Pronunciation of Fold
/f_ˈəʊ_l_d/, /fˈə͡ʊld/, /fˈə‍ʊld/

Antonyms for fold:

leave, re-solves, re lease, pre sent, un cover, dis-entangling, uncurled, dis-covers, re-leased, ex-plicates, un coils, un-twisting, ex plicate, unfurl, line, ex-posing, un creasing, ex plaining, un-curling, re-solving, divide, de cipher, straighten, un-folded, out-spread, dis-plays, un-wrap, un-roll, un-bends, Outstretch, unbend, un ravel, uncoils, un coiling, dis-closing, un-bending, unfold, unbended, un rolled, dis entangled, un bending, de-ciphering, ex plicating, de-scribed, de-scribe, un folding, out spreads, un-does, open, un-rolled, ex plain, ex-plicated, untwist, out stretches, dis-entangle, ex-tended, figures out, un wind, unbent, un-rolling, un-doing, un furling, de scribe, un-coiling, uncoiled, un-bend, loner, re-lease, un ravels, re leases, un folds, out-stretching, un covered, un did, dis-cover, pre-sents, un curled, ex-plicate, un curling, un winds, un twist, un-curls, bearing fruit, smooth, ex tended, extend, un-coil, doped out, out-stretch, un winding, fanned out, dis cover, dis-playing, individualist, figured out, outspreading, de scribing, dope out, separate, un-ravelled, reel out, reeling out, un-creased, outspreads, reeled out, stretch out, un-ravelling, bore fruit, ex pose, shook out, un rolls, un-fold, ex posed, un raveled, un-raveling, dis-play, untwisting, un creases, out spreading, ex plicates, un ravelling, un-folding, ex plained, un done, un furled, dis-closed, out stretch, de-scribes, dis entangling, un wraps, outspread, un twists, de scribes, un-wind, figure out, un-coiled, uncurling, dis-closes, de-ciphers, out-spreading, dopes out, out-stretched, un doing, shake out, dis covered, un-crease, fans out, un-wound, un folded, achieve, dis closes, un-raveled, ex-pose, un raveling, uncurl, conquer, un-ravel, un-creases, re-solve, uncurls, re-veal, un-wraps, reels out, bears fruit, dis entangles, uncrease, smoothness, unbends, de ciphering, prevail, dis play, uncreasing, un-wrapping, dis played, untwists, out-stretches, out spread, let go, let out, un bend, ex-tends, re veals, ex-plaining, de scribed, fanning out, de ciphered, un-winding, un does, withhold, shaking out, re-veals, un-cover, re-leases, dis-covered, dis entangle, dis close, click, un twisting, ex-plained, dis covering, un-twist, pre-sent, dis-close, open up, expand, dis-covering, re-solved, un bends, de-cipher, fix, bare fruit, ex tends, ex plains, de ciphers, worst, un-winds, un rolling, mend, un-coils, fan out, un covering, ex tending, ex-plicating, loose, un-covering, un-twisted, ex-plains, stretching out, de-scribing, un-wrapped, deliver, un ravelled, un coiled, un-covers, uncreased, un-bended, un wound, un crease, dis closed, untwisted, beared fruit, re solves, un fold, overcome, dis-played, ex-tend, un-did, succeed, uncoiling, dis-entangles, dis covers, ex-tending, un curls, re solve, un wrapped, un-curled, un-rolls, get around, ex plicated, un wrap, un wrapping, overbear, un-furling, ex-plain, un bended, un bent, free, un curl, dis-entangled, de-ciphered, out stretching, un-creasing, un roll, dis closing, dis plays, uncoil, flatten, ex-posed, un-ravels, un-curl, un-bent, shakes out, un creased, subdue, loosen, doping out, un coil, ex tend, bear fruit, out-spreads, un-furled, dis playing, un-twists, un-folds, stretched out, Overmatch, uncreases, un covers.

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