Pronunciation of Green
/ɡ_ɹ_ˈiː_n/, /ɡɹˈiːn/, /ɡɹˈiːn/

Antonyms for green

age old, mature, bleak, like a oneman band, more crackerjack, in firmest, in firmer, longserving, longtime, more abreast, most gray haired, fullblown, oldish, like oneman band, having on ball, more well-versed, more wellversed, having something ball, having something the ball, a hand at, most disciplined, more up, been there, unconvinced, most old-timer, most battlescarred, more into, wised up, there, along in years, most polymath, old, has what takes, long-serving, fullgrown, guarded, more well qualified, well educated, more consummated, critical, well versed, disciplined, more oldtimer, watchful, more long time, battle scarred, like one man band, precocious, battlescarred, most fireball, like a pistol, having goods, more reasoned, owing, out-standing, more enfeebled, wary, in prime, withered, wellinformed, well-qualified, wellqualified, more in to, most cured, most long time, of age, timehonored, most abreast, full grown, most exercised, having know how, most schooled, along years, dry, most comeuppance, leery, like one-man band, savvy, more virtuoso, most longserving, knows one's stuff, like pistol, most geriatric, most weathered, more exercised, most enfeebled, having knowhow, more fireball, leafless, wellread, more old-timer, grown up, most full fledged, learned, matured, battle-scarred, most crackerjack, most well-educated, more fossil, knows one stuff, more inured, fullfledged, more professorial, having right stuff, in one's prime, full blown, more wizard, sharp as a tack, adult, VETER, nobodys fool, most well qualified, over-due, over due, full fledged, handy, sharp as tack, initiated, more dynamite, most wellversed, Sporter, more schooled, knowing one's stuff, waterless, most dynamite, worldly wise, broken down, more grounded, artful, welleducated, gray-haired, Evolved, up it, wellgrounded, in-active, having the goods, pre-pared, knowing the score, well, longlasting, like a one-man band, in one prime, cautious, more disciplined, gray haired, therer, in firm, most inured, more wellqualified, knowing score, professional, nobody fool, vetest, master, know stuff, up on, broken in, careful, dexterous, well-versed, more old timer, well-educated, most well-versed, most culminated, having the ball, most wizard, tuned in, serious, more cured, hotshot, whizer, more pansophic, cynical, more well versed, knows ones stuff, fireball, knowing, having on the ball, in ones prime, fully grown, more weathered, long serving, old timer, most pansophic, past one's prime, untrusting, has what it takes, more hotshot, more grayhaired, more oldish, more well educated, capable, knows stuff, more battle scarred, more long serving, Suspecting, neutral, ripe, up speed, more staying, realistic, most into, more polymath, most gray-haired, in full bloom, sportest, most grounded, wise, pansophic, out standing, most staying, poly-math, more gray haired, oldtime, experienced, more full fledged, old time, parched, more battlescarred, having something on ball, expert, of long standing, achromatic, past prime, in the know, most up, wellversed, in know, most fossil, sensible, wise to ways, most long-serving, phenom, well-informed, pre pared, more longserving, most welleducated, hardheaded, most reasoned, philosophic, more culminated, up to snuff, long lasting, knowing stuff, most long-time, most longtime, longlived, desert, whizest, un settled, more fullfledged, been around, most well educated, attributable, more long-time, most oldtimer, most old timer, veteran, of the old school, more ripened, sophisticated, sober, depleted, up to it, having something on the ball, un-settled, long time, most wellqualified, vet, well rounded, geriatric, well grounded, most well versed, long-time, most phenom, poly math, no dummy, skeptical, wellrounded, having know-how, more geriatric, well read, knowing ones stuff, really into, graceful, skillful, more battle-scarred, really in to, Worldlywise, long lived, versed, more phenom, up to speed, most long serving, of old school, past ones prime, ageold, most ripened, most drilled, polymath, knowing one stuff, skilled, in-firmest, wise ways, like a one man band, more gray-haired, street smart, streetwise, in-firmer, in to, not young, adroit, suspicious, the right stuff, time honored, having the right stuff, oldtimer, most attributable, adept, professorial, sere, down-to-earth, arid, more long-serving, more evolved, most posted, more comeuppance, pragmatic, well informed, well qualified, most grayhaired, more well-qualified, most evolved, from way back, most consummated, therest, proficient, elegant.

Usage examples for green

  1. Their green is yellower. – Ethel Morton's Enterprise by Mabell S.C. Smith
  2. He gave a frightened cry, and ran past the green curtain, through the open door, and into the master- player's excited arms. – Master Skylark by John Bennett
  3. Green, and tell him who you are. – The House Behind the Cedars by Charles W. Chesnutt

Idioms for green

  1. be green around the gills;
  2. the rub of the green
  3. green stuff;
  4. have a green thumb;
  5. give sb/ sth the green light;

Quotes for green

  1. When I did A Soldier's Story, I was very young and green and thought I knew everything -now I know I know everything!
  2. If your knees aren't green by the end of the day, you ought to seriously re -examine your life.
  3. When I was growing up, Green Day had just come out.
  4. Green and black go well together, don't they?

Rhymes for green

  • mien, wean, cian, greene, spleen, nene, keane, bean, frean, glean, deen, sheen, mclean, lien, plein, keen, haen, kean, breen, steen, clean, jean, meine, screen, gean, freen, keene, seen, jeanne, wien, mean, lene, jeane, scene, dean, queen, leen, deane, gene, treen, wein, preen, lean, teen, skene;
  • sardine, between, moreen, aleen, seguin, maureen, cathleen, unclean, chretien, agin, slovene, preteen, casein, fourteen, thirteen, noreen, charline, canteen, selene, caffeine, georgine, lamine, christine, colleen, joaquin, nadine, ireene, careen, ameen, laurene, racine, doreen, deneen, fifteen, citrine, charleen, claudine, shirleen, arleen, marine, umpteen, clymene, lorene, pauline, eileen, aileen, vaccine, justine, alene, eugene, helene, saline, celine, amin, carleen, feldene, serene, jeanine, janine, foreseen, aldin, latrine, machine, francine, medin, sixteen, kathleen, cuisine, marcin, demean, sistine, sarene, lurleen, myrlene, nineteen, benzene, onscreen, levine, coleen, sabine, corinne, baleen, marleen, irene, sunscreen, ravine, killeen, kristine, eighteen, convene, philene, crimean, martine, wileen, salin, laureen, moline, charlene, unseen, sharleen, obscene, jolene, ardeen, marleene, maxine;
  • reconvene, propylene, tangerine, intervene, submarine, trampoline, hallowe'en, tambourine, seventeen, unforeseen, augustin, geraldine, wolverine, smithereen, benyamin, figurine, gelatine, halloween, bernadine, valentin, madelene;
  • mujahedeen, mujahideen, aquamarine;