Pronunciation of Growth
/ɡ_ɹ_ˈəʊ_θ/, /ɡɹˈə͡ʊθ/, /ɡɹˈə‍ʊθ/

Antonyms for growth:

wastage, de valuation, on skid, going outs, Breviaries, worsening, decay, re-missions, de-cadence, liquefactions, rottings, withering, de lays, lessening, downward slope, downtrends, re-laxations, re-spites, decrescence, decayings, de generation, over throw, remission, de cease, retro-cessions, dis integration, dis integrations, wasting away, deduction, de crease, strictions, Lubricity, re fluxes, re-cession, de basements, decrease, dissolution, underdevelopment, rust, over doing, de-feat, unthriftinesses, stuff and nonsenses, dis appearance, breviary, un thriftiness, the ends, flaggings, sub traction, expiring, nose dives, relapse, de feats, dis solutions, de mise, re-fluxes, de ceases, dis locations, putridity, ruin, de volutions, drop offs, dis repairs, over-throws, de-volution, re bate, re spite, over-throw, falling, de-solations, caries, subduction, worsenings, re solutions, de-volutions, re-leases, un-doings, de-lay, de-mise, de-ceases, in decency, in-cline, write offs, stagnation, atomizations, re lapse, expiration, dis-locations, de gradation, lost opportunity, out line, in decencies, weakening, crackup, writeoff, sinkings, falsifications, retro-cession, rottenness, corruption, re-treats, malignances, squanderings, de generations, defunctions, un-doing, retro fluxes, de-mises, dis continuations, de feat, de-cease, spoilations, dockage, un doings, out-line, ebbings, re-cessions, de-solation, downward slopes, de volution, rot, de-cline, un-thriftiness, de-crease, in clines, de gradations, stuff nonsenses, de cadences, de-compositions, de basement, de-functions, de-cay, re lease, burnings, over throws, meltings, outward flows, de-clines, backflow, re laxations, de-generations, petering outs, dis repair, re cession, cuttings, de solations, fadings, sub-traction, de-function, mis applications, re-solution, falling offs, retro cessions, de-cadences, looseness, sub-tractions, ebb, loosenesses, low waters, sur-renders, degringolade, failings, de lay, re cessions, Gangrenes, de scents, dwindlings, de-generation, re leases, doctorings, dis location, dis-continuations, overdoings, de clines, retrenchment, dis-repair, sub version, nondevelopment, spoilation, pratfalls, de composition, vitiation, Compend, re spites, Unthriftiness, de-composition, vitiations, over-doing, wastings, corrosion, sur renders, witherings, in solvency, un thriftinesses, diminution, declining, refluxes, drop-offs, retrenchments, de solation, fall, consumption, deterioration, sub tractions, backslide, waning, on skids, re-lease, noxiousnesses, in cline, Shriveling, re mission, disbandment, re treats, falsification, abridgment, retroflux, demise, dis missals, re-solutions, out lines, dis-appearance, de cadence, de cay, re-laxation, dis continuation, devaluation, dis-solution, gangrene, mis-applications, dis-appearances, havoc, expiry, de-feats, in-solvency, exit, degringolades, retro-flux, decrescences, over doings, dis appearances, regress, dis counts, re lapses, malignance, Retrocession, croppers, disbandments, de-basements, on the skids, dis-missals, de mises, re flux, wastages, sub versions, reduction, de compositions, out-lines, putridness, retro cession, in-decencies, downtrend, pratfall, nosedive, subductions, dis-continuation, de-creases, lapse, dis-counts, Refluence, sub-version, dis-integrations, crumblings, perishings, over-doings, abatement, spoilings, refluences, mis-application, spoilage, dying, re-mission, the end, in-solvencies, de creases, destruction, mis application, in-decency, dyings, de valuations, re-lapse, atomization, re bates, oxidation, re-treat, sub-versions, wasting aways, de-scent, dis-repairs, dis solution, weakenings, de function, de cays, stuff and nonsense, fading aways, crackups, dis missal, decease, de-scents, rottennesses, re-bate, cropper, writeoffs, lost opportunities, vice, putrefaction, on the skid, nose dive, end, wilting, un doing, outward flow, retrofluxes, devolution, in-clines, devolutions, backflows, dis-location, Striction, loss, using ups, de scent, halt, putridities, retro-fluxes, un-thriftinesses, putrescence, maleficences, compends, de-valuations, lubricities, drinkings, de functions, failure, de-cays, de-gradation, re missions, drop-off, Diminishment, re-lapses, de-valuation, decline, dis-missal, fading, compression, stop, de-lays, dis-integration, consumings, de-gradations, de cline, reflux, sur-render, decomposition, stuff nonsense, using up, re laxation, declinings, dis-solutions, de-basement, ebbing, death, Defunction.

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