Getting going

Pronunciation of Getting Going
/ɡˌɛtɪŋ ɡˈə͡ʊɪŋ/, /ɡˌɛtɪŋ ɡˈə‍ʊɪŋ/, /ɡ_ˌɛ_t_ɪ_ŋ ɡ_ˈəʊ_ɪ_ŋ/

Synonyms for getting going

scat (interjection)

get out, scoot, shoo, Begone, Git, BUG OFF, away with you, be off, be off with you, get out from under my feet, get out of my sight, get out of my way, off with you, out with you, out of the way.

begin (verb)

activate, actualize, appear, arise, be born, bring about, bud, cause, come forth, come out, commence, create, crop up, dawn, drive, effect, emanate, embark on, emerge, enter, enter upon, establish, eventuate, found, generate, germinate, get going, go into, happen, impel, inaugurate, induce, initiate, instigate, institute, introduce, issue forth, kick off, launch, lead, make, motivate, mount, occasion, occur, open, originate, prepare, produce, rise, sail, set, set about, set in motion, set up, spring, sprout, start, trigger, undertake, take off, go ahead, send off, DO, result from, enter on, grow out of, plunge into, proceed from, stem from, break ground, break the ice, bring to pass, get under way, give birth to, come into existence, get show on road, give impulse, lay foundation for, make active, make tick, derive from.

commence (verb)

begin, come into being, get cracking, lead off, tear into, take up, jump into, get one's feet wet, hit the ground running, start the ball rolling.

engage (verb)

apply, attach, dovetail, energize, fasten, interact, interlace, interlock, interplay, join, lock, mesh, switch on, intermesh.

found (verb)

constitute, construct, endow, erect, fashion, fix, form, organize, plant, raise, settle, start up, ring in, settle up.

get the lead out (verb)

get it on, hustle, step on it, get a move on, look alive, shake a leg, hop to it, snap to it, make it snappy.

go (verb)

abscond, approach, bug out, cruise, decamp, depart, escape, exit, fare, flee, fly, get away, get off, hie, hightail, journey, lam, leave, make for, mosey, move, move out, near, pass, progress, pull out, push on, quit, repair, retire, run along, run away, shove off, split, take a powder, take flight, take leave, travel, vamoose, wend, withdraw, set off, light out, push off, skip out, beat it, hit the road, take a hike, get lost, make one's way, make a break for it.

move (verb)

actuate, advance, advocate, affect, agitate, blow, bring, bring up, budge, bustle, carry, change, climb, convert, crawl, cross, dislocate, disturb, draw up, drift, excite, flow, glide, go, go away, hurry, impress, incite, inspire, inspirit, jump, leap, locomote, march, migrate, operate, persuade, position, proceed, prompt, propel, propose, push, put forward, quicken, recommend, relocate, remove, roll, rouse, run, scram, shift, ship, shove, stimulate, stir, strike, submit, suggest, sway, switch, touch, transfer, transport, transpose, traverse, turn, urge, walk, work on, give rise to, head for, prevail upon, off-load, play on, tug at.

organize (verb)

adapt, adjust, catalogue, classify, codify, combine, compose, coordinate, correlate, dispose, fit, formulate, frame, get together, group, harmonize, look after, marshal, mold, pigeonhole, put together, range, regulate, shape, standardize, straighten, straighten out, tabulate, tailor, Methodize, line up, see to, whip into shape, put in order, take care of, be responsible for, lick into shape.

pitch in (verb)

aid, attack, buckle down, chip in, come through, contribute, cooperate, help, participate, subscribe, tackle, tee off, volunteer, fall to, lend a hand, wade in, join in, jump in, contribute work, do one's bit, go to it, help; get busy, set to.

proceed (verb)

continue, get, get on with, go on, move on, press on, make a start.

rise and shine (verb)

roll out, get up, turn out, pile out, greet the day, up and at 'em.

rouse (verb)

aggravate, anger, animate, arouse, ask for it, awaken, bestir, bug, challenge, craze, deepen, enhance, enliven, exhilarate, fire up, foment, galvanize, heighten, inflame, innervate, intensify, kindle, magnify, needle, pep up, pique, provoke, rally, redouble, rile, startle, vivify, wake, wake up, waken, whet, whip up, work up, Innerve, Intensate, steam up, key up, make waves.

start (verb)

embark, engender, issue, light, pioneer, sally forth, set out, turn on, take the plunge, make a beginning, lay foundation, see light, take first step.

stimulate (verb)

commove, dynamize, elate, encourage, fan, fire, foster, goad, grab, hook, jazz, juice, perk, prod, send, spark, spirit, spur, stir up, support, vitalize, build a fire under, get one going, get one started.