Pronunciation of Gentle
/d͡ʒˈɛntə͡l/, /d‍ʒˈɛntə‍l/, /dʒ_ˈɛ_n_t_əl/

Antonyms for gentle

un cleanly, strident, most outline, un caring, ill mannered, more rehabilitated, crashing, most overrun, dewiest, more wellbuilt, undraped, hang-tough, disagreeable, stark, more unpoised, un-wearied, unsparing, un-refined, more maleficent, most dominion, Agitable, more suffering, in-trepid, dirty minded, rainy, by numbers, most ungrudging, Unamiable, most fuming, un mixed, most nonliterate, most rehabilitated, steeliest, dis-agreeing, un loveliest, un-afraid, un holier, horrible, in-sinuating, most crabbed, more spendthrift, lower class, more sullied, double-edged, odorous, more well-built, more unmodified, ingoingest, onerous, more high pressure, unneighborly, pre revolutionary, un-taught, uncontaminated, inhuman, thriftless, matter of fact, dis honorable, scraggiest, more retaliatory, most glowering, dogged, more corybantic, in valid, more straight up, de-stroying, in a state of nature, un-cannier, un finished, most chiseled, out sorts, un-worthiest, set in stone, outrageous, un-inviting, de rogatory, un smoothest, most loud-mouthed, aweless, more ill-disposed, most overbold, most pigpen, most bilious, in a bad way, most invigorated, probing, un smoother, vociferous, formal, mis shapen, exceeding bounds, more aculeate, in saner, un draped, in-human, more uncontaminated, more offputting, dis-orderly, prerupt, more clodhopping, more all consuming, inhumane, more out-of-key, un-cleanest, laid low, dis-heartening, most undercooked, at boiling point, most porno, in delicate, more maniac, un kinder, calling spade a spade, pitiless, singleminded, more mortified, un welcoming, out-lying, un-treated, furrowed, grodier, subordinate, pro found, natural, cloddish, animal, more stridulous, most drawing, more bad mannered, straightup, most double-edged, stand tall, heavy, unkind, swinish, zoological, hot tempered, most sulphurous, most embittering, in direct, more illdisposed, over-powering, most razor-sharp, un-usual, more death-dealing, re served, hair raising, most off-lying, rough-and-tumble, more death dealing, more uncool, in considerable, in fine fettle, more drawing, more unprovoked, most mephistophelian, unshorn, unworked, down dumps, more bright-eyed, in tractable, more oppugnant, bad mannered, dis respectful, obstreperous, most killer, having killer instinct, morose, anarchic, self gratifying, nonliterate, most ill famed, most rowdydowdy, in-humane, more unproficient, most unmodified, un friendliest, Roused, un-clothed, un-known, more frontier, most straight-up, most brighteyed, more off putting, brandnew, un-stable, in sensitive, coarse-grained, dis-crediting, un-even, ill-tempered, nasty, in-delicate, in blue funk, tough nut crack, offlying, more red-blooded, dis-honorable, ex-cited, squally, more unpolluted, un seemliest, more steeled, most clashing, unsmoothest, more redblooded, un-sociable, pro-found, more suffocating, more motiveless, Corybantic, clownish, more detonating, fierce, more refreshed, un conventional, deadly, uncivil, rampant, low-down and dirty, most guessed, raw, most agrestal, tumultous tumultuous, more ill humored, more beast, sourpussed, showery, un-holy, bushytailed, undeviating, mis created, in hospitable, more right-on, ex citable, dis-interested, coldblooded, out side, de stroying, most unmilled, unwrought, un educated, more unneighborly, iron willed, most bare bones, low down dirty, more invective, more roughhewn, most curmudgeonly, dis crediting, most bad-natured, more bushytailed, more self disciplined, bushy-tailed, bound determined, physically fit, Stridulous, bad natured, in-saner, more unclothed, super incumbent, out-line, un-involved, un skilled, more badmannered, most fulminating, most barnyard, uncontrolled, un inhabited, most cussed, de graded, down in dumps, most cowing, more unbroken, double edged, most sullied, most dirty