Pronunciation of Forge
/fˈɔːd͡ʒ/, /fˈɔːd‍ʒ/, /f_ˈɔː_dʒ/

Antonyms for forge

bringing end, Idled, pro rogue, dis patching, am no more, pro-longing, keep aloof, throw back, re moving, de-materializing, comes to end, ebb, re-lax, drop out sight, eat words, goes room, de part, dies down, flow back, lays on the table, tell truth, wait around, fell away, deny oneself, wert left, took time, fizzle out, stay up for, brought standstill, laid the table, forgot it, remains standing, OFFS, all owing, un-say, re-treated, sticks around, die out, wert lost, ceased to exist, bode one time, sweats it, breaking down, retro ceding, look forward to, dis appear, easing up, stay over, re lapsing, went one room, am tardy, cooled it, de generated, re-move, re-treating, re lapse, warmed a chair, hang fire, bring to standstill, re main, wigglewaggle, staid up for, eating one's words, are defective, de generating, re calling, re moved, sur rendered, Bunking, with-hold, hanging onto hat, sat through, sub side, left no trace, with drawn, come to end, shatter, changed one mind, Caving, sweated it, went one's room, driving back, procrastinate, recede, stopt over, with draws, being gone, extirpate, were defective, brought end, give run around, falling away, offed, sever connections, pre vail, lying in wait, bringing standstill, comes to naught, dragging ones feet, am lost, bowing to, am done for, dis-claim, wast done for, biding time, lays on table, keeping aloof, puts shelf, de-lays, goes to bed, be done for, put on ice, re-siding, reel in, flinch, Knuckled, put a stop to, de-lay, close down, dis-solve, Prolonging, de-clines, brake down, brought to end, dis solves, in activate, lie low, called day, holds the fort, bringing an end, blowing the whistle on, ends gradually, go to bed, de creases, de-part, giving in to, laying table, ceasing to exist, re lax, ex-tended, lied in wait, made camp, de voting, put end to, fore seeing, blows whistle on, Dilapidating, re pulses, brought an end, put out to pasture, de-creased, puts the shelf, nig, dis-engage, un say, comes to an end, tapers, pro-longs, sits up for, run along, ceases to exist, with holding, laying aside, giving work, art dilatory, ex-tend, re-mained, changes ones mind, be long, re-lease, putting on ice, dropping out of sight, taking away, pre venting, holding everything, in-habiting, save it, held fort, make camp, hold over, defer, stay put, de duct, post pone, call it day, running low, set aside, blow whistle on, shrink, re leases, ceased exist, dis counts, lay table, is done for, de clines, with-held, sitting up for, de-bar, run low, am defective, cease fire, wert gone, stops over, laying on table, re spite, de-bars, look for, re duce, ceased fire, comes end, be no more, hanged fire, sub tract, went sleep, turn back, wait, leaves service, stop over, bided time, draw in, in activating, seclude oneself, de materializing, are done for, be gone, hadst change heart, bide one time, comes naught, filibustered, dis-patches, hangs fire, back out of, re verse, re turns, dis-patching, drops out sight, obeys, fizzled out, started back, putting end to, holding the fort, makes camp, going to one room, wast tardy, came end, dis-appeared, brings standstill, bode ones time, with holds, goofing around, warming a chair, de generates, comes an end, drops anchor, goes to room, draws in, puts a stop to, dis-claimed, puts on ice, dis-avowed, fades out, vaporize, with held, dis avowed, retrogrades, re mained, dis counted, hanged onto hat, dis solving, went south, gave in to, call a day, kept aloof, easing off, de-ducting, am left, pre-vented, blows the whistle on, re-fuse, calls it a day, reels in, being dilatory, remit, called it a day, de creased, eases up, denied oneself, retracing steps, staying put, sub-sides, dieing out, re lapses, lay in wait, sub tracts, remaining standing, tooling, held the fort, getting away, rolling back, eased up, art swallowed up, nuke, re-turns, melting away, de-parted, pull back, in habit, stuck around, drove back, eases off, dragged ones feet, move back, are dilatory, hold phone, Amnestied, flows back, bided one time, keep on, fore-saw, de-camps, linger, ex tending, re signs, re pealing, took ones time, drained away, changed one's mind, re coil, pro tract, re sting, dis-continue, de-generates, calling day, called a day, art tardy, Bunked, bode time, stands by, bring to end, making camp, cooling it, putting the shelf, put back burner, stay behind, are gone, de tain, bivouacking, folds up, fore-see, melt away, stopped working, whiffles, lying low, re-turning, dying off, re-sting, re-sides, hast change heart, re turn, stopt working, re-calling, take time, calls it day, Respited, left