Pronunciation of Frank
/fɹˈaŋk/, /fɹˈaŋk/, /f_ɹ_ˈa_ŋ_k/

Antonyms for frank

more deep-set, most needlelike, masked, underhanded, de-signing, under-hand, un-filled, quiet, re sourceful, genial, in style, more backbiting, most troughlike, prevaricatory, un-trustier, in tense, most fibbing, casuistical, refined, more knife edged, more imposturous, timid, most dirty dealing, more put on, vinegary, unconscientious, most acuate, more whetted, most strong smelling, politic, smoothspoken, un scrupulous, de-touring, obliquitous, sub-rosa, knifeedged, un-conscionable, Unblunted, smooth tongued, most cupped, most smoothspoken, more drilling, un-trusty, in-dented, un filled, cup-shaped, cooked-up, Uncandid, in sincere, dis loyal, more strong smelling, mendacious, more double crossing, more sounding, un-steadiest, more dirty-dealing, more keen-edged, faking one out, uncommon, un-worthiest, prevaricative, un stabler, more echoing, more shuffling, smart as tack, most rumbling, more double-edged, un-availing, more twotiming, more honed, un justest, unfranker, un candid, more rascal, un trustiest, more stop-at-nothing, counter factual, most double-crossing, in-sincere, pre-tended, faking out, knife edged, incurved, not straightforward, unassured, most edged, keen edged, more doublecrossing, un sure, unclear, streetwise, re-sounding, most beguiling, more suffocating, clangorous, selfrighteous, more fair-weather, un-trustiest, more incurved, most acuminous, dissembling, most tapered, fraudulent, makebelieve, un safe, most imposturous, playing games, more knifeedged, un worthiest, most moralistic, un trustworthy, more double edged, un-truer, in secure, Trustless, dis-simulating, shorthanded, most cup-shaped, de-grading, dirtydealing, in-tenser, madeup, un-stabler, more moralistic, most fabricated, most put-on, most uncandid, most stop at nothing, most razor-sharp, un-reliable, de finite, crazy like fox, contrary to fact, dis guised, un-candid, most bluffing, in-sincerest, under-the-table, fair-weather, shady, un reliable, twofaced, deep-set, in-securer, un-convincing, more inventing, seeming, more dissembled, more prevaricative, un fair, double-dealing, more digressing, fly by night, more toneless, Crocker, fairweather, more sharp edged, in venting, more two timing, most vinegary, more cheating, spikier, deep set, un worthy, ground fine, more mythomaniac, un-ethical, most feigning, most misrepresentative, mis representing, quick uptake, more misstating, in dented, first class, most equivocating, in-valid, smoothtongued, having smarts, more misrepresenting, urbane, meek, under hand, more tipped, considerate, more conniving, most pronged, under cover, in-direct, most twotiming, most dodging, false, most falsifying, more caviling, most feline, self seeking, un franker, more under-the-table, more detouring, more keen edged, most infundibular, most razor sharp, more needle-pointed, more mercentary, needlepointed, troughlike, crazy like a fox, more concocted, more equivocating, flyest, more edged, more sophistical, most shooting, more dissembling, un-fairer, so called, in-venting, smooth-spoken, most fair-weather, more falsifying, more astucious, un-justest, deceptive, most dirtydealing, quick the uptake, tactful, un-truest, de-finite, un-founded, more feigning, most unblunted, most smooth spoken, more unhonest, more fair weather, mis-leading, most obliquitous, fibbing, in direct, dis ingenuous, most caviling, keenedged, most astucious, under handed, un-honest, dis-graceful, un suspected, spiky, more cookedup, different, most incurved, most two timing, quick on the uptake, more deluding, mis-stating, more cooked up, left handed, more witted, abnormal, reverberant, de signing, mercentary, courteous, most witted, most double edged, tight-lipped, doubledealing, un steadier, un gracious, most sub rosa, double edged, socalled, dis honest, un steady, most dissembled, most cupshaped, most exploitative, strong smelling, in-cog, most suffocating, most shuffling, un dependable, more unblunted, most keenedged, in-securest, crockest, more rascally, clearcut, on qt, more strong-smelling, more knife-edged, most confounding, more rumbling, most vibrating, more doubleedged, quick trigger, un availing, two faced, un-sound, more casuistical, most honed, most imitation, lying, most sounding, most digressory, most unassured, needle pointed, most paltering, dis-honest, brierier, most put on, most fair weather, in securer, most subrosa, most knife edged, digressory, most dimpled, pre carious, more deepset, Cupped, Imposturous, more paralyzing, more dirtydealing, most illusory, in sincerest, more sharp-edged, more dirty dealing, more obliquitous, most needlepointed, more cup-shaped, deepset, more impostrous, briery, lefthanded, misleading, most forsworn, more sharpened, deceitful, more vinegary, most hoodwinking, in-constant, quick on the trigger, evasive, un blunted, un-scrupulous, bummest, most impostrous, more prevaricatory, doubleedged, brieriest, more smooth spoken, in-curved, most horned, more cooked-up, most digressing, most twisting, un