minded, bleak, more unlevel, superincumbent, head-strong, most unmixed, most creaking, coldhearted, steamed up, untamed, in-flamed, motiveless, in-spiring, sickest, dis quieting, more god-knows-where, laid-low, most daredevil, dis heartening, by the book, re mote, most terrorizing, un-mannerly, barebones, most surmised, strait laced, unhappy, most uncurbed, dis agreeable, dyed in the wool, in salubrious, most off-putting, offputting, wild, more wasting, laid the line, with-standing, ill-disposed, offkey, un chaster, most disapproving, gloomy, bramblier, illegitimate, in fine feather, un changing, irritating, un impaired, more chiseled, poisonous, red blooded, down in the dumps, de-formed, in temperate, in ballpark, salter, nongermane, un-ripest, more double crossing, ill favored, middle nowhere, in a state nature, un matured, in firmest, more harassing, most vitiated, in tenser, more blustering, un approachable, more out of tune, in tense, in-expert, most prerevolutionary, un-forgiving, more jangling, more foul mouthed, un asked, more molded, to point, middle of nowhere, un-smoothest, heavy handed, un impressible, out of shape, un checked, un-sounder, in-disposed, most termagant, most discrediting, audacious, dewy, far flung, bitter, bearish, low-down, stiffnecked, more undeviating, excited, more pigpen, most wasting, illhumored, colonial, more dominion, softcore, more buffeting, dis pleasing, more off-putting, most bright-eyed, more fulminant, lowborn, more sulking, most self willed, un frieder, violent, more roughneck, more immigrant, in-flexible, low, bright-eyed, more unimpressible, more rosycheeked, spiteful, more rough hewn, more serious, in sensate, eruptive, most undraped, dis-sonant, most rampaging, dis-pleasing, more selfdisciplined, dis gusting, go for broke, un neighborly, most anti, most rosycheeked, more short-and-sweet, mis-created, un healthy, in nutshell, Rowdydowdy, in-temperate, forbidding, in goinger, un clad, in sensible, in-sufferable, most ill bred, in bad mood, agrestal, cut the bone, by book, unmeasurable, most quickened, very severe, hot and cold, un emotional, sharp, most hard featured, un-skilled, in-direct, hard nosed, dis solute, ex-citable, unsmooth, bullhead, scraggier, more iron-fisted, de formed, most swinish, un-cleanliest, more laid-low, apest, un-seasoned, sick, more bushy tailed, more unmelodious, poutier, most unmelodious, hard bitten, de-basing, un contaminated, in-goingest, un-cooperative, de-solate, bummest, more fire eating, devil may care, dis eased, barbaric, blustering, extra-ordinary, most unwelcoming, high spirited, more unbleached, most vituperous, bloody, in-censed, xrated, unvirtuous, cankerous, forceful, heated, most ironwilled, un-ashamed, most straight up, un sparing, un-juster, un-sound, tigerish, more out of order, more bouncing, more hot-headed, most sickish, dis-reputable, un seasoned, most cloddish, mindless, brick-wall, Neoteric, in-sane, un-just, most fire-eating, un-cleanlier, more warped, un-proficient, more unbaked, in curious, most rampageous, more unpasteurized, rosycheeked, in different, more overtaxing, out of action, steely, truculent, corrosive, un-sorted, most unwithered, awful, most opposite, ill bred, raining cats dogs, most illhumored, most fulminant, in-appropriate, un gracious, in human, un appetizing, tuneless, un-domesticated, more terrorizing, most out-of-line, super-incumbent, more clipped, more apart, death-dealing, oppressive, in corrigible, cloudy, un holy, un-wrought, dis-tasteful, most fireeating, more untutored, loud, most coarse grained, at the boiling point, more flipped, up pity, most corroding, out-of-tune, un-principled, mean, un propitious, in-continent, under weather, god knows where, igneous, more debasing, dis interested, more beginning, most cross grained, un afraid, turbulent, more corroding, un-lovelier, unashamed, more clashing, more embittering, up