Pronunciation of Forgive
/f_ə_ɡ_ˈɪ_v/, /fəɡˈɪv/, /fəɡˈɪv/

Antonyms for forgive:

gave talking-to, call carpet, skins alive, doth number on, re venges, giving one hell, re-venged, castigate, read the riot act, tonguelashes, being reluctant, Skelp, does number on, Whaling, gave piece of one's mind, climbs all over, are reluctant, de-fended, compel, squaring accounts, has the carpet, condemn, obligate, climbs over, give take, exprobates, makes amends, ex probates, ticks off, dis-approving, lean on, gave piece ones mind, wreaking vengeance, spite, re-buffing, art stingy, got after, giving piece of one mind, skinning alive, cutting bits, re sents, returning compliment, hast the carpet, lights in to, is stingy, re-tort, be-grudging, fixes wagon, execrate, tongue lashing, doeth a number on, exacted retribution, re tributes, objurgate, finds fault with, evening score, re-torts, co-wed, hate, pay back in spades, call on carpet, re-warded, settling the score, called down, found fault with, drag over the coals, is out for blood, denunciates, cramp style, in-criminates, paying back spades, fixing one wagon, fustigates, ferruled, laying down law, giving talking to, gives piece of mind, dis-comfits, hanging up, striking back, exacting retribution, took revenge, give comeuppance, animadverting on, returned the compliment, returning the compliment, fix one's wagon, take an eye for eye, avenge, up braided, be-rating, be-grudges, paying off, took eye for an eye, do number on, return the compliment, re buffing, dragged over the coals, jumped over, cutting to bits, charge, fulminated against, take an eye for an eye, haddest on carpet, re buffed, torn apart, re-sents, retro spect, pull apart, turned upon, fixt ones wagon, skinned alive, de-fends, blistered, lowered boom, throw the book at, strook back, ex probated, making good, even score, turning tables on, being stingy, exact retribution, in criminating, grudge, monished, throw book at, gives a talking to, cuts to bits, Re-turn, keep, impeach, hits with, fustigated, re pay, hath on carpet, lowering boom, didst a number on, re strains, tick off, be-sets, call down, gives dickens, hadst the carpet, re probate, settled with, reprimand, Caned, re-proved, de fending, de fend, fixed one's wagon, drags over the coals, re-buffs, give piece ones mind, paying back, re-deeming, be setting, calls on the carpet, note, co wed, turns upon, gives piece of one's mind, read riot act, exacts retribution, giving take, venging, lay in to, return compliment, lowered the boom, comes back at, lighting in to, convict, paybacked, climb over, pays back, settle up, takes satisfaction, co-wing, re-turns, throws the book at, monishing, tears apart, Feruling, re proves, picking apart, re-quite, sub-due, drags over coals, jumping over, takes vengeance, sentence, settle with, make amends, tongue-lashed, lit in to, fix wagon, monish, cuts bits, returns compliment, re-paid, leant on, dis approving, stick it to, be-set, wreak vengeance, de fended, tongue-lash, laying down the law, squared accounts, give piece of ones mind, settled score, picks apart, reward, giving talking-to, re venging, dis comfit, carp at, jumping all over, calling down, discipline, settling with, jumped down throat, turned up on, gave and take, laid down the law, re-straining, found fault, light in to, re-turned, give piece one's mind, give dickens, threw the book at, retributing, retro-spect, hold, payed back spades, come back at, re-dress, fixed one wagon, ticked off, lighted in to, animadverted on, pay back, revenge, ex-probates, pulls apart, hath the carpet, takes an eye for an eye, exprobated, inflicts handicap, tongue lashes, re-probates, doing number on, giving piece mind, hath on the carpet, finding fault with, ex-probate, gave dickens, re turning, give and take, re-presses, re-warding, paybacking, lit into, getting after, giving bad press, inculpate, calls on carpet, made amends, am out for blood, re warding, gives comeuppance, re straining, take task, horsewhipping, was out for blood, nit picks, giving a talking-to, accuse, animadvert on, sticking it to, settles