Pronunciation of Genuine
/d͡ʒˈɛnjuːɪn/, /d‍ʒˈɛnjuːɪn/, /dʒ_ˈɛ_n_j_uː_ɪ_n/

Antonyms for genuine

most shammed, un justified, more acted, more reproduction, puton, dis simulating, onesided, not real, more muted, hamest, high falutin, un-earthliest, calculating, unspontaneous, most incurved, alveolate, more caviling, faux, untrue, most unauthentic, more misrepresentative, de pressed, more playacting, Forsworn, spurious, more granted, Non-existent, un-faithful, un-revealed, wonderworking, more excavated, in a state, cynical, un-relaxed, affected, insincere, most fancied, un-intelligible, in correct, trumpedup, in firm, fraudulent, more reverberant, more vibrating, more warped, more infundibular, unprovoked, more mimicking, more staged, hammiest, fairier, more too too, uncalledfor, exploded, in-attentive, more off base, scoundrelly, hypothetical, most bluffing, carved out, more troughlike, most presupposed, most reverberant, imitative, deep-set, Supermundane, taken for granted, Semblant, more dissimulating, imitation, more fabulous, on the surface, more semblant, designing, phony, disputed, clangorous, more put on, more unknowable, more offbase, un-truest, unfounded, most figmental, weird, re-serve, mis-represented, won't fly, dis honorable, in dented, platonic, put on, most constructed, most unspontaneous, in-substantial, more put, up tight, dis loyal, more astucious, un relaxed, un principled, hypo-thetical, conjectural, figmental, un-proven, more cup shaped, un usual, over-blown, most apostate, contrary fact, most angled, campy, un accountable, hypo critical, smooth tongued, in credible, more shammed, in scrutable, more cookedup, mis taken, more tinged, one sided, re achier, supposititious, in curved, more overambitious, more unprovoked, in-explicable, more rumbling, super natural, more deceiving, un spontaneous, wily, un-sounder, suppositional, Double dealing, most deepset, in sincerer, high sounding, not what is cracked be, theoretical, more casuistic, un-truthful, hammier, in-curved, more impostrous, more plagiarized, most troughlike, warped, mendacious, most surmised, most fabricated, more recherche, dissimulating, apparently right, Substitutive, campiest, most charlatan, man-made, more unglued, aweinspiring, most infundibular, smooth-spoken, crafty, most dreamedup, more presupposed, more conjectured, not what it is cracked be, contrived, most postulated, de-signing, without foundation, most two-timing, most stained, more stupefying, most feigning, more quick fix, un cannier, more mimetic, invented, pseudo, most unrevealed, delusory, hammy, romantic, re-presentative, more affected, more hoodwinking, most doublecrossing, taken as known, un fair, most fantasized, dis-loyal, more replacement, un-spontaneous, supra-natural, Deceiving, flattering, more deep set, in substantial, in-sincerest, most mimic, shrewd, groundless, most echoing, most vibrating, most trumped-up, bummest, in-correct, alleged, most misrepresentative, masked, cosmopolitan, un-imaginable, more concocted, most mimetic, slick, re-sounding, more cooked-up, apocryphal, most bamboozling, non existent, un revealed, pretentious, more unauthentic, mis born, tampered with, most imitation, skeptical, most fairy-tale, un real, more another, left handed, more bluffing, too little too late, un-earthlier, hued, most cupshaped, in sincere, most barmecidal, more moralistic, in-dented, dummiest, cookedup, not genuine, most choked, wont fly, manufactured, at end rope, supernatural, more faked, most imprecise, campier, more fabricated, more supranatural, most imposturous, more imposturous, most put, causeless, under-hand, more fairy-tale, pro visional, most off base, unproven, in-accurate, in-credible, doubledealing, un earthlier, more angled, in-sincerer, deep set, in-vented, envisioned, tootoo, hypo-critical, two faced, more apostate, dreamed-up, socalled, conceived, more rascally, more incurved, mimetic, dubious, pre-tended, misleading, proxiest, jiviest, shifty, pretended, in-constant, in-firmer, dissembling, dreamest, more falsie, strung out, vicarial, most puton, in-cog, all wet, not what it is cracked to be, more