arms, more declivitous, off key, liverish, un-adorned, unmixed, more avenging, in-elegant, up down, in elegant, more newborn, most bad natured, in firm, self willed, most mammalian, un-blushing, un melodious, breviloquent, straight up, more ill famed, un controllable, more miasmatic, most hard-shelled, un bending, bummed out, most spleenful, in-cautious, badnatured, most maniac, rosy-cheeked, more cowing, more unpurified, more hyper, most miscreated, more bare-bones, most detonative, putting on airs, unwelcoming, un-discovered, un-sightliest, in-hospitable, un-lovely, un-prepossessing, rough, more ignited, more invalidating, on warpath, set stone, sick as a dog, most murder, most hard-hearted, un fairest, most shuddersome, more selfgratifying, most beyond, more lowdown, un-relenting, un-civilized, significant, overcast, curmudgeonly, re-habilitated, more bad natured, more destroying, un-trieder, Unprecise, zesty, hot press, tumultous- tumultuous, more steamed, un-smoother, broken down, more hard-featured, un reasonable, out line, more unvirtuous, most offlying, selfindulgent, lowbrow, no nonsense, most doublecrossing, more indurate, laidlow, razorsharp, ill natured, out-of-line, un-thinking, having a killer instinct, uncurbed, hardnosed, most headache, more curmudgeonly, singing the blues, un curbed, in-constant, agitated, most wolfish, un skillful, most comer, most undimmed, un-cleaner, self-disciplined, more hardshelled, most eruptive, rough going, right to it, hard-shelled, more shaming, browned off, most hot-headed, more self willed, in good shape, particulate, un-compromising, out of line, most breviloquent, crabbed, gale force, more bad looking, most chastening, more vitiate, healthy, degraded, un fashioned, un healthier, un duest, un modified, on make, most unbroken, fearless, more termagant, more disfigured, most iron fisted, most shaming, in-valid, more illbred, most hacked, most ruffled, more aweless, bushy tailed, most unpurified, stiff necked, un-pasteurized, rocky, more self-disciplined, in tolerable, highpressure, re habilitated, more stony-hearted, most nodular, in-compliant, more foul-mouthed, un appeasable, most carcinogenic, sunless, more transplanted, de based, in-tractable, re-solute, un broken, more straightup, perversive, more low-down, mis-shapen, venomous, more softcore, highpowered, hard boiled, un-manageable, un level, in-culter, most rough-hewn, re prehensible, in bad taste, Wreakful, more demoniac, more smoking, un-governable, smoking, nononsense, no picnic, in-tensest, un-reserved, more breviloquent, Unwithered, most vexing, ill-humored, dis gusted, barbarous, un thinking, ugly, off lying, most ill-humored, ruthless, un-frieder, un-grudging, hazy, more trojan, most lowdown, more allconsuming, most self gratifying, stormy, most clownish, most rough hewn, on the warpath, un-godlier, most inhuman, un cultured, most brick wall, more depraving, most racking, most riproaring, with-drawn, more caterwauling, more swirling, yecchy, un disciplined, more sickie, more ravening, non-germane, un-spoiled, unfriendly, laid on the line, more murder, more nongermane, laidup, more decimating, imprecise, more dirty-minded, most plodding, roughened, flippest, stuck up, foul mouthed, more disapproving, more sourpussed, more vitiated, most disfigured, ex plosive, un desirable, without pity, sweat box, most molded, in going, un-healthiest, more intensified, un-sightly, dis agreeing, most avenging, ex acting, most warped, un-educated, un trained, un-matured, straight-up, prerevolutionary, most loud mouthed, un-emotional, retaliatory, convulsive, un cool, hostile, un-gainliest, more disgracing, most unfashioned, most ill-disposed, un-pitying, ill-natured, more razorsharp, un-ripe, severe, more polluted, in backwater, razor-sharp, de moralized, dirty-minded, more unshaven, low-down dirty, Viperish, ironfisted, most debasing, most destroying, pre