Pronunciation of Hard
/hˈɑːd/, /hˈɑːd/, /h_ˈɑː_d/

Antonyms for hard

persuadable, temperate, good natured, peaceful, diseased, reposeful, dis-reputable, in-different, effortless, flickery, easily, putty in one hands, more lithesome, nothing it, toned, de-signing, qualified, most pushover, more sympathizing, most fullflavored, light, more sweet-tempered, putty one hands, goodhumored, dis-passionate, gently, accessible, runny, most planate, most rookie, worn, most right-on, more letting, over-acted, subdued, laid on the line, un substantial, cushiony, in-constant, most cushiony, susceptible, Disimpassioned, most mild mannered, un-complicated, more foundational, volatile, lowkey, in complex, understated, most oversensitive, changeable, more hypersensitive, clear cut, padded, more dimmed, ex-acting, gone seed, more fusible, good tempered, unpinned, more substratal, recuperative, most close-at-hand, most bleeding heart, imagined, sweet-tempered, more sweet tempered, embroidered, un-chaster, more bleeding-heart, fluidic, any way, more near at hand, more allowing, gone to seed, in definite, most good hearted, in-firmer, gelatinous, most excusing, de liquescent, liquid, be loved, snapper, more sweetsounding, most unclasped, in considerable, obedient, pro-founder, living with, more twilight, unexacting, dis-criminating, invalid, cinchest, most letting, bearable, most ho-hum, planate, fully developed, non-resistant, most fine grained, ex acting, easily seen, most squareshooting, over-indulged, more velvety, more bleeding heart, unshackled, imaginary, breezest, humoring, most cottony, unsound, un restricted, alleviated, primo, de signing, friendly, loose fitting, more ichorous, easily done, pappest, pappier, un shackled, most loose fitting, un-pretentious, no bother, more tender hearted, more recherche, sweet-sounding, in securer, be ginning, most muted, eased, undeviating, limber, most unbound, wimpy, most liquefied, more oversensitive, most overemotional, sentimental, most dissolved, mild, unstable, exaggerated, velvety, unbitter, more straight-arrow, sub stratal, un-selfish, dewyeyed, simplex, more disciplined, most unresisting, more low toned, soggy, more finegrained, more pardoning, complying, snug as a bug in a rug, most meltable, Mashy, disputable, most ripened, more utile, most near-at-hand, slavish, evident, more overemotional, most uncongealed, more unsecured, in secure, in-considerable, more unexcited, goodnatured, kind, Mellifluent, most plain spoken, most uncaged, most unworried, sweet tempered, more dissolvable, kindly, plaindealing, uninformed, more untroublesome, most right on, lovey dovey, more influenceable, assuasive, most easy going, charitable, breezer, nice, dis-tressed, apocryphal, fine-grained, moderated, un selfish, Unburdensome, more stirred, most sweet sounding, most straight arrow, most submitting, un demanding, pliable, more unworried, most close at hand, lessened, sweettempered, implied, most bendable, un-excited, more sweet sounding, nonindulgent, snug as bug a rug, tractile, unspecified, more murmured, more recognizable, un chastest, more nonspecific, un dissembling, simple, in-firmest, un-secured, un-attached, sub missive, Soft-hearted, most cast, Deceivable, more thawed, more pampering, going easy on, in-variable, quick to recover, re fined, most imprecise, more favoring, most attenuate, under standing, Deludable, thin, diffused, semi-solid, runniest, most asunder, ductile, doughy, un mistakable, near at hand, more hairsplitting, un-chaste, more manipulable, nonalcoholic, most hypersensitive, more nonresistant, un-resisting, more spoiling, un-hooked, more caressing, welljudged, most favoring, most strengthened, dis-connected, laid the line, syrupy, Uncongealed, more fine grained, being big, warmhearted, more heart-rending, over-wrought, patient, like is, more mild-mannered, more abecedarian, most manipulable, un tied, unimportant, lax, most unbroken, un-fettered, more unexacting, most plain dealing, more formable, comfortable, undocumented, manageable, re bounding, inconstant, most sweettempered, tolerantly, un-restricted, un-involved, straightarrow, resilient, un locked, most gossamery, un-latched, un-fastened, full flavored, comforting, most heart-rending, most