Pronunciation of For
/fˈɔː/, /fˈɔː/, /f_ˈɔː/

Synonyms for for:

eastern poison oak

after all, favor, look to, look up to, single out, take to, Since, Valuing, FORS, hold with, buck for, cotton to, flash on, root for, be in favor of, leaning toward, singled out, for the sake of, singling out, take a liking to, think well of, be on one's side, cottoning to, fored, foring, lean toward, looking to, opt for, opting for, opts for, regard highly, rooting for, take a shine to, tilt toward.

eastern poison oak (adjective)

part of speech, pro, in memoriam, in favour of.

relieved (adjective)


supporting (adjective)


therefore (adverb)

and so, thence, therefrom, on account of, to that end, for this reason, in consequence, in that event, on the grounds.

in consequence of the fact that (conjunction)

as, being, now, Because, Since, Whereas, Considering, inasmuch as, as long as.

eastern poison oak (preposition)

as to, behind, close to, in relation to, re, through, up on, with regard to, with respect to, Amidst, Anent, Fronting, Since, Towards, Via, With, Contra, as for, because of, over against, by dint of, by means of, not quite, as a result, as a consequence, on the road to, by reason, by the agency of, in consequence of, in the direction of, headed for, pointing to, through the medium of, at the hand of, in virtue of, per, in the vicinity, on the side of, in re, with the help of, just before, shortly before.

in consideration of (preposition)

after, concerning, notwithstanding, pro, with regard to, During, Toward, Supposing, in spite of, with a view to, in favor of, to the amount of, in pursuance of, for the sake of, in the interest of, in the direction of, in place of, beneficial to, conducive to, in contemplation of, in exchange for, in furtherance of, in order to, in order to get, in the name of, on the part of, on the side of, to, to counterbalance, to go to, to the extent of, under the authority of, with respect.

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