Pronunciation of High
/h_ˈaɪ/, /hˈa͡ɪ/, /hˈa‍ɪ/

Antonyms for high

de-graded, more abbreviate, short tempered, un-costly, secondary, most striated, free, most dragged, in-disposed, more shortened, unwashed, dis-solute, un civilized, most deep-set, unethical, more commutual, most low hanging, trivial, rotten, more lessened, un principled, most vulgarian, down in mouth, junior, monstrous, villainous, low spirits, most low-hanging, dis-reputable, conjunct, down the dumps, most crouched, most abased, most disheartened, subordinate, straight, most subsided, cup shaped, most pocket-sized, proletarian, undignified, cupshaped, not long, shortlived, in sincerest, menial, incurved, un-washed, most lowdown, more below, re-sounding, deep set, short lived, most summarized, re-probate, small, in-sincerer, more lowdown, second rate, down-at-heel, de-generate, low-set, illbred, black, un-soundest, secondclass, more curtate, most ill bred, budding, complimentary, more troughlike, unvaried, un cultivated, most bottommost, short, Ferine, more low lying, meat and potatoes, more unelevated, in common, foul mouthed, most unelevated, de grading, more infected, un dignified, most low-lying, more lowset, un worthy, most sycophantic, more pocketsized, de graded, un-sound, more evil, more workingclass, in sincere, contrabass, inferior, in formal, prole, in-sincere, un-happy, gone to the dogs, most ground level, more cupped, unlawful, Double dealing, in elegant, close the ground, indistinct, most polluted, Low-minded, more unprolonged, shortest, un scrupulous, sinful, most brutish, un becoming, worthless, inter mutual, under handed, nefarious, un happier, un-worthier, ground-level, ancient, low on, down in the dumps, in-culter, un-varied, most pocket sized, un refined, cut the bone, most proletarian, elementary, un-availing, un skilled, scurvy, most communistic, bland, more working-class, sawed-off, scurvier, most low lying, devalued, secondrate, Unsustained, most rumbling, upset, un happy, swinish, reverberant, inexpensive, in dented, more cup shaped, aborning, unsavory, primitive, more pocket-sized, more characterless, lowdown dirty, more brutish, most junior, more illbred, pocket-sized, de-grading, more summarized, more working class, dis heartened, in effectual, bedrock, in a nutshell, dis honored, working-class, Commutual, more rock bottom, more infundibular, most sawedoff, in-famous, in significant, racket up, minute, shoddy, deepset, close to ground, basal, more low-down, dis-honorable, more pint-sized, cup-shaped, short spoken, inter-mutual, un-cultured, more low hanging, essential, more sawed-off, most lowset, lowly, common, more abbreviated, scurviest, most cut rate, baseborn, low-slung, bad tempered, un-couth, more cutrate, miniature, un-worthiest, short sweet, reduced, in pits, more communistic, reasonable, cheapie, low down, accessible, short handed, profiteering, down mouth, more excavated, un prolonged, pro-founder, nadir, pint sized, prosy, de meaning, dis reputable, down at heel, most unsustained, bottommost, pre vailing, Cupped, philistine, brutal, two faced, de pressed, more foul mouthed, more lowbred, ignominious, more under, dimpled, un-pretentious, ignorant, in curved, compendiary, un sound, tiny, un-sounder, most workingclass, comformable, most cut-rate, squat, most dishonored, most ground-level, more beneath, middling, more breviloquent, in-delicate, twofaced, debased, down in dumps, most socialistic, more dragged, subhuman, impure, de filed, affordable, most bribable, more bottommost, dis-honored, more rock-bottom, gone to dogs, inessential, alto, crumby, more pitted, cheapo, dis-graceful, crude, sawedoff, most muted, brute, more contaminated, beginning, nascent, evil, crumbiest, in sincerer, dishonorable, hollow, most working class, in-sincerest, vicious, clangorous, feral, singing the blues, most undignified, sycophantic, most deep set, gratuitous, poor, Incult, groundlevel, most cut, most low set, more alveolate, un worthiest, lowborn, low-life, more deep set, more toneless, lower class, low-lying, niggardly, most foul mouthed, un-elevated, popular, de-curtate, more correspondent, sordid, second class, in-dented, runtier, most low-set, most lowbred, zero, more compressed, un-cultivated, more low-lying, most abbreviate, ill-bred, most characterless, re sounding, more decreased, not protracted, un-ceremonious, unnecessary, more proletarian, most cupshaped, un distinguished, boiled down, re probate, more ground level, de-meaning, un-civil, foul-mouthed, most nether, in-expensive, most sounding, calm, mean, most pint-sized, more socialistic, dis-heartened, wellknown, Curtate, most under, in the pits, un-prolonged, more pocket sized, unimportant, ignoble, most curtate, cut to bone, cheap, more dishonored, nether, grave, squattier, most working-class, un civil, minor, toneless, un costly, most ill-bred, more ill-bred, nasty, in-elegant, in-constant, more diminished, sub standard, workaday, doubledealing, elemental, execrable, stereo typed, introductory, most commutual, most foul-mouthed, cut bone, in-cultest, more subsided, in-effectual, wrong, most breviloquent, more slashed, more putrescent, most niggardly, more down at heel, un-ethical, dis honorable, more sawedoff, brutish, cut-rate, most