insinuated, un complex, no sweat, most disimpassioned, most tempered, unsure, most jelled, not fitting, selfexplanatory, un-suspicious, fracturable, most unburdensome, more dripping, reasonable, Incomplex, most pretenseless, most fluidic, spirant, un-hinged, live with, most influenceable, in-definite, rosewater, un bound, like sport, re-signed, more asunder, more easy going, mindless, lithesome, most lovey dovey, indulgently, fictional, more hairline, formable, most fine-grained, more overindulgent, most simpering, un-complex, Shattery, softening, behindhand, shallower, affectionate, up standing, most tractile, un emotional, transient, most liquiform, un-eventful, more plain-dealing, most mildmannered, most darling, most righton, low key, dis criminating, more dovelike, low toned, more treasured, more unresisting, false, dis regardful, cared for, over-indulgent, under-stated, clear, bleedingheart, Pretenseless, all heart, soft hearted, low pitched, de relict, more close-at-hand, subservient, most rubbery, putty hands, airy, un-trained, most deludable, heart in right place, most speeding, more near-at-hand, more lovey-dovey, more undissembling, most full-flavored, dis interested, cursive, most semisolid, un-bound, most soft hearted, dis-interested, un-disturbed, Cribriform, uni-form, more fleeceable, most walkover, simplified, relaxing, most fleeceable, more excusing, warm, semi liquid, more relaxing, most sweet-sounding, un flappable, disciplined, most shatterable, amenable, hyper-sensitive, achievable, more loose fitting, most assuasive, in sipid, caring, aqueous, most recherche, at large, unsettled, exhausted, Undissembled, sympathetic, mercurial, tractable, heart rending, more plain dealing, most soft shell, most loosened, unsteady, most picnic, fabulous, in clover, be-ginning, more meltable, fresh, more square shooting, undemanding, most silvery, good hearted, un ripest, bright, more submitting, flippest, snug as a bug a rug, kindhearted, most dove like, most abcs, high spirited, un complicated, most lovey-dovey, un clasped, more apart, mutable, more mirrorlike, most ho hum, more assuasive, more undeviating, most forbearant, softshell, more undisguised, un-tied, puny, more unbolted, in-secure, more cursive, wieldy, dis-solvable, most straightarrow, pleasant, implausible, most apart, un troublesome, un-caged, more mollifying, thinskinned, trans-parent, most murmured, loving, most unanxious, reduced, unlatched, broadminded, hohum, un-ripest, nonrational, more ho hum, flimsy, calm, mild mannered, most unpinned, clearcut, un-varying, most treasured, dewy eyed, scattered, more pushover, theoretical, un-dissembled, soft, more strengthened, dis tressed, devil may care, most straight-arrow, in-curious, bendable, broad minded, more unbound, neat, more rookie, on hand, most unsecured, un concerned, smooth, more uncaged, more cottony, negotiable, unauthentic, most pardoning, adjustable, fullflavored, most well-judged, more muted, more lenitive, most lenitive, most rippleless, more jelled, most formable, quick recover, initial, most undisguised, more picnic, loose, hospitable, more lovey dovey, lightly, cordial, more full-flavored, most sweetsounding, more realizable, mashiest, more unlatched, most unhooked, most allowing, more fictile, more liquiform, doughier, Gossamery, more mollycoddling, putty, unjustified, more abcs, more easy-going, asleep on job, pro found, un bolted, wieldiest, in variable, more uncongealed, submissive, pliant, lenitive, more loosened, more pastelike, more welljudged, more deliquescent, de-tailed, tolerable, soft shell, un excited, most undissembled, semi solid, sweetsounding, out shape, un confined, more liberated, un forced, most dripping, un secured, mis tier, illogical, hairline, facile, dis solved, more soft hearted, well off, dis solvable, at ease, loose-fitting, un-natural, un-emotional, more syrupy, undisguised, unfixedly, more disimpassioned, silver tongued, dis reputable, mythical, squareshooting, moderately, more simpering, un broken, more playing, most loveydovey, more squareshooting, Dovelike, more understated, unresisting, in flamed, merciful, more dove-like, recherche, un-congealed, irrational, more semisolid, sweet sounding, pastelike, dove-like, more