sumptuous, out action, most ignited, ungraded, diabolical, fleshly, Incult, most browbeating, out of key, unpasteurized, not much look at, Unbaked, most vitiate, more stickling, un compromising, more bearish, un principled, snarky, most foaming, bright eyed, more tuneless, ex act, riproaring, most erosive, heavy sledding, whats happening, un-friendliest, more stormful, un-fairer, most overtaxing, in tensive, having blahs, gruesome, most aculeate, Asperous, self denying, hardshelled, most ill-bred, un-skillful, un-gracious, in-curious, in-validating, un moving, de monic, in-harmonious, rigorous, un-yielding, un-stablest, more gadabout, most hospitalized, more razor sharp, cut to bone, un-gainly, re sourceful, brutal, most unneighborly, ferocious, more withstanding, in-different, co-wing, hang in, hotblooded, in bad way, un-daunted, non germane, un dressed, more hard shelled, un manageable, more stiff necked, most bad mannered, un even, more coarsegrained, de-generate, most hot headed, more fire-eating, cold blooded, in state of nature, out of tune, more clownish, bare-bones, un-embellished, de testable, be-ginning, most self-willed, un-healthy, un known, un-comely, sickie, more fireeating, un-cleanly, welldefined, un-alterable, more hangtough, Infestive, more foaming, un forgiving, in-salubrious, more loud-mouthed, brand new, in-sensate, far off, un-justified, more undermining, more lowbred, most lowbred, off color, fresh, most acroamatic, tyrannical, in poor health, hot cold, un adorned, in-cultest, most unmatured, flipper, in-tensive, more razor-sharp, un compassionate, un-level, more screeching, un hallowed, most cohesive, more viperish, most death dealing, more unmilled, un interested, low down, trenchant, Mortiferous, pro-founder, more well built, more daredevil, fore boding, un-draped, lewd, more low down, most boondocks, un scrupulous, un tried, up-setting, more erosive, stiff-necked, gnomic, Stickling, rough hewn, biting, more out-of-tune, un-baked, more infected, more double-edged, nower, un conscionable, more miscreated, dis criminating, most screeching, un kind, un-reasonable, more ruffled, more bare bones, most stony-hearted, ex-plosive, more headache, more evil, furious, terse, demoniac, Acroamatic, un-justifiable, more overrun, more malefic, most prentice, more unprecise, all-consuming, more ill-humored, most sapping, un bridled, Qualmish, fiery, gone dogs, Procrustean, foul-mouthed, un-provoked, coarse grained, most double edged, in digestible, maleficent, more rowdydowdy, in-ordinate, more coarse grained, more undercooked, more ferine, most hang-tough, more septic, more illfamed, most ruffianly, more daunting, most illbred, most nongermane, most clodhopping, more unmatured, guttiest, more prentice, most tenderfooted, most stridulent, Stony-hearted, un-hallowed, exquisite, in a bad mood, most lifted, off-putting, intemperate, more brickwall, sour, in-exorable, bent out of shape, un clean, beastlier, spine tingling, right-on, cold-blooded, most rocklike, dirty, calling spade spade, re vengeful, in-solent, more glowering, re cent, greeneyed, more convulsive, most offputting, most spendthrift, most foul mouthed, in famous, putting airs, bent out shape, smart ass, in-creased, calling a spade spade, guttier, all consuming, in-dependent, deathdealing, un discovered, in-decorous, most unprovoked, un-impressible, more unpermissive, most scowling, smart alecky, unprovoked, squallier, more mammalian, un-inhabited, more unwelcoming, more flagitous, de solate, lowdown and dirty, un-measurable, pointed, ordinary, stern, most maddened, toucher, un-melodious, more unmixed, sullen, most unmeasurable, un-dressed, most unshorn, hardfeatured, in harmonious, putrid, more prerupt, more boondocks, un-polished, most bullhead, foggy, more ruffianly, un baked, in-considerable, ruffianly, out-of-order, in censed, most hardfeatured, most chapped, most belittling, unfeeling, more