swindling, un fathomable, mythomaniac, most cooked up, most cupped, unctuous, recherche, refined, more alveolate, most prevaricating, more vicarial, more hypothesized, more dreamed up, assumed, fraudest, more unproven, dummier, fly by night, jive, un-scrupulous, most highfaluting, more misborn, suppositious, more two-timing, re-placement, in-sincere, un-fair, most backbiting, guileful, trickest, shoaler, dis reputable, more mythomaniac, most folkloric, meta physical, un-founded, most incog, more unrevealed, mis-taken, un-authentic, most pitted, un conforming, most dimpled, most off-base, most beguiling, un-earthly, de-pressed, more stained, most quick fix, quickfix, dis simulated, most euphuistic, most dissimulating, nervous wreck, in state, more toneless, Crocker, more misrepresented, more plaster, un-believable, un-usual, seeming, more too-too, un-conforming, most pirate, under-handed, Imposturous, fictitious, un-supported, more dimpled, in corporeal, farout, flashest, more pretend, more double crossing, under handed, dishonest, miraculous, more parrot, uncritical, most another, most supranatural, more barmecidal, Cupped, reachy, more two timing, un critical, snide, most forsworn, more copycat, most warped, trumped-up, more fantasy, moralistic, most illusory, most striated, most double crossing, most mythomaniac, most dissimulated, more double-crossing, more smooth spoken, more created, pre-possessed, dis-reputable, un substantiated, mis representative, more manipulated, unglued, apparitional, smooth spoken, most feline, mis-leading, most simulant, Inexistent, strained, imprecise, unconforming, more apparitional, re presentative, most conjectured, more depthless, most cookedup, canny, abstract, off the mark, more smattery, re sounding, most reserve, colored, selfconscious, extra-ordinary, fake, untrustworthy, Depthless, deceptive, more dyed, makebelieve, more choked, most parrot, worldly-wise, hard put, tinsel, fool paradise, Misrepresentative, most muted, devious, un-true, fairy-tale, legendary, tip of iceberg, flawed, self conscious, floater, in visible, most quick-fix, unnatural, most reproduction, sur face, more ungenuine, un-glued, indefinite, superordinary, re achiest, specious, most smooth spoken, most wonderworking, un easier, dimpled, most concocted, more reserve, more surmised, reachier, most recherche, more echoing, falsehearted, without basis, ungenuine, more unconforming, most unloyal, un-fairest, un loyal, unsure, more backup, un-provoked, hollow, more unsupported, de signing, dis-honest, more fairy tale, lefthanded, most dreamed-up, mythical, more supermundane, plantest, unauthentic, un-easier, supra natural, un easiest, most trumped up, more bamboozling, more deluding, more tootoo, most storybook, fabricated, visualized, un earthly, re-achiest, sycophantic, most mongrel, most put-on, most ungenuine, more dissimulated, contrary to fact, mis-born, more cooked up, most deep set, mis-representative, most dyed, most cooked-up, most two timing, up-tight, incurved, mis-guided, fakest, un known, un genuine, over blown, un-known, most vicarial, more euphuistic, dis-honorable, proxier, tip of the iceberg, tip the iceberg, more simulant, mistrustful, more cast, symbolic, pre-supposed, more incog, most quickfix, counterfeit, most dissembling, disguised, un comfortable, casuistic, more figmental, floatest, super ordinary, pre supposed, wreckest, most staged, highfaluting, more pitted, more scoundrelly, most swindling, quack, not what is cracked up be, soft shell, most astucious, superficial, uncertain, scheming, super-ordinary, un scrupulous, in-scrutable, ersatz, most sounding, not what it is cracked up to be, not what is cracked up to be, most put on, more sounding, cooked-up, super-human, skin deep, most fantasy, un-genuine, most smoothspoken, erroneous, more phantom, high flown, more striated, too-too, not what is cracked to be, unrelaxed, un substantial, un canny, un-sound, feigned, sharp, madeup, awe inspiring, most deep-set, smattery, blue sky, super-mundane, most tinsel, delusive, un-easiest, most cheating, tip iceberg, un provoked, most surrogate, unknowable, foxy, most