Hang Out

Pronunciation of Hang Out
/hˈaŋ ˈa͡ʊt/, /hˈaŋ ˈa‍ʊt/, /h_ˈa_ŋ ˈaʊ_t/

Synonyms for hang out:

Sense 1 (noun)

air, boil, come off, come out, drip-dry, dry clean, hang up, dhobi, dry cleaner's.

Sense 2 (noun)

cascade, dangle, droop, sling, string, suspend.

Sense 5 (noun)

jut, overhang, project, hang over.

Sense 6 (noun)

display, stick out.

Sense 7 (noun)

frequent, haunt, idle, loiter, wait.

hang-out (noun)

bar, den, dive, haunt, home, honky-tonk, rendezvous, resort, stamping ground, watering hole, Purlieu, stomping ground, hole, joint.

hang out (noun)


abide (verb)

bide, bunk, crash, dwell, inhabit, lodge, nest, perch, room, roost, settle, squat, stay, bunk out.

accompany (verb)

attend, chaperon, conduct, consort, convoy, date, dog, draft, drag, escort, follow, go along, guard, guide, keep company, lead, look after, shadow, spook, squire, stick to, string along, tag along, tailgate, take out, usher, come along, associate with, hang around with, show around, shlep along, show about.

assemble (verb)

accumulate, agglomerate, amass, bring together, bunch, bunch up, call, capture, collect, come together, convene, convoke, corral, flock, gang up, gather, group, hang around, huddle, lump, mobilize, muster, rally, reunite, summon, unite, round up, scare up, meet up, call together, make the scene.

associate (verb)

accompany, amalgamate, confederate, fraternize, get into, get together, hobnob, join, mingle, mix, pal up, pool, team up, tie in, tie up, go along with, take up with, get in on, get in with, run around with, be friends, be in cahoots, buddy up, go partners, hang out with, join up with, line up with, play footsie with, run with, string along with, swing with, throw in together, truck with, work with.

await (verb)

anticipate, count on, hang in, hope, look for, sweat, cool one's heels, look forward to, be prepared for, be ready for, sweat it out.

bide (verb)

await, lie in wait, sit tight, stick around, watch for, hold the phone, sweat it.

congregate (verb)

besiege, concentrate, congress, converge, forgather, mass, pack, raise, swarm, teem, throng, gang around.

dawdle (verb)

amble, bum around, dilly-dally, fool around, fritter away, idle, lag, laze, lazy, loaf, loll, lounge, mosey, poke, procrastinate, saunter, stroll, toddle, trifle, wait, put off, sit around, diddle-daddle, get no place fast, scrounge around, sit on one's butt, warm a chair, goof off.

dwell (verb)

exist, flop, hole up, locate, occupy, park, quarter, rent, rest, sojourn, tenant, tent, keep house, hang one's hat, make one's home, pitch tent, establish oneself.

gather (verb)

aggregate, assemble, associate, choose, cluster, congregate, crowd, cull, draw, draw in, garner, heap, herd, hoard, marshal, pick, pile up, pluck, punch, show up, stack up, stockpile, scrape together, pour in, close with.

goof off (verb)

coast, diddle, doodle, drag one's feet, featherbed, horse around, lollygag, mess around, monkey around, shirk, slack, take it easy, fiddle around, screw off, dog it, fluff off, putz around.

group (verb)

arrange, band together, bracket, harmonize, link, organize, systematize.

hang about/hang around/hang out (verb)

abide, affect, dally, frequent, get along with, linger, live, loiter, reside, roam, swell, tarry, waste time, stand around, have relations with, spend time.

hang around (verb)


haunt (verb)

habituate, infest, repair, visit, hang about.

linger (verb)

crawl, dawdle, dillydally, drift, falter, hesitate, hobble, lumber, mope, plod, putter, shuffle, slouch, stagger, tool, totter, trail, traipse, trudge, vacillate, wait around, be dilatory, be long, be tardy, take one's time.

live (verb)


loaf (verb)

bum, dream, evade, goldbrick, let down, lounge around, malinger, piddle, relax, slow down, stall, vegetate, knock around, kill time, not lift a finger, be inactive, be indolent, be slothful, be unoccupied, pass time, while away hours, twiddle thumbs.

mingle (verb)

circulate, network, rub shoulders, work the room.

mix (verb)

get along.

nationalize (verb)


remain (verb)

bivouac, cling, delay, endure, freeze, go on, hang, hold over, hover, keep on, last, outlast, outlive, pause, persist, prevail, sit out, stand, stay put, survive, stay over, sit through, stay behind, stay in, make camp, be left, hold the fort, put on hold, remain standing.

sit tight (verb)

cool it, hold on, lie low, stand by, mark time, bide one's time, fill time, keep your shirt on.

socialize (verb)

club, entertain, get about, get around, league, go out, make the rounds, tie up with, pal around, chum with, make advances.

stay (verb)

outstay, reprieve, respite, stay out, put down roots.

wait (verb)

expect, foresee, hold back, watch, sit up for, stay up for, hang onto your hat, hold everything, keep shirt on, save it.

Sense 1

droop, droopy, dry clean, ironing, launderette, laundromat, laundry, pendulous, washday, washing, washing day, hang up, dhobi, iron-on, saggy.

Sense 2

boil, consort, dangle, drip-dry, fraternize, launder, load, wash, wash out, waterproof.

Sense 3

associate, come off, haunt, suspend.

Sense 4

flop, iron.

Sense 5

cascade, press, put out, resort, spin.

Sense 6

come out.

Sense 8

drag, hang, sling.

Sense 9


Sense 10


Sense 11


Sense 21




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