caitiff, most caitiff, most unlevel, un-conscionable, Hot-headed, un-soundest, more mephistophelian, off beaten path, un dimmed, most iron-fisted, more soft-core, with drawn, this season, more wreakful, ill-famed, poutiest, fairier, un-settled, un favorable, un-fried, in-tense, most corybantic, more eruptive, dis-approving, monstrous, most intensified, head long, tough as nails, dis-ordered, more bushy-tailed, ablebodied, most cross-grained, un-finished, in-tolerable, ex cited, cross grained, most inurbane, dis reputable, most coarse-grained, what's happening, overbold, most igneous, un cannier, most stormful, de-based, pungent, more roughhouse, dis figured, pro fuse, more brick-wall, un-checked, un-withered, most tuneless, more liverish, un justest, more impavid, un grudging, cutthroat, squalliest, most caterwauling, un canniest, more alight, most unworked, most selfgratifying, tough nut to crack, on the rampage, most straightlaced, over-bold, beastliest, un godliest, un-contaminated, more unworked, hard, rocklike, clear cut, most all consuming, more stony hearted, more inurbane, un-appetizing, uncompassionate, dis gracing, most killing, more stridulent, gray, more highpressure, horrific, re-prehensible, de-testable, down in mouth, dirtyminded, declivitous, stridulent, more ungraded, out-of-key, vulgarian, coarse, un-controllable, most unwrought, sadistic, painful, wastest, laidback, more infective, un-asked, un sociable, having the blahs, most stridulous, un sympathetic, hateful, most unpermissive, un sounder, in clement, full life, un sophisticated, un-used, more zoological, un-fairest, explosive, un-seemlier, un triedest, more depressive, Gutty, be ginning, grody, most mortiferous, most convulsive, fire-eating, clarion, un controlled, vituperous, profligate, out control, under cooked, most doubleedged, anti, virulent, unmodified, un settled, this seasons, un sightliest, dis-eased, in decent, un faded, raucous, un-connected, un-wholesome, un proficient, un merciful, badmannered, un-chaste, most brutish, evilminded, more scowling, un-gainlier, most neoteric, most high-pressure, in dependent, un wearied, more bilious, most bushytailed, un gainliest, in-accessible, most right-on, impolite, brick wall, in-tenser, un involved, most polluted, over-wrought, ingoing, calling a spade a spade, lowbred, termagant, vindictive, most foreboding, in-compatible, more chapped, un lovely, un cleanest, most liverish, more riproaring, in spiring, wanton, Teratoid, un gainly, more stiff-necked, more doubleedged, more thriftless, un graded, touchest, more undimmed, more outline, in-decent, un-neighborly, badtempered, dis-graceful, thickskinned, un milled, hot headed, pre-sumptuous, scurvier, un-tried, un-controlled, weatherbeaten, shrill, over powering, un ripe, Unimpressible, un cooked, chapped, more superincumbent, most razor sharp, un-cool, un yielding, most outland, illmannered, Beastlike, most bare-bones, savage, in accessible, dis tasteful, out lying, nefarious, illfavored, spinetingling, more offlying, dis courteous, more beyond, smartalecky, septic, most unimpressible, somber, more repelling, most septic, most aflame, in solent, peaky, fore-boding, fit be tied, Clodhopping, more igneous, un-godliest, most declining, un ripest, cold hearted, in the rough, brickwall, brambliest, squealing, more nodular, un-canniest, un stablest, brighteyed, more hang tough, re-vengeful, in sane, most straightup, badlooking, un natural, un-friendlier, un cooperative, foul, in subordinate, un-flinching, in flexible, de pendent, zestiest, un worked, safe and sound, un-compassionate, un juster, pre-dominant, most unprecise, most invalidating, more bad-looking, un seemly, obdurate, most undermining, out shape, most intrepid, un pleasant, un alterable, un seemlier, most imprecise, dis orderly, more dirty minded, forcible, under-mining, more compendiary, most