service, gave way, de-creases, de creasing, loses power, changed mind, were left, changing one mind, de cline, fade out, de-ducts, cease to exist, Roosted, de-creasing, bided one's time, giving run around, de camp, dis appears, pulls back, looking forward to, kept on, lies wait, in-activated, staying up for, re tracts, staying over, retract, calling a day, dis-appear, fore sees, is long, stays up for, breaks down, dis claim, dis-solving, re calls, going to room, setting aside, closed down, prorogues, bow to, rolls back, suspend, sat out, change ones mind, went bad, dis claiming, retro cedes, give the run around, re fused, Whiffling, stayed over, exterminate, flowed back, re-coiling, takes ones time, sweat it, dropt out of sight, dragged one's feet, sate out, lost time, pre vent, re ceding, come end, sate for, put on back burner, de camping, black out, taking one's time, re treats, gave up work, dis continuing, going to bed, are tardy, pro-rogued, pro-long, dis continues, outed, dis patched, de vote, pro rogues, sweating it, holds at bay, bring an end, put a cork in, goes away, in-activates, goes downhill, drops out of sight, moves back, caved in, re-peals, re fusing, putting on the shelf, re cedes, start back, in habits, re-coiled, re versing, blow the whistle on, drag one's feet, lays over, went to room, die, was gone, being no more, out last, pro longs, dis-solves, dis-patched, lies low, intermits, drags ones feet, goes to ones room, keeps aloof, reverse path, disappear, de-barred, regress, Re sign, melted away, call day, knuckleundering, pro-tracts, bide time, give in to, pre vailed, lied wait, kept shirt on, haddest change heart, bide one's time, go to ones room, drop out of sight, being long, re ceded, pulverize, eats ones words, died off, stopping working, re-lapsing, put out pasture, retrace one's steps, drag feet, re-moving, de-materialize, gives back, forgets it, retro grading, giving ground, warm a chair, holding over, Retrograded, call it a day, dis engage, am long, go along with, go one's room, wiggle-waggle, caves in, holds everything, dropped out of sight, taking ones time, drave back, dying out, playing waiting game, pre vailing, going one room, pro-roguing, staying in, Intermitted, knuckleunder, fills time, de-generated, putting hold, ex tended, sate through, re tired, calls a day, retraced steps, goes sleep, re signing, fizzles out, re-ceded, dis-engaged, retro-grading, brings to an end, bring end, played waiting game, closes down, dieing off, held on, sub sided, intermit, retro grade, turning back, dis-perse, dis patches, dis avow, goes to sleep, take one time, are left, unsays, gets away, sit up for, waiting around, out-lasts, kept apart, Knuckling, stayed in, drew in, re-side, went to bed, bides one time, out-lasting, goes south, de-camping, reverses path, nesting, bides ones time, going sleep, dis-continues, dragging one feet, tarry, sat up for, fading out, being tardy, laid aside, shillyshally, re-turned, staid behind, losing time, give to, going south, stay in, de-cays, retro graded, hath change heart, dematerializing, knuckleunders, fore-seen, keeps on, was long, bringing to an end, retro-grade, gives to, wert dilatory, rusticates, de barred, dying down, closing down, retracing ones steps, de-materialized, liquidate, puts stop to, holding fort, wast swallowed up, out live, dis appearing, holding bay, de-generating, going to sleep, dis claimed, make payment, retro grades, dragging feet, abide, de crease, went bed, starting back, re-cede, re tire, takes one's time, stopping over, folded up, re-call, lie wait, playing a waiting game, are swallowed up, let slide, inactivated, dis engages, take flight, dis-avow, going downhill, retreat, wiggle-waggles, pre-vailed, puts cork in, break down, wigglewaggled, out lives, go bad, laid down, out-living, re coils, dis-owned, de cay, art lost, de bars, re tract, go room, lay aside, re-pealed, put on the shelf, retro cede, went to sleep, pro-rogues, taking flight, wigglewaggles, calling it day, giving back, ate words, fore saw, go south, stops working, retraces ones steps, dis-counts, hits sack, dies out, de-parting, hold the phone, sitting around, extinguish, bided ones time, de materializes, re-spites, dematerializes, in habited, Amnestying, being done for, goofs around, pro-rogue, go ones room, de bar, lost power, sur-rendering, knuckleundered, gave back, hanged onto your hat, de votes, re-signs, were no more, had change of heart, inactivates, post-pones, giving to, hung onto your hat, drag one feet, gave rain check, in activated, make vacant, eased off, re-duces, wert defective, all-owed, jury-rig, hold everything, holds fort, re move, lay