Pronunciation of Gaffed
/ɡˈaft/, /ɡˈaft/, /ɡ_ˈa_f_t/

Synonyms for Gaffed:

prepared (adjective)

able, adapted, adjusted, arranged, available, disposed, fit, fixed, framed, groomed, handy, in order, inclined, minded, on guard, planned, predisposed, primed, processed, qualified, rigged, set, stacked, up, up on, willing, wired, Rehearsed, put up, prepped, in readiness, all set, all bases covered, all systems go, of a mind, psyched-up, set-up, sewed-up.

arrest (verb)

apprehend, bag, book, brace, bust, capture, catch, collar, detain, drop, gaff, get, glom, grab, hook, imprison, incarcerate, jail, kick, nab, nail, net, nick, pinch, pull, secure, seize, sidetrack, snag, tab, tag, Roust, pick up, take in, round up, pull in, take prisoner, put the cuffs on, run in, put the arm on, toss in jail.

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