viperish, dis-figured, un-interested, un-stained, mean machine, most detonating, harsh, breezy, up here with, un flinching, un fair, over grown, dis passionate, dismal, most newborn, most out-of-key, most beast, most lowbrow, un-stoppable, down the dumps, stiff, caustic, most out of tune, flagitous, most decimating, more righton, allconsuming, most redblooded, doubleedged, more anti, un-permissive, acrimonious, lowdown, more red blooded, cruel, dis-respectful, un precise, un-palatable, most coarsegrained, bad-mannered, most self disciplined, steep, un measurable, un poised, destructive, un-duest, most badlooking, junior, un godlier, grim, more unwrought, inclement, more hacked, un polished, most mortified, most ironhanded, most wounding, most ungraded, toxiferous, unmannerly, abrasive, more hospitalized, most stiff-necked, ill-bred, un civil, pouty, hopping mad, most sourpussed, more lifted, malefic, more hardfeatured, hottempered, more another, most infected, dead set on, over bearing, most transplanted, bestial, bad-looking, obscene, unlevel, able bodied, un-friedest, de-graded, un-civil, dis-gusting, scurviest, more qualmish, grueling, on button, more unwithered, more quickened, un-conventional, more slaying, un-equivocal, Ferine, rigid, more out-of-line, ravening, un permissive, re-probate, more swinish, off-lying, un fairer, safe sound, more agitable, single minded, most beginning, un-cooked, undercooked, most steamed, most hardshelled, most well-built, most high pressure, well built, self-willed, de basing, rosy cheeked, most backbiting, more porno, in convenient, most confining, more procrustean, most double-crossing, erosive, most stiffnecked, pro vocative, most selfdisciplined, more declining, merciless, in culter, most revolted, more plodding, un-poised, tough, confrontational, more hard hearted, un-speakable, boisterous, un cultivated, most infective, un-stabler, trans planted, un-communicative, aper, this season's, un-kind, most fire eating, more all-consuming, most uncool, un friendlier, windy, un-bleached, more sapping, most ill-famed, In-going, most roughneck, more ironhanded, more acroamatic, un-dimmed, more loud mouthed, most deathdealing, most flaring, de finite, off putting, more ungrudging, on the make, most malefic, un chastest, loud mouthed, un concerned, draconian, un tutored, re tired, cross-grained, hangtough, most ferine, intense, un healthiest, un-musical, most harassing, scathing, more brutish, more drilling, un covered, Iron-fisted, more bullhead, hard core, more badlooking, Impavid, most bearish, most superincumbent, razor sharp, most untutored, heavy-handed, nowest, more lowbrow, boiled down, selfassertive, un-scrupulous, dis ordered, cutting, un cleanliest, most procrustean, most bad-mannered, most ravening, clear, most soft core, most laid low, in a nutshell, more illhumored, most unsorted, more confining, most crossgrained, strong, up-tight, Crossgrained, more straightlaced, hilly, austere, brambly, more out of key, most out-of-tune, most red blooded, most untreated, un civilized, fireeating, dis sonant, more crossgrained, over priced, un-holiest, more double edged, up to here with, saltest, most double crossing, un polluted, head-long, churlish, most demoniac, un stoppable, un-moving, more uncurbed, in-firmest, ungrudging, most barebones, de-moralized, most allconsuming, fulminant, most frontier, more undraped, in continent, un prepared, most bad looking, singing blues, bad looking, re moved, de-finite, most out of order, more fulminating, unrefined, wrinkliest, de-spiteful, more hard featured, fellest, sickly, un lovelier, un-natural, untutored, hot blooded, gone to the dogs, un stabler, raining cats and dogs, de-rogatory, un touched, cut bone, fairiest, more browbeating, up-hill, most wreakful, aculeate, un-deviating, un bearable, un-beautiful, most aweless, most stickling, more invigorated, in sinuating, short sweet, plain, un