Gat On One's Nerves

Pronunciation of Gat On One's Nerves
/ɡˈat ˌɒn wˈɒnz nˈɜːvz/, /ɡˈat ˌɒn wˈɒnz nˈɜːvz/, /ɡ_ˈa_t ˌɒ_n w_ˈɒ_n_z n_ˈɜː_v_z/

Synonyms for gat on one's nerves:

aggravate (verb)

bother, bug, bum, dog, exasperate, gall, get, get to, grate, hack, irk, irritate, nag, needle, nettle, peeve, pester, pique, provoke, tease, vex, wig, pick on, be at, be on the back of, drive up the wall, get on one's nerves, give a hard time.

anger (verb)

acerbate, affront, aggravate, agitate, annoy, antagonize, arouse, bait, blow up, boil, boil over, bristle, burn, burn up, chafe, craze, cross, displease, egg on, embitter, enrage, exacerbate, excite, fret, goad, incense, inflame, infuriate, madden, miff, offend, outrage, raise hell, rankle, rant, rave, rile, ruffle, seethe, stew, stir up, tempt, umbrage, lose one's temper, get mad, steam up, make sore.

grate (verb)

rub the wrong way.

pester (verb)

badger, bedevil, beleaguer, disturb, get at, harry, hassle, hector, hound, insist, nudge, pick at, plague, remind, ride, tantalize, torment, work on, worry, Importune, mess with, drive crazy, get in one's hair.

provoke (verb)

abet, abrade, anger, exercise, foment, incite, insult, perturb, put out, raise, roil, set, set on, upset, whip up, work up, get under one's skin, hit where one lives, make blood boil, make waves, try one's patience, work into lather.

rub the wrong way (verb)

rattle, ruffle one's feathers.

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