Pronunciation of Foe
/fˈə͡ʊ/, /fˈə‍ʊ/, /f_ˈəʊ/

Antonyms for foe

assistant, boyfriend, one and onlies, seconders, hatchet man woman, fairhaired boys, mate, paraprofessionals, deliverer, seconder, dear, dearie, counter-part, secondguessers, friend, participant, lover, hubbies, sub-ordinate, pro-fessor, amigo, co-conspirators, tower strength, juliets, clubbers, co partners, para professionals, CUZ, de-sire, consociate, sis, myrmidon, lieutenant, right-hand people, one the folk, hatchet man-woman, partner, beloved, de-sires, co mates, darling, helper, counter-parts, first last, joiner, cooperator, member, one of folk, co ordinate, collaborator, connection, de-fenders, one of folks, inamorato, one onlies, one the folks, consociates, right hand people, co-worker, confreres, AMIGA, rescuers, ex-pounders, de fenders, infatuates, vindicators, co operators, henchman, Inamoratos, reliever, clubhouse lawyer, sub ordinates, apologists, Clubber, right hand persons, maintainer, expounders, espousers, husband, de-tail, co-workers, support, up holder, be loved, one and only, de sires, re presentative, sub ordinate, fellow workers, decent person, convoyer, sympathizer, cohort, shills, adjunct, advocate, Espouser, decent people, co ordinates, preciouses, Co-ordinates, yes person, ex-pounder, hearts desires, co partner, one only, Coworker, workmate, gallants, re-serves, first and last, second-guessers, up holders, kissing cousin, coconspirator, bedmates, musketeer, co conspirators, myrmidons, dear one, friend in need, confidante, pre-servers, righthand persons, valentines, rescuer, de tails, co-partners, decent persons, flame, Temps, tipster, workmates, accomplice, first lasts, co mate, de-fender, succorer, buttinski, secondguesser, proponent, right-hand manwoman, deliverers, monogynist, monogamists, co workers, fellow, hanger on, comates, disciple, one of the folk, amigas, wife, connates, re serve, savior, well wishers, joiners, companion, buttinskis, well-wisher, hatchet man-women, Bedmate, insider, advisor, bosom buddies, fiance, para-professional, heart desire, Expounder, endorsers, cobber, be-loved, one folks, co worker, pards, counter parts, in sider, ally, wellwishers, salvagers, hatchet manwoman, pal, dearests, hail-fellow, fair haired boy, right-hand man-woman, quarterback, clubhouse lawyers, temporary workers, temporary worker, preserver, dearies, Wellwisher, idolizer, de fender, co-ordinate, hatchet man women, object of affection, good buddies, right hand manwomen, co adjutant, confederate, fairhaired boy, accessory, salvager, colleague, light of my life, re-serve, pre server, sub scriber, Co-operator, loved ones, sises, comate, friend need, kissing cousins, spouse, light my life, co-operators, honeybunches, classmates, roomie, compadre, Co-mate, helpful person, co-adjutants, one folk, homegirls, re-presentative, tipsters, heart desires, preservers, crony, fair haired boys, helpful persons, bosom buddy, intimate, consort, date, paraprofessional, quarterbacks, idolizers, vindicator, in-sider, fair-haired boys, sub scribers, BRO, escort, buddy, upholder, sustainer, halvah, heart's desires, other half, convoyers, sustainers, ex pounders, de-tails, deary, cobbers, tower of strength, follower, numero unos, coworkers, comrade, well-wishers, righthand manwoman, true love, righthand people, right-hand person, right hand person, concomitants, backer, love my life, Pard, fellow worker, lovebird, associate, confrere, apologist, go between, right-hand persons, confidant, honeybunch, classmate, numero uno, Alveoli, lovebirds, supporter, sub-ordinates, heart's desire, homegirl, co conspirator, exponent, coconspirators, chum, hearty, wooers, upholders, pro-fessors, BROS, up-holder, benefactor, auxiliary, familiars, counter part, righthand manwomen, alveolus, wooer, doll, co-mates, ex pounder, love, second-guesser, co adjutants, yesperson, adherent, right hand manwoman, right-hand manwomen, up-holders, hail-fellow-well-met, hearts desire, bird dog, champion, co-conspirator, compeer, tootsies, co operator, pro fessor, co-adjutant, first and lasts, other halves, endorser, dear ones, monogynists, de tail, maintainers, well wisher, pro fessors, friendly, second guesser, sweetheart, sub-scriber, co-partner, right hand man woman, hatchet manwomen, de sire, valentine, young men, attendant, pre servers, roomies, insiders, cooperators, one of the folks, copartner, partners, object affection, pre-server, cavaliers, good buddy, cuzzes, abettor, fair-haired boy.