Hangs Onto Your Hat

Pronunciation of Hangs Onto Your Hat
/hˈaŋz ˌɒntʊ jɔː hˈat/, /hˈaŋz ˌɒntʊ jɔː hˈat/, /h_ˈa_ŋ_z ˌɒ_n_t_ʊ j_ɔː h_ˈa_t/

Antonyms for hangs onto your hat:

carry on, hurry, carry out, forge, rush, go ahead, leave, forward, advance, move, DO, go.

Synonyms for hangs onto your hat:

wait (verb)

abide, anticipate, await, bide, cool it, dally, delay, expect, foresee, hang, hang around, hang out, hold back, hold on, hole up, lie in wait, lie low, linger, look for, remain, sit tight, stall, stay, stick around, tarry, watch, stand by, mark time, sit up for, look forward to, stay up for, bide one's time, fill time, hang onto your hat, hold everything, hold the phone, keep shirt on, put on hold, save it, sweat it.

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