feeling, most anarchic, dis-courteous, more deathdealing, vulgar, stirred up, de generate, having blue devils, misty, most hang tough, most illfamed, not much to look at, hideous, re stored, in rough, Over-bearing, nervy, un charitable, un holiest, un-flagging, snide, not smooth, most steeled, most gadabout, most declivitous, smart aleck, most badmannered, un-moved, unbleached, illtempered, more howling, pre-revolutionary, most moiling, more shuddersome, un-concerned, extra ordinary, more vulgarian, non-literate, un-chastest, coarsegrained, more wounding, un justifiable, more right on, more aroused, more fluctuating, most short and sweet, more toxiferous, locked in, rip-roaring, in-digestible, un trieder, passionate, under-done, most alight, most howling, overtaxing, un-desirable, stinging, repulsive, most debauching, more debauching, unsorted, most unashamed, hard line, most iron-willed, more emigrant, un worthier, more asperous, over-run, most impavid, head ache, up setting, un-impaired, most pilgrim, quickwitted, be-yond, more perversive, up-pity, brutish, most vulgarian, shuddersome, most swirling, in trepid, over-taxing, self indulgent, more foreboding, more bright eyed, more ill-bred, un-merciful, detonative, re-stored, with standing, dis graceful, re-served, in appropriate, more bad-natured, gusty, over-priced, un practiced, more rampaging, dis-criminating, highhanded, nodular, diabolic, un-chaster, un-polluted, un-cultivated, over taxing, in flamed, in state nature, un equivocal, more tigerish, more disheartening, more maddened, remorseless, unsmoother, bad tempered, tenderfooted, most withstanding, soft core, unsophisticated, un-justest, most horrifying, un chaste, relentless, more ill bred, unmelodious, most ill disposed, un daunted, most sickie, illbred, remote, troubled, most asperous, not stale, more satiated, thick skinned, most god-knows-where, un cleaner, in-urbane, uncalledfor, in goingest, pro-vocative, up tight, up to date, gone to dogs, un-seemliest, rampageous, most perversive, Hard-hearted, in the pink, the latest, more out of line, un embellished, more rocklike, more prerevolutionary, more double-crossing, smart, just out, weather beaten, the point, un-abashed, un-triedest, un-trained, un-fashioned, un virtuous, most thriftless, selfdisciplined, co wing, more tenderfooted, dis approving, un-sparing, hardshell, most another, strict, fast, most god knows where, most blustering, tempestuous, dis-quieting, un-kindest, un shaven, hot the press, de-monic, more self gratifying, in cautious, uncool, malicious, inculter, un-clad, in expert, un fettered, Dinning, more overbold, hot off press, ill humored, in cult, un-mixed, un processed, dis-passionate, de-pressing, un godly, un relenting, most aroused, un gainlier, Miasmatic, the lowest, murderous, carcinogenic, de-sert, most roughhewn, courageous, un stained, in-sensitive, most emigrant, more outland, more grudging, more unsorted, vicious, stony hearted, most bouncing, more wolfish, cut to the bone, more vexing, lowdown dirty, frightful, tumultous-tumultuous, in disposed, most disgracing, more surmised, overpriced, porno, unbeautiful, compendiary, yecchiest, un-couth, under mining, most trojan, REDHOT, most buffeting, powerful, indecent, un enlightened, most out of key, low down and dirty, in compliant, un-governed, un-smooth, hardbitten, intelligent, un pitying, un-prepared, well-built, most unbeautiful, more furrowed, most bushy tailed, under-cooked, most flipped, un speakable, more cussed, sickish, stringent, most smoking, un-tutored, troublesome, down mouth, over-grown, most razorsharp, most rosy-cheeked, more unfaded, in-festive, most qualmish, most slaying, unfrieder, un worthy, most flagitous, redblooded, un-processed, ex-act, un stable, un wrought, boorish, un-purified, unprepossessing, death dealing, most hard shelled, bilious, un-tamed, incisive, most dirtyminded, most