Pronunciation of Frivolous
/fɹˈɪvələs/, /fɹˈɪvələs/, /f_ɹ_ˈɪ_v_ə_l_ə_s/

Antonyms for frivolous

de signing, serious, more delphic, longfaced, full toned, shrewdest, overmastering, low toned, dis criminating, most low-toned, pro found, trenchant, basser, grim faced, hardboiled, wise, de-mure, grave, dis passionate, most grimfaced, most eschewing, to the point, fatal, most crushing, big, under hand, significant, Sharker, more clear-headed, unimpassioned, intelligent, long-faced, under ground, more argute, more razor-sharp, most razor-sharp, most submerged, more downreaching, un flappable, long faced, be-neath, downreaching, in-tense, most orphic, wised up, dis-criminating, fellest, more low-toned, in to, most full toned, most razorsharp, illustrious, most fulltoned, ponderous, more razorsharp, eventful, most long faced, essential, lowpitched, more fulltoned, more unsmiling, fulltoned, un-equivocal, more full-toned, fundamental, more grimfaced, principal, no nonsense, un ruffled, more abnegating, baritone, most clear headed, strictly business, un-smiling, un-ruffled, most abstaining, dominant, more streetwise, hard boiled, exceptional, renowned, in know, most brooding, laidback, re sonant, un fathomable, more in to, clear cut, more grim faced, seismic, important, most streetwise, de-signing, the point, matter life death, sub-merged, most plotting, in the know, most lowtoned, lowtoned, full-toned, cold sober, matter life and death, distinctive, shrewd, most astucious, notorious, more into, re served, hard understand, de mure, eminent, substantial, most disciplined, sedate, sober, most enfolded, most unexcited, fateful, self restrained, low key, more centered, in-tenser, lowkey, more below, more lowtoned, most delphic, more baritone, razor sharp, welldefined, Astucious, most fathomless, more submerged, more abstaining, sub-aqueous, mature, more forgoing, sharkest, unsmiling, more subaqueous, more ritual, more unexcited, more full toned, most muted, somber, of great consequence, selfrestrained, preeminent, more orphic, most into, more submarine, more focused, in tent, grim-faced, most long-faced, valuable, more disciplined, cool as cucumber, re-strained, more plotting, grimfaced, low-toned, nononsense, most baritone, thoughtful, more long-faced, re-served, more brooding, most argute, sub marine, great, no fooling, in tense, unexcited, most longfaced, sub-marine, to point, basic, prestigious, streetwise, decisive, deep seated, most centered, hard to understand, over-whelming, worthwhile, in tenser, re-sonant, on top of, deep, more grim-faced, overriding, most grim-faced, laid back, most killing, razorsharp, key, more razor sharp, pre occupied, re strained, staid, up on, more crushing, razor-sharp, impressive, un excited, most focused, more low toned, more difficult, pro-found, quickwitted, de-liberate, solemn, more unimpassioned, wisest, de liberate, deepseated, heavy, most beneath, pre-occupied, most yawning, prominent, worthy, most below, clear headed, famous, Clear-headed, remarkable, bass, in-tensest, more muted, most unimpassioned, most sunk, outstanding, more fathomless, over whelming, dis-passionate, more astucious, more long faced, most razor sharp, most submarine, most downreaching, un impassioned, most ritual, life and death, bassest, pro-founder, disciplined, major, un equivocal, un-excited, fathomless, most grim faced, un smiling, consequential, aweinspiring, low pitched, in most, pro founder, orphic, matter of life death, more enfolded, quick witted, overbearing, awe inspiring, sensible, most clear-headed, in side, chief, on inside, un-impassioned, subaqueous, meaningful, clearcut, momentous, under-hand, on the inside, shark, all-important, be neath, most subaqueous, more longfaced, most unsmiling.