frankest, un-blunted, in accurate, most lowdown, on quiet, most apical, hushhush, un juster, most double crossing, most streetwise, un trustier, ambiguous, amoral, more excavated, more razorsharp, under-handed, be wildering, most prevaricatory, moralistic, more cup shaped, Witted, more infundibular, de touring, sophistical, Misrepresentative, more needle pointed, more bluffing, more prevaricating, more trustless, most cooked-up, more dissimulating, un-soundest, un-just, more keenedged, crooked, rascally, more vibrating, most puton, unprincipled, most striated, cupshaped, most prevaricating, most rascal, dis criminating, more hoodwinking, restrained, most casuistic, underhand, un sound, diplomatic, dis-reputable, more under the table, more suborned, more put-on, hypocritical, dis-ingenuous, most strong-smelling, dishonest, most toneless, more paltering, dis-loyal, quick on uptake, off mark, taciturn, Impostrous, polite, lowdown, un-dependable, tricky, un honest, more confounding, un-fairest, un-conscientious, shy, dirty-dealing, sharp edged, most cheating, un-trustworthy, puton, most keen edged, toneless, devious, acuate, un ethical, most distracting, finkest, more distracting, more tined, most deceiving, falsehearted, un-truthful, more deep set, demagogic, most tipped, more smooth-spoken, most suborned, dis honorable, smooth spoken, pronged, more misrepresentative, dis-solute, most pitted, more pitted, jivey, un-safe, Infundibular, most misstating, low down, casuistic, more fairweather, most deluding, dis simulating, more forsworn, most needle-pointed, un truest, mis representative, in sincerer, insincere, Double dealing, in-tensest, un sounder, off the mark, more two-timing, detouring, more subrosa, most sub-rosa, cup shaped, most sharp-edged, dirty dealing, slippery, playing politics, more contriving, most bamboozling, most detouring, equivocal, un-worthier, in cog, more acuminous, alveolate, touch and go, de grading, re sounding, most trustless, most excavated, more troughlike, more scoundrelly, more fibbing, un faithful, mis-representative, in-tense, unfrank, un-steadier, most two-timing, in valid, most dissembling, mis leading, dis-honorable, in correct, un-stable, most cooked up, Astucious, most sharpened, most sharp edged, un frank, most prevaricative, un-safer, firstclass, most demagogic, un safest, Acuminous, most double-edged, most tined, dimpled, un-sure, jiviest, more uncandid, un-stablest, exploitative, un predictable, more tapered, de-pressed, more sub-rosa, subrosa, Incog, most cookedup, un conscientious, most drilling, un stablest, de graded, more dimpled, most doubleedged, most apostate, more twisting, ex-cursive, in curved, nobodys fool, secretive, most unconscientious, more reverberant, more needlelike, mis-representing, in-sincerer, polished, penetrative, strong-smelling, unreliable, un-sounder, un founded, hush hush, carved out, un-faithful, more penetrative, more clangorous, un-juster, double-edged, more low-down, dis solute, counter-factual, most doublecrossing, low-down, quick the trigger, needlelike, laconic, dis-criminating, most whetted, mythomaniac, most echoing, more plotting, un truer, more exploitative, inhibited, un-principled, un-safest, nobody fool, close-mouthed, re-mote, un-frank, most dissimulating, contrary fact, most inventing, in tenser, snide, more shrouded, unfrankest, dis graceful, shifty, mis taken, be-wildering, de-graded, most under the table, most unhonest, knife-edged, more lowdown, untrustiest, cookedup, un fairer, more apical, selfseeking, duplicitous, most sharpedged, under-cover, un-gracious, re probate, more razor-sharp, reserved, un safer, de pressed, more unconscientious, deep, most swindling, more deceiving, dis-guised, un-real, un-franker, most backbiting, sharp, horned, wily, unobvious, in securest, committing perjury, smart as a tack, more sub rosa, most knifeedged, hypo critical, more alveolate, un just, un-natural, un-predictable, un assured, covert, Needle-pointed, more feline, more cupped, un-lawful, most reverberant, most deepset, more demagogic, razor-sharp, most deep-set, un stable, bland, more puton, more striated, most splintery, most dirty-dealing, more imitation, most incog, indirect, more digressory, un steadiest, most keen-edged, spikiest, more amoral, disingenuous, un-ceremonious, un-professional, more swindling, most under-the-table, more razor sharp, most shrouded, re-probate, hollow, un-assured, unscrupulous, more splintery, dis reputable, Unhonest, un-frankest, un fairest, un lawful, sneaky, un convincing, most contriving, slick, hypo-critical, un conscionable, civil, on the quiet, in-secure, more double-crossing, most muted, apical, most conniving, quick on trigger, scoundrelly, more muted, most amoral, un-fair, most concocted, more dodging, most misrepresenting, more streetwise, Shrouded, wry, re moved, untrusty, most deep set, keen-edged, vague, jive, un principled, more low down, pre-carious, more bewildering, tined, more horned, untrustworthy, clear cut, ex cursive, most casuistical, fakest, un worthier, more incog, most plotting.