Hop To It

Pronunciation of Hop To It
/hˈɒp tʊ ɪt/, /hˈɒp tʊ ɪt/, /h_ˈɒ_p t_ʊ ɪ_t/

Antonyms for hop to it:

hurt, prevent, hinder.

Synonyms for hop to it:

get the lead out (verb)

get cracking, get going, get it on, hustle, step on it, get a move on, look alive, shake a leg, snap to it, make it snappy.

pitch in (verb)

aid, attack, begin, buckle down, chip in, come through, commence, contribute, cooperate, help, launch, participate, set about, subscribe, tackle, tee off, volunteer, DO, fall to, lend a hand, wade in, join in, jump in, plunge into, contribute work, do one's bit, go to it, help; get busy, set to.

Sense 7


Rhymes for hop to it:

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