over, re-fused, letting slide, goes to one room, runs along, out lasts, sub-tract, re-duce, dragged one feet, puts ice, with hold, putting out pasture, hold at bay, re-signed, sitting out, keeping apart, hangs onto hat, go to one room, sur-renders, ease off, gave ground, retro-graded, come naught, re-tiring, dithered, offing, hold fort, keeping on, starts back, holding on, de ducted, wast gone, calling it a day, post-pone, laying down, give, is defective, puts an end to, passed time, de-voting, re-canting, sate up for, taking time, is no more, with drawing, prorogue, bide ones time, gives ground, leaved service, dis-counted, were dilatory, sub sides, retrace one steps, de materialize, putting a cork in, eat one words, be lost, die down, de-tain, dies off, eating words, went to one room, stay, demolish, de-crease, re treating, sitting for, hanging fire, playing for time, erase, broke down, shilly shally, calls day, re-tracts, wiggle waggle, putting ice, take ones time, hold on, hanged up, knuckles, came to end, turns back, was defective, being defective, sets aside, fold up, gat away, went to ones room, retrace steps, held over, sits for, re coiled, dieing down, dropt anchor, bringing to end, Lasted, double back, puts on back burner, sub-tracts, gotten away, re-tract, stood still, takes flight, hangs onto your hat, warmed chair, made payment, gives rain check, Rusticating, get away, fall away, holding phone, cease exist, be swallowed up, holds phone, dematerialize, looks for, in-habit, eat one's words, dis continue, staid over, re treated, Remitted, having change heart, take away, pre-vent, dis perse, abolish, go bed, dis-counting, holds bay, re peal, de-cline, filling time, holding at bay, sitting through, drags one feet, Proroguing, dis-owning, stay for, wiggle waggles, makes payment, pro tracts, puts end to, de tains, re-leases, come to an end, come to naught, held at bay, hold bay, de ducting, staid for, coming an end, out lived, blowing whistle on, de barring, dragged feet, re-cedes, re canting, goofed around, fore-sees, saving it, remain, re signed, Pensioned, Downs, rolled back, nigged, re sides, putting a stop to, stayed up for, be tardy, retraces steps, flowing back, laid over, puts hold, Rusticated, being swallowed up, waited around, were swallowed up, de-voted, re-coil, drop anchor, change mind, faded out, play a waiting game, retraced one steps, superannuate, de lays, goes one room, de-duct, ate ones words, am dilatory, de cays, passing time, dis-continuing, ate one's words, drives back, keep apart, Whiffle, going bad, moving back, take one's time, going ones room, pro long, hang onto your hat, sat for, ceases fire, hung onto hat, unsay, ceasing exist, giving up work, pre-venting, folding up, de generate, in-habits, sur-render, ex-pire, putting back burner, gave to, be left, ending gradually, was done for, ex tend, fill time, went downhill, remained standing, gave work, stick around, put an end to, lay wait, gave into, dis-claiming, re-pulsing, re-versed, hitting sack, was left, pull down, Caved, laid on the table, having change of heart, rusticate, re pulsed, art left, de-votes, bring standstill, holds over, putting on back burner, with-holds, re coiling, lays table, pro longing, re turning, out-lasted, retro-cedes, re side, putting shelf, de-generate, de-ducted, dis-solved, de-materializes, cancel, being left, re-coils, dragging one's feet, put ice, re sided, lies in wait, getting no place fast, laying over, put cork in, bides one's time, downing, re lapsed, staying for, losing power, forgetting it, bode one's time, nested, put hold, dis-patch, laid on table, going bed, hadst change of heart, cave in, pre-vail, bringing to standstill, coming end, stays over, pinkslip, going to ones room, de camped, coming to naught, sticking around, re tires, re-treat, staying behind, come an end, give ground, with-drawn, keeping shirt on, hit sack, sur-rendered, wast defective, eating ones words, neglect, Roosting, Evanish, dis-engaging, takes time, dis avowing, is dilatory, art no more, stays behind, re-spited, giving into, warming chair, retracing one's steps, throw up, lay low, am swallowed up, de-cay, ease up, lie in wait, de voted, sit around, severing connections, held the phone, Bivouacked, break, roll back, retracing one steps, drain away, lay on the table, dis counting, Pensioning, dis engaging, taking one time, forgat it, gives into, going away, drawing in, expunge, de-parts, has change of heart, looking for, stayed behind, re pealed, goes bad, de-tains, re-pulses, sit through, re-main, give way, got away, change one's mind, fizzling out, re-leased, stop working, looked forward to, raze, changing ones mind, hold