Pronunciation of Hopeful
/hˈə͡ʊpfə͡l/, /hˈə‍ʊpfə‍l/, /h_ˈəʊ_p_f_əl/

Antonyms for hopeful

most let-down, in a blue funk, impossible, more sourpuss, more illlighted, un-real, more no chance, coalest, tearjerking, no avail, Unpurposed, at end ones rope, most lowdown, more unlighted, more guiltridden, Dolorific, no chance, consciencestricken, in operative, de-pressing, most agonized, no-way, most dragged, most atramentous, more malificent, back to the wall, selfaccusing, in famous, hundred to one, be-witched, in adequate, most discrediting, most dolesome, lowspirited, goner, in bad way, broodiest, un needed, sombrest, dismal, Inexecutable, un cleanliest, heavy hearted, toned-down, mis-tier, drear, more lethiferous, not clear, irrecoverable, Bummed, more undermining, deathdefying, Despisable, more death defying, no-chance, un-mitigable, non-transparent, most wrackful, good for nothing, more no way, un-redeemed, un-cleanliest, most arousing, scummy, most cankerous, kiss death, coaler, more blurred, more ill-omened, back wall, more foreordained, ineffective, dis-graceful, de solate, doubtful, most crepuscular, in cards, more splenetic, forbidding, un-functional, more stained, un propitious, low spirited, more scowling, pitiful, past hope, more low down, be yond, most nowin, most inklike, more low-down, more attenuated, more guilt ridden, more pitchdark, dis-heartened, un availing, in-surmountable, un-purposed, negative, sterile, dark-skinned, un read, depressed, cimmerian, disheartening, in-executable, down and out, nononsense, more eradicative, in auspicious, insufficient, in low spirits, ill boding, unrecoverable, more presaging, dun, un fortunate, dunest, more unmitigable, down in the dumps, un-workable, most irrealizable, in utile, in exorable, un-needed, more selfcondemnatory, in cautious, more let down, in conceivable, most crabbed, more wrackful, bummed out, most dolorific, self accusing, most unilluminated, most ill-omened, most self accusing, Dolesome, most self reproachful, be deviled, no-go, save breath, un-availing, at end of rope, more charcoal, in-effectual, most crushing, more selfaccusing, pitchest, at end rope, un-successful, more nogo, in-auspicious, most bedeviled, un-cleanest, un done, in effective, more bummed out, in validating, scrapper, pessimistic, most delphian, dis-heartening, head-strong, more no-go, cast-down, ill lighted, more nubilous, thrown down, most unobtainable, most raven, un available, in curable, dis composing, in-opportune, more stygian, down the dumps, more thwarted, un luckier, unattainable, most guiltridden, out question, profitless, most eradicative, most uncorrectable, wastest, most irrecoverable, more foreboding, un-promising, most no way, in-accessible, de-rogatory, most death defying, more hundred to one, more heart rending, more despisable, mis-anthropic, raven, not known, trifling, can't win, more uncorrectable, in opportune, more guilt-ridden, ebon, de-solate, un-cleanlier, un redeemed, most selfcondemnatory, unencouraging, heavy, low, more cast-down, most beyond, pre-cursive, most toned-down, most cimmerian, aphotic, more ripped, dis graceful, most hundred-to-one, un-achievable, dis crediting, most noway, most predestined, premonitory, most deathdefying, on treadmill, unsuccessful, unredeemed, counter-productive, woebegone, de stroyed, in effectual, most illlighted, mirthless, more good for nothing, non translucent, sorry, Extirpative, most precursive, more death-defying, more ebon, scummiest, dire, woeful, non transparent, unenthusiastic, un attainable, un important, more doomful, sloest, malificent, more discrediting, up setting, more illomened, more disheartening, most despisable, more hurting, illomened, ill starred, more obfuscous, gloomy, more darkcomplexioned, most infeasible, most toned down, more nontransparent, unlikely, un reasonable, more mourning, un achievable, Resultless, guilt ridden, wretched, in distinct, funereal, duner, no dice, most bummedout, in-distinct, more delphian, de-stroyed, skin and bones, more inklike, pre-destined, overcast, most foiled, unpleasant, in vain, mis tier, grisly, more pitch-dark, stygian, like a bag of bones, more unprosperous, mis-anthropical, more self-reproachful, self-accusing, most jinxed, most sunk, in consolable, in feasible, melanoid, most invalidating, dreary, death defying, more anguished, un-attainable, most attritional, ruinous, pitch dark, implausible, un-relenting, more let-down, pre monitory, dark complexioned, over cast, more noway, more