Pronunciation of Frigidity
/fɹɪd͡ʒˈɪdɪti/, /fɹɪd‍ʒˈɪdɪti/, /f_ɹ_ɪ_dʒ_ˈɪ_d_ɪ_t_i/

Antonyms for frigidity

in candescences, pro vocations, calefaction, lustfulness, ardor, impetuosity, ex citations, melodrama, in-tensities, in-formalities, impetuosities, state of unrest, out cries, state unrest, ex-citation, dis-criminations, passionateness, de-sire, heat, in tuitions, heatwave, dis quietude, hoopla, greenhouse effects, in tensities, in calescence, Pyrexias, under standings, Calidity, warmth, fever, salaciousness, violence, burning ups, in-toxications, febrile disease, un ceremoniousness, hot spells, dis criminations, dis composures, enthusiasm, burning up, passion, hell broke looses, ferment, responsiveness, libidinousness, in toxication, dis-crimination, calidities, in toxications, incandescence, out-cry, in-candescence, horniness, running a temperature, de-sires, liberty, dis-quietude, dis-quietudes, in-tuitions, dis crimination, ardencies, fieriness, incalescences, in calescences, de sire, un rest, ex-citations, in formalities, out-cries, dis-quiets, in-calescence, dis-quiet, fierinesses, in-candescences, un-ceremoniousness, up turns, white heat, Letch, fervency, TODO, vehemence, excitement, up-roars, un ceremoniousnesses, dis composure, tepidity, in-calescences, up turn, to do, dis-composure, tepidness, HOTS, under-standing, ferocities, un rests, zeal, under-standings, Lech, the shakes, un-ceremoniousnesses, lukewarmness, wildness, pro vocation, hot spell, running temperature, the shake, fervor, dis quietudes, incandescences, wildnesses, emotion, hot weather, pyrexia, dis quiets, fire, running a temperatures, Ardency, in-tensity, dis quiet, up-roar, running temperatures, hotness, un-rests, concupiscence, melodramas, Familiarity, Lustihood, eroticism, turn ons, zealousness, febrile diseases, up-turn, in tensity, de sires, fervidness, warmness, pro-vocations, in-tuition, intensity, in-formality, ex citation, hot weathers, warmnesses, in tuition, up-turns, under standing, zealousnesses, desire, feeling, calefactions, Intenseness, re actions, dis-composures, greenhouse effect, un-rest, in candescence.