Holds On

Pronunciation of Holds On
/hˈə͡ʊldz ˈɒn/, /hˈə‍ʊldz ˈɒn/, /h_ˈəʊ_l_d_z ˈɒ_n/

Synonyms for holds on:

endure (verb)

abide, be, bide, carry on, carry through, cling, exist, go on, hang on, hold, hold on, hold out, keep on, last, linger, live, live on, outlast, outlive, persist, prevail, remain, ride out, stand, stay, stay on, stick to, superannuate, survive, sustain, wear, wear on, Perdure, run on, be left, be long lived, be timeless, have no end, never say die, wear well.

go on (verb)

act, advance, bear, behave, come about, comport, conduct, deport, endure, execute, happen, occur, persevere, proceed, ramble, take place, go ahead.

hang on (verb)

clutch, grasp, grip, hold fast, be tough.

hold out (verb)

suffer, withstand.

keep up (verb)

balance, compete, contend, continue, emulate, keep pace, keep step, match, pace, preserve, rival, vie, run with.

persevere (verb)

hang in, keep going, leave no stone unturned, maintain, plug away, press on, pursue, stand firm, go for broke, be determined, stay the course, go for it, be resolved, be stubborn, keep driving, see it through, stick with it, hang tough.

persist (verb)

grind, insist, keep up, obtain, perseverate, recur, repeat, strive, follow up, see through, follow through, go all the way, stick it out, be resolute, go the limit, stick to guns, tough it out.

sit tight (verb)

anticipate, cool it, hang around, hang out, lie in wait, lie low, stall, stay put, stick around, stand by, mark time, bide one's time, fill time, hold the phone, put on hold, keep your shirt on.

stick (verb)

attach, bind, bond, braze, catch, cement, clasp, cleave, clog, cohere, fasten, fix, fuse, glue, hug, jam, join, lodge, paste, snag, solder, stick together, unite, weld, be bogged down, become embedded, become immobilized, cling like ivy, freeze to, stick like barnacle.

wait (verb)

await, dally, delay, expect, foresee, hang, hold back, hole up, look for, sit tight, tarry, watch, sit up for, look forward to, stay up for, hang onto your hat, hold everything, keep shirt on, save it, sweat it.

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