Pronunciation of Heavy
/hˈɛvi/, /hˈɛvi/, /h_ˈɛ_v_i/

Antonyms for heavy

in firmer, un-diluted, alleviated, more long-limbed, un-healthiest, more light toned, more twiglike, un troublesome, hair-raising, more imponderous, incapable, most faltering, starving, wishywashy, well-ventilated, lacelike, un steadiest, un taxing, most supernatant, more lowtoned, peckish, energizing, crystalclear, infirm, out side, miniature, light-toned, more lighthued, most pulverized, hazy, qualified, more low toned, Light-hearted, un sinkable, un-sounder, most beanpole, facile, untroublesome, most fluttering, un-tenable, more weakkneed, most skewed, thrilling, sweeter, pre-carious, most skin-and-bones, stimulating, untaxing, most ungrounded, un-exacting, more lighttoned, light-skinned, more blurred, shallower, un clear, surprising, most bleached, un substantial, Controvertible, Gossamery, obscure, fine, most y shaped, skin and bones, heartiest, accessible, subtiler, draftier, most forwardlooking, slap happy, more dehydrated, more weak-kneed, zingy, de-solate, ungrounded, more controvertible, Shattery, cheerful, most long-limbed, lightskinned, more wafer-thin, most powdered, more faltering, hilarious, ineffective, more finicking, more crystal-clear, more crotched, unsubstantial, buoyant, slap-happy, most stretched, most tiffany, slight, fabulous, out-right, superficial, most filigree, illumined, most bated, calm, in-formal, in good spirits, gladsome, most crotched, marvelous, sunnyside up, toned, more longlegged, un troubled, more fluorescent, more fine-grained, rousing, most phosphorescent, high spirited, brilliant, welllit, far off, most fair skinned, weakkneed, more scintillant, more up, wafer-thin, ex cited, more dazzled, more uncluttered, goodhumored, mesmerizing, underweight, low pressure, convenient, most slap-happy, fore sighted, light-hued, not many, most hair trigger, astounding, in-sufficient, most lowtoned, shallow, long-limbed, wonderful, divaricate, bearable, illdefined, head-long, snappy, laid back, unskillful, smooth, most cutrate, more tow headed, feeling ones oats, most anatomical, more long-legged, bi-furcate, zappiest, reedier, decreased, peaceful, more skin-and-bone, provocative, spellbinding, in-firmer, ill defined, Hungering, in-fertile, Finicking, aglow, most slap happy, most shrivelled, joyful, more v shaped, most gogo, unexacting, more aside, gracile, most scintillant, sub tiler, yshaped, in tangible, meager, more forwardlooking, bendable, most papery, most unpersuasive, skeletal, weak in the knees, keeping the faith, light hued, eye-opening, lite, most light-toned, sunlit, beguiling, go go, more starved, mindless, more anticipating, hardly any, agreeable, highspirited, most twiglike, aborting, more patterned, more lightsome, cloudless, fine-drawn, most floatable, supernatant, out right, wimpy, goodnatured, uncomplicated, most unmixed, in-conceivable, more undoubtful, more unmixed, un-sound, gradual, radiant, more low pressure, wafer thin, most cushiony, uncluttered, non submersible, unobscured, most bucked, more light-hearted, like rail, most sideling, sunshiny, delicate, un-satisfactory, de-hydrated, smoooth, light, more cushiony, suspenseful, comforting, most gladsome, genial, sharp cornered, poor, most unalloyed, dry, more astir, diet, most low-pressure, exhilarating, uncelebrated, most welllit, more slaphappy, ex-cited, impoverished, see through, in significant, un-soundest, most finedrawn, looking forward to, most cut rate, un-troubled, more beanstalk, most broomstick, sub tile, clarified, galvanizing, fair skinned, fragmentary, Floatable, light-footed, endurable, un productive, impotent, more dog hungry, most well-ventilated, most long legged, illuminated, punch drunk, longlimbed, cheap, most light-hued, un qualified, most fluorescent, more hyaline, most atrophied, amazing, more undemanding, most y-shaped, more hairtrigger, full of pep, tenuous, in consequential, cozy, more muted, inspiring, welllighted, in-considerable, entrancing, reediest, un-heavier, leggiest, feeling oats, more cutrate, flimsy, electrifying, un believable, more y shaped, powerless, most softened, more well-lighted, elementary, most cobweb, more fragile, de-lightful, reposeful, cottony, un fruitful, pleasant, skeletonlike, sunbeamy, up-set, happy, most dazzled, un tenable, trans-lucent, poler, most well-lighted, de solate, more bendable, more staggered, un healthier, more slap happy, more papery, more murmuring, gentle, more skin and bone, in adequate, gaunt, most light toned, un mitigated, fore-sighted, un sound, inconsequential, perky, more hair trigger, full pep, be-wildered, thin as rail, more waxlike, most cut-rate, palatable, most imponderous, more bifurcate, most hairtrigger, un healthiest, tiny, more hair-trigger, handy, more easy-going, hardly enough, cutrate, good humored, most sailing, tow-headed, slender, most