Pronunciation of Forbid
/fəbˈɪd/, /fəbˈɪd/, /f_ə_b_ˈɪ_d/

Antonyms for forbid

gives carte blanche, being big, free up, lapping up, sub lease, gives a blank check, giving permission, co-operating, gives permission, assist, looking other way, warrant, free, pro viding, co-operated, waited out, re-leases, made deal, give carte blanche, abide, say yes, Franchising, throw towel, makes a deal, gives okay, release, sub leased, all-owing, freeing up, forward, be big, Franchised, give okay, giving go-ahead, gave goahead, authorize, continue, gave the go-ahead, wert big, sits take it, de-ducts, gives the green light, were game for, nods at, gave green light, passed on, sub letting, gave nod, putting up with, de ducts, re cognize, letted pass, take kindly to, puts up with, sits still for, said yes, are big, bear, putting with, look the other way, letted come, letting it come, direct, permit, welcome, made a deal, command, art game for, giving the nod, aid, sat take it, holds with, granting permission, throws in the towel, co-operate, de ducting, looks other way, says yes, lets go by, looks the other way, sub leasing, giving the goahead, enable, pro vides, sanction, carry torch, push, wait out, order, art big, makes deal, give green light, looked other way, roll over play dead, sitting and take it, pro vided, hold with, blinking at, further, is big, dis regarding, look other way, gave a blank check, rolling over, wert game for, over looks, letting pass, gave carte blanche, suffer, live with, thumbses up, re-lease, giving okay, sub-letting, consent, sits and take it, looking the other way, re-leasing, let it go by, threw the towel, give the go-ahead, all owed, gives the go-ahead, rolled over and play dead, sub-leases, dis-regards, Remitted, Subletting, re cognized, rolled over play dead, rolling over and play dead, throw in the towel, yeses, threw in the towel, re leasing, wast game for, taking kindly to, making a deal, sate and take it, throw in towel, tolerates, letted go by, humoring, carried the torch, be game for, gives go-ahead, enjoin, empower, gives leave, gave the go ahead, caves in, winking at, yield, Lotting, living with, gave leave, give the green light, sub-leasing, support, pro-vides, carry the torch, thumbsed up, over looked, rolls over and play dead, nod at, shook on, giving nod, lives with, put with, un derwent, lets come, pass on, under going, lets it come, over-looks, giving blank check, Tolerated, releasing, takes kindly to, sub scribing, holding with, says uncle, winked at, lived with, encourage, grant permission, letting it go by, lapped up, cave in, all-owed, make deal, un-derwent, rolls over play dead, include, gives the goahead, give the go ahead, letting come, rolls over, de duct, shakes on, gives blank check, let go by, co operates, Experiencing, laps up, put up with, passes on, signing off on, caved in, give leave, were big, winks at, endorse, letted it come, brook, go along with, nodding at, yesses, said uncle, help, co-operates, facilitate, signing on, sub-scribed, signed off on, held with, give goahead, grants permission, sublease, sub-lease, took kindly to, pro vide, de ducted, yessed, giving carte blanche, give the goahead, re lease, wast big, lets it go by, Pardoned, sat still for, sub scribe, frees up, throwing towel, co operate, blinked at, sub scribed, dis-regarded, sit and take it, throwing the towel, give a blank check, license, carrying the torch, gave permission, sate still for, being game for, let, rolling over play dead, wink at, de-ducted, carrying torch, under-gone, gave okay, abet, advance, let go, give up, approve, all owing, was game for, over look, go, sit still for, giving a blank check, throwing in towel, dis-regarding, carried torch, sitting still for, give the nod, charter, sit take it, pro-vide, letted it go by, gave go ahead, de-duct, gives the go ahead, give go ahead, gave go-ahead, giving green light, give permission, dis regarded, enter in to, gave blank check, am big, condone, require, sate take it, lets pass, saying yes, over-look, dis regard, signs off on, saying uncle, under-going, blink at, giving the green light, passing on, dis-regard, let it come, give nod, let pass, sub-scribes, make a deal, is game for, gives go ahead, giving the go-ahead, sub-leased, caving in, throws in towel, sub-scribing, lap up, puts with, throws towel, dis regards, bid, blinks at, carries the torch, was big, over-looking, allow, re-cognizing, accede, re leases, let come, de-ducting, under gone, re cognizes, carries torch, subleasing, thumbsing up, gives the nod, gives green light, under went, waits out, giving leave, say uncle, freed up, signs on, re cognizing, gave the green light, giving the go ahead, give blank check, roll over and play dead, co operating, gives goahead, subleases, give go-ahead, sub scribes, re-cognized, under-went, threw towel, pro-viding, throws the towel, are game for, admit, rolled over, giving goahead, re-leased, tolerate, Tolerating, granted permission, letting go by, giving go ahead, looked the other way, pro-vided, add, co operated, endure, nodded at, gave the goahead, warrants.