the fort, sits out, falls away, de-camp, re-lapses, cools it, puts back burner, stays for, cool it, dithering, secluding oneself, reeling in, came to an end, de-laying, re fuse, sits through, with-drawing, lay the table, re spites, wast no more, re duces, art long, re-mains, get no place fast, de materialized, held everything, knuckle, art gone, holding the phone, re-treats, wert swallowed up, wiggle waggling, ward off, de ducts, throwing back, dis engaged, held phone, lays down, de-camped, retreating, stop, waits around, retraced ones steps, put the shelf, went ones room, dilapidates, gives up work, bows to, Intermitting, changing one's mind, loses time, sur rendering, absents oneself, changed ones mind, inactivate, staid put, pro-longed, destroy, coming naught, came an end, back up, held bay, biding one time, sat around, all owed, ran low, pro roguing, sit for, dis-avowing, leave no trace, halt, leaved no trace, de camps, in-activate, draining away, re-tire, give rain check, re-calls, in activates, evanished, dismantle, retro-ceding, ruin, dis patch, wrack, stayed for, fade away, denying oneself, is left, be defective, reeled in, is gone, hang out, ex-tends, downed, holds the phone, changing mind, dropping out sight, eradicate, bivouacs, ex tends, passes time, obliterate, re pulsing, brought to standstill, keep shirt on, retraces one's steps, be original, lay down, Shelving, re spiting, pulled back, backs out of, dis continued, re lease, un-saying, stays put, re-ceding, standing still, de parted, leaving service, changes one's mind, dis avows, evanishes, backing out of, giving the run around, de-barring, coming to an end, puts a cork in, sate around, wiggle-waggling, reversed path, stands still, holds on, Prorogued, bring to an end, filled time, dis-appearing, de parts, pass time, ceasing fire, pro-tract, out lasted, drag ones feet, dis solve, sticked around, staid in, looks forward to, giving rain check, drains away, goes bed, drags one's feet, art defective, are long, draw back, wast left, came naught, out-last, give up work, is lost, wert done for, re fuses, secluded oneself, retro-grades, re-moves, eats words, remain standing, re-pulsed, lying wait, was dilatory, Whiffled, decimate, dis appeared, made vacant, brings to end, puts out to pasture, was lost, wiggle-waggled, dis-engages, brings end, put on hold, pre-vents, obey, go downhill, saved it, sit out, died out, out living, back, stayed put, dropped out sight, bides time, looked for, de lay, wearing away, pre vents, dis solved, tooled, gave run around, retrace ones steps, giving way, am gone, re cede, changes mind, drags feet, re tiring, give work, ex-tending, died down, wert long, in habiting, sur renders, Paused, absenting oneself, biding one's time, stopped over, put shelf, goes to one's room, stand by, re maining, play waiting game, OUTS, re-verse, severed connections, takes away, dis-appears, were done for, lied low, turned back, with-drew, devastate, with-draw, stays in, stood by, pre-vails, brings an end, de parting, hanging up, hang up, re-sided, putting on hold, ceases exist, melts away, laying on the table, re peals, denies oneself, putting stop to, saves it, dropping anchor, dis claims, biding ones time, came to naught, hits the sack, re siding, ex pire, gets no place fast, gives run around, dropped anchor, were gone, fore seen, standing by, puts on hold, keeps shirt on, making vacant, re spited, ran along, nigging, changes one mind, lays the table, threw back, out-lives, Respiting, putting cork in, de laying, stand still, goes ones room, wast dilatory, reversing path, warms a chair, dis-claims, caving in, brings to standstill, protract, pulling back, hanging onto your hat, de-vote, bowed to, dis-avows, annihilate, change one mind, blew the whistle on, wreck, be dilatory, were lost, die off, blew whistle on, re-canted, plays a waiting game, retraces one steps, have change heart, eating one words, Unbuild, backed out of, Re-turn, got no place fast, dis owning, letted slide, dropt out sight, putting out to pasture, pre vails, going room, end gradually, all-owing, secludes oneself, took one time, re-called, puts on the shelf, bivouac, called it day, hang onto hat, cobble, sits around, gives work, being lost, brought to an end, hung fire, dilapidate, gat no place fast, gives in to, making payment, re mains, drive back, fall back, hast change of heart, dis owned, re-lapsed, loiter, eats one's words, re-spiting, warm chair, coming to end, re-lapse, post pones, dematerialized, with drew, ate one words, with draw, out lasting, have change of heart, took away, re treat, dis-continued, retraced one's steps, give back, went to one's room, Retrograding.