loveydovey, mis-tier, un-concerned, most bruised, moderate, more unimpressible, lowpitched, most abecedarian, most fundamental, dis-solute, de-liquescent, most tender-hearted, capricious, straight-arrow, more unhooked, un-anxious, most liberated, good-natured, more mild mannered, high living, most pastelike, most dissolvable, dis-solved, mindblowing, in-distinct, pre tenseless, un hurried, un involved, docile, un varying, softer, flexible, more bleedingheart, most low-toned, more unbroken, most beginning, most hairsplitting, up set, more overindulged, un-troublesome, out-spoken, more molded, most primo, more serous, not burdensome, gentle, paying no mind, more unanxious, un-mindful, un ambiguous, trans parent, un-disguised, velvet, unpredictable, unsupportable, demulcent, more semiliquid, more unoppressive, putty one's hands, un varnished, pretend, most dove-like, un assuming, un-chastest, nonfactual, most unimpressible, vulnerable, diffuse, softhearted, most unfastened, un worried, most deceivable, most hohum, ho-hum, all owing, more mellifluent, more beginning, accepting, most ichorous, un caring, most square shooting, most shapeable, papper, pappiest, more bruised, lowtoned, loveydovey, more insinuated, most fusible, painless, putty in ones hands, inexact, flipper, low-toned, more right-on, putty ones hands, un ruffled, elementary, good-tempered, un-equivocal, most deliquescent, most simplex, most softshell, tender hearted, in different, pro-found, most fracturable, more shattery, more soft-hearted, sensitive, over-emotional, ho hum, most substratal, most unbolted, utile, trivial, un affected, governable, realizable, most soft-shell, more unsuspicious, dove like, indefinite, dis solute, Soft-shell, pre-tenseless, un buttoned, most overindulged, fluctuating, liquescent, un caged, most disciplined, laid back, self explanatory, benignant, dissolvable, softly, more feeling, most thawed, most unlatched, more unfastened, receptive, thin skinned, rolling with punches, puttiest, diminished, more well-judged, acquiescent, un-locked, more full flavored, more cherished, ex tensile, more frictionless, more bendable, more assuaging, de-lightful, more recuperative, Unreasoned, Tender-hearted, un exacting, changeful, easy-going, un-riper, more pabulum, in-sinuated, more plaindealing, made-up, rubbery, in conspicuous, most slackened, un-broken, re-bounding, laid-back, ex-cited, misguided, more shaven, ichorous, mild-mannered, under-standing, more unshackled, over emotional, most sweet-tempered, in-securer, loosefitting, most welljudged, fantastic, more liquescent, runnier, full-flavored, most finegrained, more nothing, most splashing, more soft-shell, fictitious, childs play, most stirred, in-formal, silvery, serous, un chaster, un-exacting, fine grained, cottony, un-pinned, most stretchable, un done, un sophisticated, sub-stratal, dis connected, most mirrorlike, most shattery, irrepressible, more softshell, plain spoken, most fictile, salving, in-complex, un equivocal, more incomplex, more well judged, in securest, snappest, more pampered, overindulgent, compromising, luxurious, stretchiest, piece cake, rolling with the punches, most pabulum, more liquefied, re gular, up-set, un trained, most attenuated, un-forced, liquiform, restful, most pampering, in direct, continuant, close at hand, neglectful, most overindulgent, more undemanding, endurable, preliminary, semiliquid, more fine-grained, under lying, unenthusiastically, un burdensome, most rubberlike, more rebounding, more demulcent, un-impressible, un-restrained, stretchier, re-cognizable, be-loved, more mildmannered, unworried, most utile, forbearing, most realizable, more close at hand, questionable, more deceivable, unresistant, most untroublesome, incapacitated, more primo, most nothing, putty in one's hands, stretchable, Unimpressible, fast talk, more painless, most tender hearted, un-perturbed, most full flavored, unsuspicious, un disguised, most cured, in-securest, more good-hearted, most cursive, pro founder, most heart rending, mind blowing, more silvery, temporary, snug as a bug rug, bleeding-heart, un feeling, more cast, at rest, un-oppressive, made well, unbolted, more caring, un-caring, most mollifying, invented, more uncomplex, un