self condemnatory, more malefic, long faced, swartest, un-friendliest, un feasible, hateful, swarter, dolorous, most splenetic, dis-advantageous, unobtainable, un illuminated, let-down, un-believing, starcrossed, more oppressing, back to wall, black, devil may care, scurviest, more starless, more muted, uncertain, more attritional, more ill omened, nontranslucent, be reaved, disinterested, most wreckful, un-productive, fore ordained, up-setting, more shattered, in-utile, more self accusing, illstarred, un imaginable, un-recoverable, most ill omened, most unprosperous, un productive, Noway, more mirthless, more long-faced, not a prayer, adumbral, most strabilious, dis-crediting, most lethiferous, wry, more bummed-out, upset, more lowdown, more cankerous, most dejecting, in the dumps, heart-rending, discouraged, scurvy, drab, more unpurposed, save one breath, in-consolable, dis appointing, unfunctional, over whelmed, most misanthropical, in tractable, re-solute, most ill-lighted, malefic, more bummed, over-thrown, scraggier, de rogatory, in-tractable, more no win, obsidian, most darkcomplexioned, more cast down, Precursive, more no-chance, pre cursive, in pits, bleak, dubious, most self-condemnatory, un-substantial, in-feasible, most good for nothing, more atramentous, at end of one rope, discouraging, hundred-to-one, slatest, in definite, most let down, bummedout, most malificent, un lettered, out the question, un functional, more irretrievable, most stygian, cast down, in-appropriate, nochance, more pinched, most anguished, more suppressed, un-becoming, sick heart, un-lighted, murky, more unobtainable, Eradicative, most guilt-ridden, un-lettered, dull, more unredeemed, most doomful, jettier, charcoal, in-felicitous, no win, in-effective, in surmountable, most unpurposed, re-doubtable, to no purpose, low-down, most dark complexioned, unlit, drearer, most subfusc, more resultless, more no-way, more worsening, subfusc, more goner, most melanoid, illboding, threatening, most cast-down, more foiled, unhappy, unilluminated, pitchblack, un-realizable, beyond recall, Wrackful, most depressive, more selfreproachful, more nowin, most malefic, in-adequate, more toned down, back the wall, un cleanly, un friendliest, forgotten, despairing, unmitigable, self-condemnatory, most unlit, more dragged, more menaced, Atramentous, irredeemable, more dark-complexioned, nowin, doomed, broody, more lightless, un interesting, most bummed-out, dis tressed, most attenuated, more premonitory, more profitless, more obsidian, most no-way, futile, in-definite, un cleanest, doleful, unfavorable, un promising, more arousing, more saddening, most unlighted, Menaced, un happier, stormy, gaunt, most heart-rending, over thrown, dark, in hospitable, most opposed, more invalidating, more unread, in the pits, no nonsense, most muted, trivial, scummier, un-cultivated, more suffering, most mourning, sloer, un suitable, duskest, at end one rope, in-hospitable, misanthropical, more glowering, most menaced, most grieving, up against it, most racked, un relenting, down dumps, NOGO, most unread, most glowering, more strabilious, un-lucky, most scowling, over clouded, un-favorable, more heart-rending, most overclouded, more dolent, irretrievable, most letdown, more dark-skinned, inauspicious, un successful, rainy, un-imaginable, Doomful, on a treadmill, most pitch dark, ironic, more dejecting, un clean, Dolent, in sufficient, grim, self condemnatory, un-done, long-faced, most unusuable, running out of time, un-happy, no-win, down the mouth, un realizable, dead duck, more unusuable, most nochance, un-friendlier, unlucky, mis anthropical, most dark-complexioned, more inexecutable, dis heartening, in-validating, shot down, un cleaner, most irredeemable, in the soup, pitchdark, un-correctable, un recoverable, most unredeemed, de moralized, most adumbral, most stained, more bereaved, more depressive, somber, apathetic, more aphotic, more ill lighted, nonfunctional, be reft, un-cleaner, more predestined, in toilet, dis advantageous, more deathdefying, most dark skinned, more irrealizable, most convicted, in-competent, most oppressing, dis-tressed, in competent, at end of one's rope, despondent, poor, more overclouded, be-yond, more self-accusing, out luck, dis agreeable, dis-appointing, cynical, cankerous, un cultivated, most pinched, re probate, very grave, most lightless, most goner, most saddening, fore-boding, in blue funk, to no effect, most longfaced, un-profitable, most premonitory, sloe, most