undernourished, out and out, draftiest, most featherweight, more unpersuasive, bi furcate, fracturable, most sunbeamy, cobwebby, most jocund, most untaxing, flying light, breezy, most skeletonlike, more sharp-cornered, in-spirited, wellventilated, more divaricate, feeble, sheer, low-pressure, more well-ventilated, hair trigger, most paper-thin, in-firmest, most longlimbed, subdued, hairline, feeling one oats, invigorating, wishy washy, more wafting, most well-lit, most fairskinned, un-convincing, incompetent, more light-toned, most murmuring, tissuelike, good natured, more shatterable, visionary, more shrivelled, blinded, under nourished, scraggier, most go go, doughy, unheavier, selfconfident, more stifled, vshaped, light hearted, leggier, most light hued, more fracturable, user-friendly, most emboldened, un-clearest, y shaped, most light footed, Transpicuous, more aglow, no fat, kind, more pinched, Finedrawn, weak in knees, painless, un-obscured, up beat, stalkiest, more easy going, in distinct, out-of-doors, well lighted, cut-rate, more cut-rate, in-audible, lacy, un-healthy, quiter, punchdrunk, most beanstalk, more y-shaped, most trustful, relaxed, more waferthin, insignificant, Fine-spun, most light skinned, unfit, un mixed, un clouded, more forward looking, skin and bone, most undemanding, head long, un-productive, most invigorated, like a bag bones, most tow headed, most vshaped, more dispersed, un-sinkable, nonindulgent, in-adequate, featherweight, non-submersible, unqualified, nice, more hovering, more skin-and-bones, most transpicuous, most lowpressure, more well lit, sunny, plain, long-legged, super natant, like bag bones, more light hearted, in audible, low toned, re-fulgent, more unsinkable, most dispersed, pro vocative, in-credible, most muted, most velvety, more crossing, pappier, nameless, un-reasonable, most finicking, lightfooted, diminished, achievable, most controvertible, most wafting, more fine-drawn, easy, like a rail, most easy going, most forward looking, manageable, more undernourished, forward-looking, trivial, more akimbo, un-attached, free easy, more skewed, more welllighted, anonymous, more bustling, scraggy, gauzy, most unobscured, small, washed out, out-righter, most aside, un grounded, most out-of-doors, most out of doors, most fracturable, sharp-cornered, most wafer-thin, unimportant, more lacelike, most bendable, under-nourished, out rightest, zestful, most undoubtful, most hungering, most paper thin, more untaxing, most winsome, most bifurcate, most shatterable, most patterned, un-mitigated, most crystal-clear, dainty, dazzling, weak, more bated, in spirited, more invigorated, most astir, most fine grained, trustful, most well lit, most whitish, be fuddled, most fine-spun, chiffon, more cut rate, un-steadiest, lessened, more long legged, more deadened, see-through, lithe, sensational, thin, re fined, more go go, most aglow, runnier, most blinded, inexpert, gangly, more gracile, moderated, sticker, un heaviest, most skin-and-bone, poignant, more fine drawn, snug, more well ventilated, effortless, more longlimbed, most waxlike, more paperthin, not much, wellmade, sunny-side up, more chiffon, sweetest, wimpiest, relaxing, moving, lighttoned, pre carious, wondrous, more lithesome, unalloyed, un-clear, more trustful, most lightfooted, un healthy, seethrough, malnourished, soothing, most deadened, little, lively, zappier, out control, un reasonable, Stalky, breathtaking, more shattery, more hyper, more fluttering, in effective, most skin and bone, loose, peakier, un-cluttered, more out-of-doors, most lithesome, most skin and bones, infertile, more tiffany, more hungering, more light-skinned, eased, unpersuasive, most darling, floating, light-duty, faint, most fine-drawn, finegrained, sylphlike, stickest, more whitish, more anatomical, un adulterated, most well lighted, most zestful, hairtrigger, more forward-looking, most osseous, self assured, doughier, most unsinkable, most paperthin, reduced, more nonsubmersible, more darling, unsinkable, most wellventilated, more gladsome, most go-go, un convincing, emaciated, meshiest, shoestring, phosphorescent, trans parent, polest, most altogether, more slap-happy, more fine grained, simple, more bucked, most craving, most skeleton, be wildered, re-assured, more piano, un enthusiastic, pappiest, more shriveled, most shattery, un-substantial, most rattleboned, most shriveled, graceful, in high spirits, most fine spun, keeping faith, in-firm, rattleboned, in firm, more rattleboned, most cottony, crystal-clear, more velvety, de lightful, mild, more attenuated, most v-shaped, in-substantial, pro-vocative, hospitable, most piano, most lightsome, subtilest, most attenuate, most inspirited, un-grounded, more low-pressure, most hair-trigger, more dog-hungry, off balance, low-toned, astonishing, under-weight, most fine drawn, out righter, more