up, re proved, restitutioned, criticize, giving dickens, put at disadvantage, re strain, re fuses, re dresses, calls down, give a talking to, imposed penalty, hit back, is reluctant, lower the boom, heed, giving hell, am stingy, give talking-to, be-grudged, nit picked, re-venging, gave piece of ones mind, payed back, up-braided, re-probated, lower boom, gave piece one mind, re-strain, had the carpet, jumping down one throat, has on the carpet, give piece of one's mind, hast carpet, giving a talkingto, ferules, gave piece of mind, be-setting, taking vengeance, gave the dickens, had carpet, chasten, despise, giving piece of mind, dis-approve, does a number on, animadvert, wast reluctant, payed off, in-criminating, dragging over the coals, puts at disadvantage, giving piece one mind, re deeming, call on the carpet, hang up, re dressing, wreaked vengeance, giving just desserts, get after, taking eye for eye, carped at, look askance, taking eye for an eye, up braid, re fusing, give one hell, retrospected, evened the score, retaliate, gives a talkingto, squares accounts, were out for blood, taking satisfaction, pays back in spades, inflicting handicap, dragged over coals, turn up on, redress, give piece mind, jumping on, jump down throat, be sets, throwing the book at, looked askance, pay back spades, gives piece one mind, abhor, calls the carpet, pulling apart, ticking off, sticks to, re-buffed, jumping down ones throat, re-fuse, bind, calling the carpet, giving talkingto, re-pay, be set, maintain, tongue lashed, exprobating, in criminate, fluffed, take to task, jump on, sub due, abominate, horsewhipped, punish, hast on the carpet, upset the apple cart, fixt one wagon, jumps over, give talking to, be rate, make reprisal, be rated, dost a number on, hitting with, cramps style, lays down law, gives one hell, evened score, dislike, paid back in spades, rake over coals, were reluctant, be grudges, penalize, doest number on, hadst carpet, re-deem, nit-picking, Reprobating, settle the score, re deem, upsetting apple cart, be grudging, pays back spades, retro-spects, lights into, takes eye for an eye, slap with, has on carpet, Lessoning, dis-approved, gave just desserts, laid down law, fixes ones wagon, slaps with, fix one wagon, paid back, did number on, pays off, hast on carpet, did a number on, re pressed, are out for blood, doth a number on, wert reluctant, doeth number on, coming back at, paid off, sub-dues, hit with, oblige, re sent, gives bad press, retributes, Denunciate, re paying, re-dressed, called on carpet, gives and take, censure, took an eye for eye, take vengeance, giving the dickens, slapping down, stuck it to, turning the tables on, dragging over coals, was reluctant, cut bits, gives just desserts, took task, gave a talking-to, re turn, fixes one wagon, re tort, gave one hell, jumps down one throat, gives the dickens, climbed over, re-venges, Animadverting, turned the tables on, re-proves, re-dresses, carping at, puts disadvantage, mark, got revenge, jump over, threw book at, jumping down throat, gotten after, get revenge, drag over coals, settles with, climbed all over, ex probating, be-rated, haddest carpet, mind, re press, gave a talking to, gives piece of ones mind, settled up, gives piece ones mind, be grudged, inflicted handicap, re presses, impose penalty, monishes, upsetting the apple cart, turns tables on, lowers boom, throwing book at, re-turning, took an eye for an eye, picked apart, gave talkingto, dis approves, wert stingy, re-pressing, taking revenge, give piece of one mind, settles the score, hitting back, animadverts, made reprisal, skelped, carps at, gave talking to, lay down law, tonguelash, taking an eye for eye, square accounts, up-braid, gives take, climbing all over, turn the tables on, wert out for blood, repay, re dress, Venge, re-paying, de fends, re-dressing, requite, be-rates, looks askance, retro spects, re fused, re venged, Animadverted, slapped down, re-proving, be grudge, called on the carpet, having on carpet, lowers the boom, re-deems, disciplined, calling on the carpet, gives piece one's mind, making