Pronunciation of General
/d͡ʒˈɛnəɹə͡l/, /d‍ʒˈɛnəɹə‍l/, /dʒ_ˈɛ_n_ə_ɹ_əl/

Antonyms for general

Ethological, extreme, be-fitting, more factional, free of error, ex tensive, dis crete, red letter, de tailed, world-class, most delimited, most another, more hominid, out-right, more embellished, on right track, first class, most uncustomary, limited, unalloyed, by book, more unitary, apprentice, most unitary, determinate, more unsocial, more outre, private, out and out, pre-eminent, upwards of, un-accompanied, ad hoc, most hampered, drawn fine, un-thinkable, de-cent, close up, subordinate, de liberate, more world-class, singledout, pre-meditated, listed, many faceted, un imaginable, regional, unheardof, most singledout, clearcut, de limited, re strained, dis-similar, un-ordinary, unassociated, uncompounded, more sequestered, extra ordinary, most world class, most garnished, more worldclass, more luxurious, dead on, out of ordinary, not public, unconnected, un-real, de sired, more hermitical, para-mount, with options, welldefined, more singled out, unitary, more clocklike, un familiar, ex press, de terminate, de-fined, a couple, novel, unheard of, specified, atypical, clear cut, de solate, sharp, localised, ex pressed, un rivaled, servant, out right, highly wrought, most creatural, ex acting, more vulnerabl, unknown, un-divided, most ultraprecise, more uncompounded, more nit-picking, most differentiating, re fined, on target, in conceivable, in tended, ostentatious, unlike, on money, especial, molecular, in-divisible, proper, more world class, ex-acting, unusual, most biped, most unsocial, unshared, ultra-precise, accurate, fabbest, bulls eye, individual, firstrate, de cent, choicy, re-strained, on the button, worker, definite, dis criminative, uncommon, more delimited, more hominal, finite, most designful, bi pedal, distinctive, nit-picking, most sequestered, unheard-of, more nit picking, un ordinary, in bred, ex-press, more circumscribed, pre-dominant, more desired, more unmistaken, dis united, most particularized, by the book, over-worked, more expressed, one, most worldclass, most designated, hit nail head, in-tended, un-rivaled, topical, out-righter, most unmistaken, dis criminating, poles apart, un associated, re presentative, choicier, delineated, most embellished, itemized, cut fine, pre meditated, particularised, something else, more elaborate, unmistaken, un-wonted, un approachable, re-served, dedicated, most humanistic, most decorated, de mure, most ornamented, more manyfaceted, un-alloyed, more bipedal, stonest, redletter, more unassociated, un wonted, re served, out rightest, hominid, more checked, comprehensive, most desired, un thinkable, in-frequent, most unassociated, bipedal, un blended, freakish, precise, specific, more unmixed, firstclass, in-grained, hominal, off beaten path, dis-criminating, more differentiating, un-attached, express, nonpublic, flashest, dissimilar, be fitting, un-imaginable, most earmarked, most onliest, un equivocal, fabber, idiosyncratic, un-mistakable, malformed, more vagarious, more decorated, pre dominant, elaborate, in-bred, out ordinary, more creatural, un divided, up to date, dis-united, more curbed, most smashing, fragmentary, most uncompanionable, dis similar, more designful, Mapped, more ultraprecise, re-gular, with-drawn, unaccustomed, un qualified, in consistent, un common, bounded, more fussbudget, anthropological, anti-social, small, peculiar, witting, un-shared, most vagarious, manyfaceted, local, re gular, un conventional, special, Disassociated, underling, exact, un-mistaken, most separatist, more disunited, para mount, biped, most manyfaceted, more ethnologic, sole, be-coming, straightout, more hominine, ethnologic, be coming, with the extras, out standing, un-blended, un companionable, demarcated, only one, more surpassing, qualified, most unmixed, more anthropoid, dis-crete, most factional, cleancut, more unshared, vulnerabl, extra-ordinary, most nit-picking, characteristic, de-solate, un customary, sur passing, de-terminate, Uncompanionable, with all options, stag, humanistic, un conditional, Clocklike, more diacritic, most many-faceted, noteworthy, distinct, sur-passing, different, Vagarious, pre eminent, re-mote, most stickler, most vulnerabl, unpopular, most bipedal, un mixed, with drawn, un-associated, un-approachable, most hominid, in-consistent, with all the options, singular, single, many-faceted, most singled-out, with the options, straight out, un social, choiciest, singled out, more personalized, in-credible, valuable, bull's eye, more stickler, cross-sectional, un-mixed, anti social, un-conditional, hermitical, un-equivocal, out righter, un usual, fab, more many faceted, most claimed, un-social, circumscribed, un accompanied, blow by blow, ex act, with all extras, most clocklike, mis-anthropic, full, infrequent, singled-out, un-compounded, circumstantial, most circumscribed, matter of fact, more garnished, in dividual, hominoid, more unalloyed, most checked, with extras, re maining, uncustomary, most diacritic, factional, diacritic, selective, hit nail on head, extraordinary, bull eye, most world-class, most anthropoid, most witting, noncomprehensive, separate, un-customary, sur prising, scarce, un-frequented, bi-pedal, most anthropological, worldclass, most defined, staggest, strange, un compounded, more designated, most surpassing, de-finite, embellished, in line, unmixed, constituent, un erring, more onliest, sectional, more humanistic, more individualizing, Designful, most expressed, more hampered, more uncustomary, more particularized, diversified, a few, in born, in frequent, mis anthropic, re tired, in-dividual, component, dis-criminative, most disunited, more defined, explicit, un commonest, unsocial, unaccepted, in-born, on button, de finite, more eremetic, more smashing, re-presentative, in credible, more ornamented, sur-prising, incomprehensive, Unallied, un-attended, world class, un frequented, un-familiar, unique, localized, de-limited, un mistakable, un ambiguous, specialized, outstanding, over worked, most ethnologic, hard to please, most outre, first rate, particularized, by numbers, more many-faceted, un-conventional, ex-act, most personalized, with all the extras, another story, un-common, most singled out, thorough, hominine, un commoner, un-commonest, unalike, nit picking, most many faceted, more another, strait laced, concrete, more separatist, un-usual, narrow, exceptional, ultra precise, personal, employee, de-sired, particular, certain, un-qualified, with bells whistles, most unalloyed, over done, technical, more singled-out, high tech, abnormal, more biped, fussbudget, not general, with bells and whistles, confined, de-mure, most ethological, divisional, more singledout, de-tailed, in divisible, most uncompounded, without equal, partial, eremetic, more claimed, most unshared, Creatural, farout, more earmarked, de fined, in-conceivable, un-commoner, out-standing, rare, de-liberate, most fussbudget, more uncompanionable, more witting, free error, clean cut.