giving, more sickish, clearcut, undimmed, in-corrigible, un shakable, more flaring, un-enlightened, unpurified, down the mouth, take charge, Overloud, more hard-hearted, more contaminated, un-caring, more iron willed, most oppugnant, in pink, un worthiest, un just, most unpasteurized, un usual, in sufferable, pro fane, most right on, in cultest, un-ceremonious, de sert, in sanest, dour, most illdisposed, farflung, more barnyard, most unprepossessing, more fuming, un-approachable, ironhanded, prentice, more cloddish, most zoological, most hard hearted, under done, un-shaven, dead set, in the ballpark, un-duer, un-fair, knavish, un-charitable, unproficient, dis-agreeable, brute, most hangtough, quick witted, more teratoid, more untreated, most daunting, most softcore, un inviting, most stiff necked, more hot headed, in-firmer, un-milled, heavyhanded, most sulking, un-equal, more dirtyminded, pro-fuse, un couth, un-shakable, Stormful, more brick wall, pro-fane, in curable, un due, wolfish, un-developed, Hard-featured, depraved, in compatible, pro founder, raging, un equal, hard shelled, in humane, blustery, most particulate, more gnomic, not so hot, un-appeasable, selfdenying, more creaking, un-riper, un canny, no good, Unmilled, peakier, un-virtuous, un-faded, more hard-shelled, more anarchic, most dirty-minded, depressive, more discrediting, unlovely, most invective, un-worthier, Unfaded, hardboiled, most splenetic, in urbane, laid back, right it, un-favorable, very grave, more killer, most foul-mouthed, more coarse-grained, callous, most prerupt, bad-natured, tumultoustumultuous, most red-blooded, un spoiled, ingoinger, be yond, in-cult, red hot, hopped up, most ironfisted, most crushing, un-godly, most wellbuilt, most pining, un-due, most grudging, un refined, impure, more moping, hard as nails, in-clement, zestier, most drilling, most bad-looking, most hard-featured, irritable, dis-gracing, surly, hard shell, in-curable, most laidlow, most unfaded, most disheartening, un provoked, more racking, ex citing, un-broken, hard hearted, most unshaven, more stiffnecked, illdisposed, dewier, more brighteyed, dis-solute, more crushing, most motiveless, un-worked, in-sensible, on rampage, most overpriced, most uncontaminated, most storming, most ill humored, Hacked, more mortiferous, un tamed, crude, un mannerly, most depressive, un-feeling, grodiest, pre dominant, evil, evil minded, righton, un-welcoming, un-bridled, x rated, unshaven, hospitalized, more self-willed, in-convenient, illfamed, de pressing, in exorable, crusty, feller, more agrestal, un-friendly, trans-planted, offcolor, re-mote, mammalian, un clothed, ill disposed, re probate, straightlaced, illnatured, hairraising, more guessed, un-kinder, self disciplined, in firmer, un-fettered, risky, god-knows-where, un-restrained, more horrifying, up hill, more straight-up, in variable, more storming, in-subordinate, un prepossessing, rugged, most bright eyed, in festive, short-and-sweet, vile, un kindest, desperate, high-pressure, more unashamed, wrinkly, un sightlier, in decorous, like new, dis-gusted, un-cultured, noisy, un taught, un abashed, un-bending, de-pendent, most unvirtuous, in flames, de spiteful, re solute, rude, most suffocating, poor quality, unforgiving, unpolluted, more ironfisted, strongly acid, un-touched, loud-mouthed, more unshorn, incultest, most clipped, un treated, scraggy, more moiling, wellbuilt, more vituperous, large order, un-holier, to the point, more pining, more high-pressure, on the button, most selfwilled, heartless, most toxiferous, most unstoppable, more rumbustious, un-curbed, in-variable, more ill disposed, most laid-low, gruff, Oppugnant, un justified, in validating, stop nothing, scurvy, un sound, un-pleasant, un ashamed, most jangling, aflame, more unbeautiful, most indurate, most tigerish, ex-acting, most righton, un-changing, high handed, most apart, most well built.