amends, reading out, gave piece of one mind, Reamed, de-fending, fixt wagon, have on the carpet, re buffs, paid back spades, dis approve, struck back, denunciated, are stingy, tongue lash, hath carpet, re strained, re pays, reading the riot act, taking to task, wast out for blood, re buff, took eye for eye, Feruled, Retribute, calling on carpet, re-pays, gives piece mind, chastise, co wing, re pressing, am reluctant, re-tribute, being out for blood, slap down, sticking to, upset apple cart, fulminating against, reading riot act, re torts, was stingy, settling up, give talkingto, slapped with, calls carpet, re-probate, having the carpet, turns up on, giving a talking to, retributed, jumps on, up-braiding, doest a number on, leaned on, putting at disadvantage, nags at, give hell, paying back in spades, take satisfaction, wreaks vengeance, cramped style, take revenge, re probating, turning upon, Fustigate, give a talking-to, strikes back, gotten revenge, takes revenge, de-fend, gat after, returned compliment, upsets the apple cart, make good, fluffing, makes good, lay down the law, tongue-lashes, finds fault, fixing ones wagon, cut to bits, nit-picks, be stingy, tore apart, giving piece of ones mind, payed back in spades, fixt one's wagon, give the dickens, take eye for eye, haddest on the carpet, re turns, take eye for an eye, put disadvantage, leans on, gets after, be reluctant, lowering the boom, haddest the carpet, takes eye for eye, called carpet, jumps all over, gives talking-to, skin alive, had on carpet, imposing penalty, takes task, lighted into, taking task, tonguelashing, leaning on, re fuse, takes to task, re-strained, be rating, stuck to, give piece one mind, dis-comfit, imposes penalty, turned tables on, called the carpet, dost number on, sticks it to, resent, fixing wagon, re-strains, fixed wagon, climb all over, putting disadvantage, didst number on, have on carpet, making reprisal, jump down one's throat, in-criminated, jumped down ones throat, takes an eye for eye, ex probate, tare apart, loathe, dis-approves, gets revenge, ferule, re deemed, hadst on the carpet, arraign, hadst on carpet, gave comeuppance, reads out, nit pick, re-venge, caning, hanged up, up braids, fixed ones wagon, jumps down throat, up-braids, settled the score, be rates, strike back, be-rate, re paid, call the carpet, slapping with, sub dues, settling score, nit-picked, turn tables on, in-criminate, giving and take, climbing over, nit-pick, pulled apart, giving comeuppance, scourge, slaps down, be out for blood, Disciplining, took to task, re-fused, doing a number on, re venge, gave piece mind, in criminates, turning up on, re quite, fix ones wagon, exprobate, read out, jumps down one's throat, be-grudge, returns the compliment, throws book at, evens the score, Lessoned, nagged at, wrought vengeance, Trashed, nit picking, skelping, hits back, skelps, sticked to, correct, inflict handicap, gave piece one's mind, art reluctant, tonguelashed, turn upon, lighting into, ex-probating, turns the tables on, giving piece ones mind, venged, upsets apple cart, jumped down one's throat, give bad press, fixes one's wagon, came back at, stick to, jump down one throat, venges, give piece of mind, animadverts on, denunciating, re warded, taking an eye for an eye, gave take, re-prove, find fault with, sticked it to, dis comfits, fixing one's wagon, dis approved, giving piece one's mind, reads riot act, retrospecting, giving piece of one's mind, re-sent, detest, re tribute, jumps down ones throat, Reprobated, blame, re prove, were stingy, ex-probated, gives piece of one mind, object, increase, art out for blood, calling carpet, makes reprisal, give just desserts, cramping style.

Usage examples for forgive:

  • And you, Kathryn, can forgive!" - "A Fool There Was", Porter Emerson Browne.
  • You can really forgive me, Madaline? - "Wife in Name Only", Charlotte M. Braeme (Bertha M. Clay).

Idioms for forgive:

Quotes for forgive:

Rhymes for forgive:

  • live, give, sieve, viv, liv, ziv;
  • relive, outlive, misgive;

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