vshaped, more cobwebby, lightest, not rich, more light-footed, more sailing, lowpitched, zingiest, chirpy, more finedrawn, un-flagging, doable, like bag of bones, more hairline, Reeling, un-troublesome, fair-skinned, un obscured, house cards, un clearest, more emboldened, most quality, more fine-spun, un-mixed, more filigree, more lightfooted, sub-tile, most cobwebby, lit, most attenuated, low pitched, v shaped, un predictable, most longlegged, washedout, most illusory, digestible, Miscarrying, be-mused, trans-parent, most light hearted, un-heavy, most shadow, forwardlooking, more unexacting, more powdered, most tissuelike, more ungrounded, charming, most dog hungry, most v shaped, un-heaviest, minor, well lit, comfortable, most weak-kneed, rosecolored, chirpiest, more sharpcornered, lightweight, peaky, Meshy, un-fruitful, more burnished, more skeleton, thin skinned, in-effective, sunny side up, most gracile, in-effectual, skin-and-bone, be-fuddled, most hairline, de-tailed, re-splendent, doghungry, most muttering, fragile, ex posed, rickety, more skeletonlike, un steadier, tantalizing, unserious, runny, sanguine, natural, frilly, most nonsubmersible, unknown, more broomstick, un heavy, more intersecting, most shoestring, re assured, stilt, runniest, un heavier, more quality, strict, easy-going, more recherche, in-distinct, undersized, hopeful, most crystalclear, most tow-headed, spectacular, most finegrained, most hovering, more cottony, most bustling, enchanting, most hyaline, un demanding, skinny, gay, most intersecting, most malnourished, scrawny, meshier, most low-toned, lean, most waferthin, under weight, weak knees, gossamer, more untroublesome, atrophied, more buzzing, lowtoned, moderate, Subtile, in-consequential, captivating, most crossing, more softened, most chiffon, more paper thin, well made, soft, tiffany, well-made, more go-go, lighthued, unmixed, fine spun, more muttering, un-enthusiastic, Undoubtful, frilliest, un-predictable, angular, scintillant, exuberant, more beanpole, un sounder, dizzy, most lacelike, more altogether, paper thin, more sideling, rarest, more shadow, awesome, more sunbeamy, in conceivable, cushiony, feeling one's oats, most gossamery, un satisfactory, drafty, most fine-grained, most uncluttered, nonfattening, most unexacting, most smiling, most perishing, super-natant, velvety, most sharp cornered, more wafer thin, most recherche, more light footed, frothy, Imponderous, touching, stiltest, light footed, ex-posed, selfassured, unskilled, most akimbo, go-go, more perishing, more lightskinned, most rinkydink, un-adulterated, trans lucent, more unobscured, balmy, more sharp cornered, at ease, most light-hearted, more fine spun, un doubtful, undernourished, more skin and bones, most blurred, more long limbed, out of earshot, more weak kneed, more cobweb, un-taxing, most lighttoned, tolerable, chirpier, more attenuate, virtuous, tow headed, up set, more fairskinned, cut rate, fine-grained, fine grained, dog-hungry, bony, Sideling, most crystal clear, papery, un cluttered, fine drawn, fainter, de hydrated, most reassured, un-demanding, re-mote, clement, recherche, shatterable, unheaviest, out of doors, empty, un-believable, in firmest, more supernatant, more low-toned, reedy, be mused, stilter, luxurious, most light-skinned, restful, un steady, more inspirited, most untroublesome, broomstick, un exacting, weak the knees, un persuasive, most up, more gossamery, whitish, long legged, more well lighted, unseasoned, helpless, twiglike, most long limbed, more tissuelike, most anticipating, waferthin, stalkier, un-alloyed, more tow-headed, more featherweight, un-important, more transpicuous, house of cards, shiny, more shoestring, more wellventilated, more out of doors, most stifled, more lowpressure, enlivening, most sylphlike, more unalloyed, in substantial, full of zip, most weakkneed, out earshot, more finegrained, attractive, light skinned, unheavy, most long-legged, rose colored, cellophane, in effectual, most light-footed, polite, inept, more well-lit, beanstalk, most flashing, un-qualified, more malnourished, friendly, rinkydink, paper-thin, more sylphlike, thinskinned, most pinched, un diluted, well-lighted, in considerable, most divaricate, frail, more v-shaped, more rinkydink, undemanding, stirring, frillier, un-steadier, exciting, most dehydrated, alluring, in fertile, doughiest, more peckish, pale, weak kneed, de tailed, in-tangible, slimming, most staggered, light toned, in credible, more smiling, bewitching, paperthin, easy going, airy, more bleached, barren, un constrained, more stretched, hyaline, un-persuasive, nonfat, more atrophied, most sharp-cornered, like a bag of bones, animating, anatomical, more floatable, zappy, Crotched, up-beat, skin-and-bones, most wafer thin, courteous, in formal, rip-roaring, scraggiest, nonsubmersible, full zip, lithesome.