Pronunciation of Freeze
/f_ɹ_ˈiː_z/, /fɹˈiːz/, /fɹˈiːz/

Antonyms for freeze

pre-pare, be the warpath, dis solves, un-rest, re-heating, blistered, is on the warpath, being violent, art the warpath, dis integrates, dis solved, am on the warpath, Fluxing, become soft, are indignant, bubble, sets a match to, french fry, opening up, stirring up, swelter, in cite, enflaming, un-rests, fricassees, re heating, being angry, in flame, bake, rotisseried, grew hot, frizzles, reheating, am angry, micro wave, raises the temperature, fizzing, get ready, are furious, swishing, were agitated, Smelted, were on warpath, re-adies, wast livid, vary, being on warpath, art incensed, be incensed, are tense, was on warpath, micro-wave, art uptight, Mummies, were tense, sets match to, un-bending, scald, art warpath, decoct, re kindled, being mad, un bended, wert warpath, wert furious, defrost, frizzled, de-frost, de frost, charcoaled, unbends, re kindles, wert on warpath, sets fire, wast furious, Welling, grew warm, was violent, calcined, budge, wert agitated, dis-solve, wert uptight, liquefy, are on the warpath, be furious, foam the mouth, make thirsty, dis appearing, raising temperature, dry up, am livid, ex cites, dis perse, re duce, un bent, Oxidated, calorifies, reheats, seeing red, warming over, fossilizes, wert ablaze, over flowing, deep fried, Escalloped, became soft, Frothed, be livid, be on the warpath, Welled, warm over, warm up, co oked, torched, Staling, gotten ready, puts the fire, opened up, co oking, the shakes, un-bend, Fluxed, being warpath, frizzle, dried up, burned up, wert violent, running a temperature, stirs up, put on fire, art tense, be indignant, Sunned, art violent, enflames, burning up, being indignant, art mad, re kindle, put the fire, is on warpath, am on warpath, micro-waves, being tense, wast the warpath, calcine, calorifying, am the warpath, disturb, un-bent, reduce to ashes, Fussing, be mad, set match to, continue, shrivel, de-hydrating, heat, burn up, are uptight, sizzle, griddling, reduces ashes, deep fry, be tense, art ablaze, art indignant, de-frosts, un bending, go, am mad, setting a match to, de hydrated, enflame, are violent, foam mouth, de frosted, raised temperature, recast, wert indignant, escallop, escalloping, escallops, browns, be violent, makes thirsty, enflamed, was the warpath, un bend, fricasseed, Mummied, being agitated, dis-appeared, be uptight, grow hot, were warpath, be ablaze, be angry, setting fire, warms over, charcoals, diffuses, co-oked, de-hydrate, drying out, cook, Devilled, dis solving, micro waving, being uptight, deep fries, sees red, displace, Eddied, sautes, de-hydrates, stirred up, re-lax, perspire, are on warpath, dis-integrated, pre paring, pre-paring, wast tense, am uptight, grows warm, over flowed, is livid, pre pared, being incensed, opens up, was uptight, de frosting, am agitated, dis-integrates, unbended, ferment, de hydrating, charcoal, are ablaze, dis-perse, micro-waving, Fricasseeing, pressure cooked, wert the warpath, warm, warmed up, set on fire, Deviling, over-flown, got ready, refashion, being livid, be on warpath, puts on fire, became liquid, ex cited, warmed over, putting on the fire, see red, dried out, dis appears, wast violent, hearten, broil, being on the warpath, dis-solved, Tepefy, Calcining, uplift, Oxidating, being furious, is agitated, making thirsty, pressurecooking, de-frosted, raised the temperature, dis integrated, braising, braised, scorch, are incensed, wasting away, re-kindle, un rests, growing warm, oxidates, micro waves, was agitated, reduced to ashes, reducing to ashes, art agitated, be agitated, sauteed, febrile diseases, am tense, thaw, braise, wast angry, charcoaling, was indignant, reposition, heat wave, in-flame, setting on fire, rotisserie, re duces, wast on the warpath, breathes fire, dis-solving, sear, set a match to, ex cite, was incensed, hit ceiling, re heat, oxidate, was livid, foam at mouth, dis-appear, dis-integrating, in-tensity, fossilized, Decocted, breathe fire, becomes soft, wert tense, torridity, pressurecooks, in flamed, in cites, simmer, pressure cook, in tensity, fricassee, over flown, Sunning, smelts, put fire, growing hot, un bends, burnt up, re-duce, relocate, pressure-cook, wasted away, foam, am warpath, is furious, waste away, browning, dries out, wizening, pre-pared, rework, Spuming, steamed, in-flamed, locomote, dis integrating, griddled, over-flow, braises, dis integrate, revamp, were furious, are the warpath, ex-cited, diffused, dis-appearing, becomes liquid, un-bended, blow ones stack, parch, put on the fire, Weltered, being ablaze, art angry, conflagrates, re lax, re heated, in-cite, re-duces, raises temperature, dry out, swished, is incensed, the shake, putting on fire, fever, stew, burns up, churn, raise temperature, singe, wizen, in flaming, pressure cooking, getting ready, becoming soft, re-heat, Fussed, were mad, calorify, are agitated, Mummying, grows hot, were ablaze, smoking, Eddying, gat ready, fix, over-flows, reheated, setting match to, wizens, puts fire, over-flowing, evaporated, was furious, toast, pre pares, burning ups, dis solve, over-flowed, grow warm, be warpath, puts on the fire, de-hydrated, dis appeared, was ablaze, burn, are angry, rotisseries, set fire, wast incensed, un rest, dog days, raise the temperature, are livid, febrile disease, Weltering, reducing ashes, pressure-cooked, re-heats, unbend, conflagrating, Smelting, is uptight, boil, breathed fire, becoming liquid, dis-appears, over flow, ex-cite, saw red, conflagrate, parboil, calcines, were indignant, were angry, de hydrate, heating, were uptight, was tense, putting the fire, was mad, pressurecook, art livid, wert angry, am ablaze, running a temperatures, melt, re-kindled, raising the temperature, Devilling, re adies, browned, pressure-cooks, barbecue, wast indignant, encourage, micro-waved, pressure cooks, Deviled, in flames, stales, tepefies, wast uptight, smolder, torching, is tense, decocts, were livid, seethe, open up, pre pare, is angry, sets on fire, re-kindling, dis-solves, are warpath, Tepefying, de-frosting, putting fire, calorified, was on the warpath, breathing fire, warms up, wast on warpath, was angry, in-flames, Pyrexias, remake, remodel, mummy, wert livid, wast ablaze, drying up, unblock, am violent, wast agitated, in-cited, pyrexia, ex citing, swishes, wert mad, Pothering, Staled, Decocting, co-oking, wastes away, wert on the warpath, diffusing, reheat, wert incensed, running temperature, become liquid, rotisseriing, wast warpath, is ablaze, is mad, ex-cites, dis appear, Spumed, gets ready, blow one stack, over flows, dis-integrate, frothing, micro waved, being the warpath, re heats, de hydrates, unbent, stir up, blow stack, dries up, re-kindles, Tepefied, inspirit, is warpath, is the warpath, conflagrated, un-bends, re-heated, frizzling, were incensed, running temperatures, de frosts, art furious.