pretend, most smattery, synthetic, not kosher, more wonderworking, stilted, rascally, un-real, invalid, most moralistic, subtle, un truer, un-principled, most unprovoked, un reliable, more mimic, artful, smoothspoken, most scoundrelly, most purported, most reflecting, un easy, more imitation, un fairer, most semblant, mis-begotten, critical, arch, more unrelaxed, simulated, fabulous, more cup-shaped, troughlike, out line, most unglued, Foundationless, most presumed, more feigning, more cupped, most superordinary, imaginary, insubstantial, more quickfix, in firmer, super mundane, counter-factual, manipulative, more deepset, un faithful, sly, suspicious, imagined, in vented, more hollywood, un knowable, more trumpedup, toneless, un-knowable, un-warranted, un-natural, in-direct, simulant, most misborn, un supported, taut, most too too, most unproven, un true, most unrelaxed, not legit, most deluding, most toneless, more smooth-spoken, most copying, un-filled, selfrighteous, in direct, dis-simulated, in-valid, overambitious, more dreamed-up, most faked, re-production, un fairest, more forsworn, most casuistic, on surface, most manipulated, over-ambitious, at end of rope, reachiest, so called, shoalest, un imaginable, most unsupported, wary, un-trustworthy, un natural, bastard, not what it is cracked up be, Storybook, un-truer, sham, un authentic, dis guised, re production, un founded, more mongrel, underhanded, more twotiming, illegitimate, in-visible, more constructed, in valid, more deep-set, un-comfortable, more substitutive, civilized, more folkloric, most replacement, crooked, baseless, reverberant, polished, deepset, more prevaricating, most substitutive, re achy, deceitful, more off-base, more quick-fix, extra ordinary, more unloyal, un availing, most created, more reflecting, artificial, more trumped up, pictured, un-loyal, all off, off mark, under-cover, most trumpedup, made up, hypocritical, in cog, more put-on, unreal, un-justified, cup-shaped, in accurate, unauthorized, wrong number, in sincerest, illusory, off-base, un-comprehensible, fairytale, more fancied, cupshaped, mock, in-firmest, un earthliest, un truest, sophisticated, most cast, cultured, most plaster, more cheating, un-soundest, doubtful, most caviling, most plagiarized, cup shaped, most hoodwinking, un-authorized, un-availing, un-fairer, un believable, plastic, too too, more sophistical, superhuman, most tootoo, false, bogus, most hued, most dreamed up, make-believe, sophistical, most connoted, tricky, virtual, cunning, most unknowable, un-canniest, more clangorous, under stood, un-substantiated, under hand, un glued, un couth, most copycat, skindeep, most supermundane, counter factual, crockest, un filled, un sound, dis honest, most twotiming, most excavated, hamer, more purported, la di da, hypo thetical, most tinged, dis-guised, re-achier, smooth, over done, nonexistent, Infundibular, meretricious, un sounder, pre possessed, un proven, more trumped-up, most falsie, more postulated, more dissembling, cultivated, highsounding, hyped up, pinchbeck, over ambitious, Astucious, most double-crossing, mis represented, dis ingenuous, most rumbling, more surrogate, un comprehensible, in firmest, most phantom, re-achy, most sophistical, jivey, questionable, in-corporeal, in explicable, un-reliable, assuming, in-tangible, un-cannier, onedimensional, more pirate, smoothtongued, most cup-shaped, Impostrous, more charlatan, un-couth, fairiest, para normal, pre tend, more storybook, twofaced, in tangible, un-critical, more copying, most impostrous, most depthless, tricker, offbase, more superordinary, unrevealed, supranatural, more dreamedup, more highfaluting, more puton, more tinsel, mis leading, unloyal, un-substantial, pre tended, un canniest, most deceiving, more causeless, meta-physical, Euphuistic, knavish, most mimicking, re serve, most hollywood, more presumed, super-natural, most unconforming, sur-face, dis-ingenuous, dis-simulating, slippery, under-stood, Misborn, highflown, super human, most rascal, out of line, most misrepresented, way off, one dimensional, wrecker, dreamedup, worldly.