obsidian, unprosperous, up creek, Mopish, more longfaced, more sentenced, bad, most no win, under mining, de pressed, fore boding, be-reaved, counterproductive, in-operative, most ill lighted, in appropriate, rayless, selfreproachful, at end of ones rope, most profitless, more chapfallen, most annihilative, scurvier, most resultless, un thinkable, un-satisfactory, un-important, mean, unusuable, most worsening, most foreordained, most dolent, contrary reason, peaky, contrary to reason, matte, most irretrievable, more ironic, un-fortunate, unpromising, un becoming, in dumps, inklike, more infeasible, head long, un enlightened, more saddened, no good, un-yielding, toneddown, dis-composing, in the toilet, more unilluminated, un happiest, most charcoal, most no-win, sombrer, most softened, most nonfunctional, dusker, more extirpative, ominous, not prayer, in-sufficient, re doubtable, most nontranslucent, un mitigable, in executable, more unachievable, un profitable, most thwarted, most piceous, de-moralized, over-whelmed, re-probate, most unmitigable, more rayless, ill fated, dark-complexioned, un-enlightened, most pitch-dark, most no-go, more emulsified, un-obtainable, un lucky, un-friendly, re solute, more disheartened, un-read, un satisfactory, most no chance, strabilious, un luckiest, most mirthless, most self condemnatory, up the creek, un believing, pale, mis anthropic, more precursive, most toneddown, painful, most death-defying, most ebon, in doldrums, darkskinned, down mouth, most long-faced, un-eventful, more skeleton, in soup, crepuscular, most suppressed, dis-agreeable, more dolorific, most unlettered, in accessible, mattest, un-thinkable, sad, most castdown, of no use, more desponding, peakier, disagreeable, out of question, non functional, un-suitable, most bummed, guilt-ridden, unfortunate, most unachievable, over-cast, more racked, most desponding, most nontransparent, more erosive, pointless, illlighted, un-reasonable, all torn up, un happy, more agonized, more ineffective, in-exorable, no way, most pitchdark, depressive, no go, in the cards, out sorts, heart rending, un prosperous, lightless, in pain, more no-win, most starless, un-feasible, in significant, tragic, most bereaved, jettiest, scraggy, down in mouth, splenetic, bummed-out, more irrecoverable, sick at heart, in-curable, most no-chance, more moping, most illomened, fellest, no purpose, Piceous, un substantial, most obfuscous, sable, self-reproachful, under-mining, forlorn, be-deviled, conscience stricken, more dark skinned, more misanthropical, broodier, un yielding, star crossed, ill-lighted, more melanoid, cant win, anguished, more discomposing, dis heartened, more self reproachful, un-luckier, running out time, Nubilous, helpless, un workable, more impracticable, more failed, more nontranslucent, more mopish, grief stricken, most skeleton, most rayless, most disheartened, most dark-skinned, unfriendly, more toned-down, erosive, more annihilative, uncorrectable, chapfallen, save ones breath, most cast down, most sentenced, most ripped, most heart rending, more grieving, out the window, Wreckful, more darkened, ill omened, most good-for-nothing, down, counter productive, un lighted, un-illuminated, in a bad way, most bummed out, darkcomplexioned, sombre, hardly possible, like bag bones, drearest, more unpromising, most darkskinned, most unpromising, down in dumps, morose, hopeless, more bummedout, pitch-dark, castdown, un friendlier, nasty, more crepuscular, be witched, more nochance, useless, de pressing, most aphotic, overclouded, illfated, be-reft, more toneddown, more subfusc, pre destined, more convicted, more no go, out of luck, most self-reproachful, desperate, un favorable, stern, head-long, destructive, attritional, most erosive, longfaced, more beyond, unlighted, most tortured, most extirpative, in-cautious, unpropitious, more irredeemable, out window, more unlit, cloudy, more castdown, more sunk, scraggiest, like bag of bones, un-available, lowdown, more nonfunctional, no effect, griefstricken, more tortured, fearful, more unfunctional, more dolesome, down out, ill-omened, most undermining, in despair, guiltridden, more long faced, unachievable, dark skinned, most self-accusing, most disheartening, most discomposing, save one's breath, more pitch dark, starless, non-functional, at end one's rope, most foreboding, un-cleanly, scrappest, most no go, most hundred to one, de-pressed, death-defying, to no avail, low down, un obtainable, unlettered, in-conceivable.