Pronunciation of Idiotic
/ˌɪdɪˈɒtɪk/, /ˌɪdɪˈɒtɪk/, /ˌɪ_d_ɪ__ˈɒ_t_ɪ_k/

Antonyms for idiotic

in the know, more precautious, dexterous dextrous, in one right mind, more insighted, quick on uptake, therest, precocious, dis criminating, equal to, more deductive, nobody fool, discreet, careful, most argute, having one's marbles, rational, shrewd, well-judged, Hepper, most nimble witted, well advised, sharpsighted, keen, intelligent, sharp witted, most well reasoned, more sharp sighted, most thought out, most capable, crazy like fox, able, more clearsighted, ear the ground, ear to the ground, like a clam, clear sighted, there, Unblunted, brainy, un blunted, sharp-sighted, sharp sighted, un-blunted, pro founder, pro-founder, wise to, more well reasoned, most wellreasoned, de-signing, de-voted, thoughtful, sharkest, reasonable, observing, nobody's fool, having all ones marbles, more honed, many sided, knowing, well thought out, most razor sharp, discerning, most nimble-witted, more cognitive, percipient, non committal, more einstein, more appetent, in goingest, most edged, well thought-out, ex-acting, on lookout, far-sighted, more reasoning, lost thought, insightful, under hand, pre occupied, non-committal, nimble-witted, understanding, wellreasoned, penetrative, shrewdest, more thoughtout, wise, more edged, sharpwitted, most well-judged, most infiltrating, in going, nimble witted, thought-out, up it, crafty, more razor sharp, dis-ingenuous, knows what's what, more sensing, wellinformed, quick on trigger, clear-sighted, whizest, logical, most razor-sharp, knows what what, worldly wise, more well judged, not rash, slick, tuned in, re sourceful, de signing, most selfdisciplined, under-standing, witty, wisest, most museful, most sharpsighted, pre cautious, more streetwise, most reasoned, pre-occupied, most entering, de voted, in side, dying to, clever, certain, know onions, un-selfish, know one's onions, more carrying, most carrying, more puncturing, having all one marbles, most clear-sighted, more egghead, in-tense, more sophic, hep, most cognitive, more thought out, de-liberative, most reflecting, judicious, most permeating, well-reasoned, philosophic, in filtrating, quick-witted, smart, quick on the draw, de liberate, most well-thought-out, quick the draw, more reflecting, clearsighted, in one's right mind, Sophic, sane, in-sighted, dexterousdextrous, shark, most sensing, most astucious, self disciplined, quick trigger, most sharp sighted, know ropes, well-informed, wellbred, in sighted, ingoingest, in-tenser, quickwitted, quick draw, most welljudged, most well judged, more museful, most crackerjack, most clear sighted, more selfdisciplined, having fancy footwork, most honed, probing, clearcut, in tenser, more nimble witted, astute, more astucious, welladvised, more infiltrating, ingoinger, razor-sharp, Observative, having one marbles, under-hand, having all one's marbles, passing through, bright, ex acting, lost in thought, most well-reasoned, most precautious, perceptive, most sharp-sighted, most nimblewitted, sensible, all there, well reasoned, dexterous-dextrous, quick witted, know backwards forwards, in-tensest, most streetwise, well judged, Worldlywise, most reasoning, believeable, far sighted, most deductive, in tent, well-thought-out, most witting, aware, ear to ground, penetrating, ingoing, deductive, Museful, responsible, canny, sharp as tack, self-disciplined, selfdisciplined, most einstein, most penetrant, up to it, fond of, in-filtrating, pre pared, more thought-out, in know, more welljudged, up on, most observative, more comprehending, streetwise, dis ingenuous, know backwards and forwards, more unblunted, quick on draw, un biased, most insighted, re served, most percipient, more wellreasoned, up to speed, more penetrative, quick on the uptake, co-operative, more razor-sharp, Penetrant, more pondering, like clam, in tense, more sharpsighted, more nimblewitted, cognitive, well informed, in goinger, witting, in right mind, most pondering, realistic, de liberative, un selfish, un prejudiced, more witting, more clear-sighted, more argute, most appetent, quick uptake, whizer, fore-sighted, pre-cautious, re-sourceful, pro-found, re-strained, more gnostic, having all marbles, balanced, sharp as a tack, most clearsighted, most puncturing, more percipient, going to great lengths, on top of, more permeating, co operative, in ones right mind, ear ground, insighted, more razorsharp, Astucious, thought out, most gnostic, In-going, on inside, most well thought out, dis-criminating, most forcing, most unblunted, up to snuff, up speed, most comprehending, re-served, well bred, know ones onions, under standing, foxy, de-liberate, most egghead, more well-judged, un-prejudiced, well thoughtout, nobodys fool, more intelligent, Precautious, fore sighted, more nimble-witted, clear cut, in-goingest, matter of fact, welljudged, re strained, more observative, knows whats what, on the inside, quick the uptake, having ones marbles, going great lengths, more crackerjack, gifted, pre-pared, most knowledgeable, pro found, more well-reasoned.