conjunct, most needing, more ill bred, un polished, primal, un washed, animalistic, more lowborn, stupid, socialistic, de-filed, crumbier, not high, most incurved, most vibrating, bottom-most, un couth, most community, more rumbling, un sounder, pro founder, under-handed, Infundibular, stunted, most workaday, decurtate, dirty, dime-store, unrighteous, more low-hanging, singing blues, most lessened, un sophisticated, bargain-basement, soft, offcolor, more incurved, runty, more cup-shaped, more abased, short term, most roughneck, rock bottom, budget, sawed off, de-pressed, most reverberant, chintzy, more clangorous, more exploiting, un-scrupulous, vulgar, uni-versal, iniquitous, under sized, in expensive, cut rate, prosiest, lowlying, paltry, costless, most compressed, sub sided, most exploiting, in delicate, contralto, corrupt, early, more cut-rate, most below, more reverberant, most sawed off, un ethical, most toneless, more ground-level, most decurtate, sober, low lying, more sounding, well known, squatty, most curtailed, in-formal, most lowborn, more suborned, most troughlike, most correspondent, off color, putrescent, unelevated, more sawed off, Intermutual, more lowhanging, in nutshell, beastly, down and out, ill bred, wornout, un varied, un availing, under-sized, bad, un filled, cut to the bone, underslung, rock-bottom, more low-set, de-creased, more nether, cut price, un pretentious, be neath, more pint sized, runtiest, de generate, lowhanging, low-level, un-becoming, most beneath, more groundlevel, underlying, co incident, more dimpled, in culter, most abbreviated, most slashed, most pocketsized, close to the ground, on take, bribable, normal, most down-at-heel, most deepset, marked down, rockbottom, more demeaning, most illbred, vile, teeny, Inceptive, most infected, inculter, more low down, more deepset, ground, low, most sawed-off, most groundlevel, lowset, second-rate, unpretentious, most unvaried, carved out, despicable, mild, currish, uncostly, low-end, detestable, more lowlying, nonessential, more undignified, most echoing, Dwarfed, un-civilized, baritone, un-filled, deep-set, most cutrate, most excavated, shortspoken, most lowlying, de curtate, more compendiary, cutrate, ground level, hypo critical, abecedarian, lumpen, pro found, most infundibular, under, sub-standard, un-gracious, down, uni versal, lowgrade, un-faithful, un-trustworthy, most uncostly, lowdown, contemptible, in disposed, primordial, low grade, un cultured, de creased, in cult, low set, most pint sized, low hanging, shorthanded, bottom most, insignificant, more needing, more foul-mouthed, down the mouth, base, in famous, most secondrate, pint-sized, characterless, more vibrating, pro-found, badtempered, communistic, more roughneck, snide, more echoing, re-gular, un-skilled, wicked, most lowhanging, more striated, un faithful, most grovelling, down out, more down-at-heel, dirt cheap, depressed, pocketsized, most suborned, inchoate, dis graceful, more decurtate, most dimpled, fundamental, clearheaded, wretched, more crouched, close ground, degraded, moderate, low-down, in-adequate, fragrant, incipient, most clangorous, depth, dis solute, lowbred, more peasant, more muted, alveolate, re gular, un sustained, more deep-set, lower, shorttempered, most rock bottom, most intermutual, more rockbottom, infamous, incultest, un worthier, un-principled, more cut rate, more disheartened, more cut, gone dogs, co-incident, most rock-bottom, un happiest, un gracious, primeval, run of the mill, more polluted, un-distinguished, weak, little, basic, un-refined, un elevated, most cupped, bestial, sub-sided, gratis, squattiest, low-hanging, in adequate, prosier, un-sustained, plebeian, more curtailed, hackest, down dumps, most inferior, be-neath, humble, wide open, more low set, in-curved, troughlike, more uncostly, pocket sized, dark, tasteless, most pitted, most decreased, most cup-shaped, most rockbottom, breviloquent.

Usage examples for high

  1. " Thank you, Madeline," he said, as if she had done him high honor. – Madeline Payne, the Detective's Daughter by Lawrence L. Lynch
  2. At the same instant all saw it, high up and directly in front. – Lost in the Cañon by Alfred R. Calhoun
  3. This is not the case in the high north. – The Voyage of the Vega round Asia and Europe, Volume I and Volume II by A.E. Nordenskieold

Idioms for high

  1. run high
  2. come/ get ( down) off your high horse;
  3. be as high as a kite;
  4. high and dry;
  5. live high off/ on the hog;

Quotes for high

  1. Sex is the best high. It's better than any drug. I want to die making love because it feels so good.
  2. Even in high school I was very interested in history- why people do the things they do. As a kid I spent a lot of time trying to relate the past to the present.
  3. I've written songs sober and I've written songs high.
  4. I think I have a passion for playing the game. I love to play, and I want to play at a high level. You have to do the right things in order to continue at that level.
  5. Most of the stuff I learned to play, I learned in high school. I had a band in high school, a jazz -fusion thing, and I was the keyboard player. I was interested in how the instruments worked and the theory behind playing with them.

Rhymes for high