates, giving a break, re corded, re deemed, pre-arranging, re-called, pre serves, dis patches, puts use, re-placed, had go at, gives ones word, be think, re-serving, calling up, be thought, flashed on, clings to, re-habilitating, sub-letting, re-deems, re straining, gave work, in vest, in-vested, unconcern, pays for, fill a position, gave battle to, gives one word, put out, reinstate, appoint, keeping mind, de-rives, putting to work, inter played, downlinking, with hold, try on for size, put use, be-troth, comes board, impassiveness, hadst a go at, inter-played, re-turned, re-instating, be spoke, in-stalling, re introducing, re-call, confides to, making use of, brings board, hire, pre occupies, nail it down, kept mind, re habilitated, re cords, trucked with, re cognized, hast go at, aloofness, be-witches, reticence, filling a position, re hired, re-storing, pro-curing, inter meshes, re invest, hands onto, pay for, rang bell, re-invest, be-speaks, recall, keeps in mind, bring board, re-calls, re-hires, striking a note, struck note, decided on, re-members, re turns, choiced, look back, sets about, assume, all-owing, Re-turn, intermeshes, inter plays, prearrange, pre arrange, with holds, put work, re-stored, signed up, re-turning, have a go at, re introduced, setting about, re-introduced, takes part, comes to one, come board, keeps busy, puts to work, ring a bell, goes out for, affiance, re strains, inter-laced, re invested, pro cured, pre-engages, de-creed, kept in mind, paying for, give a try, call arms, depress, weaken, sub leased, pre-occupying, putting in power again, nails it down, re cognizes, be witching, re-hired, came board, trothing, rehired, be spoken, Optate, impassivity, gives break, puts in power again, lobotomize, gave ones word, castrate, Husbanded, presses into service, reelects, with holding, re deeming, in-ducting, frigidity, de-riving, re habilitate, phlegm, re elects, pro cure, thinks of, in stalling, putting work, re place, re hiring, set about, pre occupy, retrospecting, deputes, fall on, subleased, single out, invest, inter playing, has a go at, gets going, did battle with, having shot at, be-stowing, inter-laces, re strained, gave try, pre-engaged, re establishes, hath shot at, pro curing, re deem, reserve, became student, payed for, re-straining, haddest go at, be-think, go out for, be-witching, bring to mind, singles out, thinking of, extinguish, re-invests, signing up, in-stall, geld, pro-vide, adds payroll, gave word, went out for, held responsible, sub-scribing, ringed bell, calm, going out for, inter locking, in vested, pre-occupy, sublet, hath a shot at, conscribing, re elected, hast shot at, intermeshing, busies, put to work, put to use, ex-tracts, choicing, out-fitted, inter-lacing, had a shot at, in ducts, give a break, referencing, hand onto, brought mind, designate, has a shot at, deter, retard, have fling at, switch on, use up, bore, fills a position, cling to, doing battle with, lease, inter-meshed, do battle with, signs up, de-rive, de rived, pre engages, re-place, keep, attach, insensibility, brought to mind, go in for, give try, uses up, re-cognized, induct, re instated, have go at, sub-scribes, called up, holds fast, Busied, re tain, in-vesting, sub-leasing, fell on, give whirl, pro vided, give job to, nailed it down, re served, falling on, subleases, having a go at, re-habilitate, hast a shot at, gotten going, charter, conscripting, call mind, come one, pre arranging, join up, gives job to, coming on board, putting use, hold, in corporate, re electing, initiate, bring bear, Busying, Preengaged, re-minding, re membered, pro-vided, re-member, in scribes, lay on, inter-plays, Frigidness, inks, re elect, in-vest, taciturnity, came on board, de legate, pre-arrange, slow, pre serving, pro vide, shut off, adds to payroll, retro-spects, be stow, go for broke, reelecting, found help, with-held, de creed, retain, fitting out, doth battle with, inter-acted, be-spoken, has go at, deciding on, hadst a fling at, inter-locked, put back, stoicism, had shot at, pre-occupied, pre-serving, dryness, re habilitating, flash on, re hires.