Pronunciation of From
/fɹˈɒm/, /fɹˈɒm/, /f_ɹ_ˈɒ_m/

Antonyms for From:

Amid, Among.

Synonyms for From:

Sense 1

accordingly, admission, admit, attributable, barring, belong to, co-opt, consequent, consequential, consequently, emphatic, empty-handed, ensuing, ergo, indirect, induct, initiate, knock on, long-distance, membership, motivated, nonmember, office, out, pending, portal, preposition, readmit, receive, recruitment, rejoin, resultant, subscription, take back, therefore, thus, Against, Amid, Among, Into, Onto, Qua, Thru, Toward, Unto, Upon, With, partway, flow-on, go over to, sign for, sign with.

Sense 2

aboard, at, attendant, automatic, contact, due, failing, final, net, occupy, place, prep, short-range, so, Of, out of.

Sense 3

join, little, long-range, open, within.

Sense 4


Sense 5

across, advancing, ahead, direct, forward, oncoming, bound for something, from all sides.

Sense 6

apart, away.

Sense 7

far, further.

Sense 8

accept, off, short.

Sense 10


Sense 15




sticking out

bulge, bulging, jut, overhang, project, prominent, protrude, protuberant, stick out, stick up.

Other synonyms and related words:

aboard, about, abundant, accept, according, accordingly, acquire, across, admission, admit, advancing, after, ahead, almost, along, aloof, also, ample, apart, approximately, around, as, aside, at, attain, attendant, automatic, away, back, backward, barring, become, beginning, besides, bountiful, bring, building, bulge, bulging, by, calculate, careless, carry, cast, catch, cause, celebrate, co-opt, come, commemorate, concerning, congenital, consequence, consequent, consequently, construction, copious, death, delegate, deliver, depart, departure, deputy, derivation, detachment, direct, disjunction, distant, disunion, division, down, due to, earn, effect, emptiness, enjoy, ensuing, entourage, entrance, except, exemption, fable, fabrication, failing, fall, falsehood, far, fertile, fetch, flaccid, follow, forth, forward, freedom, fruitful, full, further, furthermore, gain, get, go away, hence, how, immunity, in, inaugurate, inborn, indirect, inherent, innate, isolation, join, jut, lax, less, liberal, like, little, long, long-distance, long-range, loose, love, luxuriant, manage, membership, minus, moreover, native, naturally, near, net, nonmember, obey, observe, off, on, oncoming, onward, open, opulent, out, out of sight, outside, outward, overhang, partition, pending, place, plenteous, plentiful, poem, portal, prep, project, prominent, protrude, protuberant, provide, pursue, quit, re, readmit, regarding, rejoin, relish, remote, removal, retirement, retreat, rift, run into, save, separation, servant, short-range, smite, spacious, spontaneously, subscription, take, take to, then, therefore, therefrom, throughout, thus, too, undertake, unhurried, up, up to, vacancy, whence, wherefore, why, withal, withdrawal, workmanship, Against, Amid, Among, And, Because, Discounting, During, Excepting, Excluding, Fro, Into, Of, Oneself, Respecting, Since, Towards, Toward, Unto, Upon, With, Without, Commencing, along with, unaffectedly, on account of, owing to, thanks to, DO, DUES, according to, engage in, forasmuch as, out of, partway, because of, exclusive of, next to, delight in, rejoice in, according as, by reason of, away from, cum, taken away, for this reason, relating to, in distinction to, not counting, leaving out, belonging to, proceeding from, take pleasure, ever since, gloat over, be pleased, derive pleasure, for, indulge in, leaving behind, luxuriate in, per, physical pleasure, in order to, to, beginning at, coming out of, deriving out of, originating at, starting with, knock-on, for sake of, out of possession of, amount of the.

domestic, home (adjective)


minus (adjective)


native (adjective)

national, primeval, be longing, be-longing, more belonging, more from, most belonging, most from, re-lated.

Sense 1 (noun)


Sense 3 (noun)

join, long-range.

Sense 6 (noun)

apart, away.

Sense 7 (noun)


Sense 8 (noun)


Sense 15 (noun)


away (noun)


arising out of (preposition)

beginning at, coming out of, deriving out of, originating at, starting with.

denoting equivalence (preposition)


in the time past; because (preposition)


outside of, separating (preposition)

Against, taken away, in distinction to.

since (preposition)

sub sequently, be cause, be-cause.

Usage examples for From:

  • I have not heard from him. - "Springhaven A Tale of the Great War", R. D. Blackmore.
  • I suppose you had it from the captain, sir? - "'Twixt Land & Sea", Joseph Conrad.
  • I can't tell anything about it, from here. - "The Iron Trail", Rex Beach.
  • But it must come from you. - "The Huntress", Hulbert Footner.
  • Not from you, does she? - "The Happiest Time of Their Lives", Alice Duer Miller.

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