impressible, more cushiony, imprecise, in-flamed, un-connected, heart-rending, transparent, plastic, hypersensitive, de tailed, fusible, all-owing, most understated, more tractile, more rosewater, most sympathizing, more fracturable, malleable, more evident, plain dealing, lenient, untroublesome, more enjoying, in formal, near-at-hand, more cribriform, resistless, under-lying, un resisting, nonspecific, most rebounding, more understanding, more humoring, old softie, most recuperative, sweet, weak, willing, uni form, more fullflavored, more aqueous, more darling, un-hurried, not difficult, nonsensical, more straight arrow, agreeable, in firmest, out of shape, snug as bug in rug, compliant, speculative, un fastened, most velvety, semisolid, most nonspecific, most nonresistant, un-ripe, in distinct, more gossamery, most unoppressive, most unshackled, compassionate, most uncomplex, uncomplex, sunny, most caring, strict, un-demanding, more speeding, un disturbed, unconvincing, more tempered, doughiest, affected, most undissembling, un suspicious, more condoling, unexcited, decreased, most frictionless, nothing much, most undemanding, more deludable, more hohum, un hinged, in firm, in-conspicuous, most aqueous, meltable, meat potatoes, most lowtoned, unsecured, most soft-hearted, silvertongued, most dimmed, fond, un perturbed, un pinned, shatterable, mashier, un-varnished, untrue, permeable, most recognizable, more heart rending, stretchy, crippled, feeble minded, right-on, most apparent, nonresistant, most caressing, doubtful, benevolent, most rosewater, shapeable, cheerful, re cognizable, asleep job, more attenuated, tenderhearted, more unclasped, most semiliquid, tearjerking, in accurate, over whelmed, most mild-mannered, most spoiling, more stretchable, in sinuated, dis impassioned, snug as bug in a rug, more splashing, shallow, re-gular, re-leased, clement, most humoring, un troubled, more ho-hum, un fettered, easy going, straightforward, legendary, mushy, un-troubled, un ripe, slight, more shapeable, most near at hand, variable, wimpiest, easy, more tender-hearted, most cribriform, temperamental, un-buttoned, overemotional, dis passionate, re stored, Undissembling, more loose-fitting, de-relict, ex cited, easily led, tender, square shooting, re-stored, uncaged, most square-shooting, fleeceable, dis-regardful, un-ruffled, open-ended, worn-out, placable, righton, snapping back, mellow, napped, more loosefitting, subtle, in firmer, in curious, handy, most foundational, non-specific, non specific, over indulged, semi-liquid, hypothetical, more righton, rubberlike, more right on, un-clasped, tolerant, fictile, considerate, more walkover, most molded, putty in hands, more good hearted, finegrained, most painless, un dissembled, most assuaging, pitying, most hairline, more attenuate, most giving, in-direct, uncertain, most lithesome, substratal, most cherished, more forbearant, chimerical, perishable, more low-toned, porous, most unexcited, un-concealed, goodtempered, supple, good-hearted, out spoken, welloff, deliquescent, stretchest, cincher, un-deviating, most mellifluent, dis-impassioned, no problem, more dissolved, nonchalant, fictionalized, most twilight, close by, most well judged, forgiving, kind hearted, over-whelmed, more straightarrow, most bleeding-heart, trifling, more pretenseless, most syrupy, more melodious, wet behind ears, out control, brushed, most mollycoddling, most unexacting, over acted, delicate, wieldier, child play, limp, un anxious, elastic, un-mistakable, under stated, lovey-dovey, de lightful, in-sipid, most liquescent, insupportable, no trouble, Unhooked, fallacious, emasculated, re signed, over indulgent, spongy, un interrupted, more simplex, doable, more soft shell, fanciful, un-worried, ex tensible, more soothed, genial, ex-tensible, complaisant, more ripened, more rubbery, un chaste, more fluidic, yielding, more cured, most plain-spoken, close-at-hand, most loosefitting, more unpinned, responsive, well judged, un-burdensome, more lowtoned, happy, more rubberlike, most good-hearted, hands down, gracious, un congealed, more sweet-sounding, more dove like, un concealed, foundational, un hooked, most serous, snug as bug rug, mortal, un-confined, un-substantial, ex-tensile.