Hashed Over

Pronunciation of Hashed Over
/hˈaʃt ˈə͡ʊvə/, /hˈaʃt ˈə‍ʊvə/, /h_ˈa_ʃ_t ˈəʊ_v_ə/

Synonyms for hashed over:

argue (verb)

altercate, bandy, battle, bicker, break with, buck, contend, cross, disagree, dispute, feud, hammer, hash, hash over, hassle, jump, jump on, pettifog, quarrel, quibble, rehash, row, sass, squabble, wrangle, face off, gang up on, hammer away, talk back, face down, knock around, cross swords, lock horns, bump heads, get in one's face, go one on one, have at each other, have at it, mix it up, pick an argument, put up a fight, put up a struggle, set to, sock it to, stick it to.

debate (verb)

agitate, answer, canvass, cogitate, confab, confute, consider, contest, controvert, deliberate, demonstrate, differ, disprove, kick around, moot, oppose, prove, question, reason, rebut, refute, thrash out, Discept, chew the fat, toss around, hammer away at, pick a bone, put up argument, talk game.

discuss (verb)

argue, confabulate, confer, converse, debate, descant, dissertate, examine, explain, figure, get together, go into, jaw, kick about, review, sift, ventilate, weigh, Dissert, groupthink, take up, hold forth, bounce off, compare notes, put heads together, consult with, discourse about, exchange views on, reason about.

review (verb)

analyze, brush up, check out, debrief, go over, polish up, reassess, recall, recap, recapitulate, recollect, reconsider, reevaluate, reexamine, remember, rethink, revise, revisit, run over, think over, summon up, reflect on, look back on, call to mind, check thoroughly, look at again, run through, run up flagpole, take another look.

weigh (verb)

appraise, balance, brainstorm, estimate, evaluate, excogitate, meditate, mind, mull over, ponder, rate, sort out, study, sweat, think about, think out, track, Perpend, give thought to, reflect upon.

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