Give Up

Pronunciation of Give Up
/ɡ_ˈɪ_v ˈʌ_p/, /ɡˈɪv ˈʌp/, /ɡˈɪv ˈʌp/

Antonyms for give up:

confine, challenge, dissent, wait, check, help, schedule, withstand, conceal, put in, corroborate, pursue, DO, gain, join, assert, protect, come in, stabilize, mount, enforce, free, give, fix, let go, defy, demur, take over, come, hold, pour, ascend, win, claim, withhold, be quiet, receive, create, advocate, persist, restart, rediscover, Disacknowledge, detain, starve, persevere, capture, set up, disagree, enter, release, engage, restrain, allow, agree, contradict, reach, cause, connect, indulge, marry, compliment, unite, figure, reject, hoard, prevent, fight, resist, sanction, uphold, continue, guard, go, carry on, resume, go up, go on, scale, jump in, acknowledge, remain, stop, support, increase, bear, fasten, commence, limit, hold on to, haunt, come back, validate, retain, embrace, put together, begin, stay, occupy, condone, restrict, dispute, succeed, keep on, approve, start, organize, disapprove, counter, give birth, remove, take, fill, overcome, go forward, note, overthrow, choose, mend, retry, confuse, raise, conquer, maintain, rise, open, seek, forbid, straighten, dissuade, use, usurp, refuse, pay attention, complete, oppose, collect, disallow, revert, go ahead, carry out, assist, strengthen, worry, defend, accumulate, welcome, attain, prosecute, condemn, return, ignore, imprison, treasure, cloud, endure, meet, introduce, want, repudiate, disobey, veto, arrive, gather, confront, protest, suppress, initiate, encourage, hold out, assume, decline, climb, penalty, favor, grow, go back, downpour, permit, stand up to, save, like, vindicate, take in, achieve, seize, obey, undertake, neglect, admit, include, add, love, keep, aid, hide, obscure, regard, leave alone, employ, unsettle, accept, go back to, differ, cherish, take up, overflow, deny, secure, fail, advance, finish, care, face, dirty, build, hire, secret, ratify, keep quiet, rebuff, court, take on, attach, object, praise, adopt.

Rhymes for give up:

  • sieve, cup, yup, up, sup, give, hupp, viv, rupp, upp, krupp, trupp, pup, live, ziv, liv;
  • relive, outlive, misgive, forgive;

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