Pronunciation of Imbalance
/ɪmbˈaləns/, /ɪmbˈaləns/, /ɪ_m_b_ˈa_l_ə_n_s/

Antonyms for imbalance

two a kind, get in to, commeasures, amicabilities, x-outs, buys for, tunefulness, agglutinations, de-stroying, ex tents, counter poise, over-throwing, going back word, wert in the same class as, counter acted, totaling to, keeps pace, de-stroyed, amount to, Counterchecked, come aboard, come out even, re-produced, wert the same class as, corresponding with, brought near, renders null and void, polyphonies, chords, counter balances, consistency, apposition, uniformed, meeting of mind, make for, goes back on ones word, inter-dependence, wert on same wavelength, re-adjust, re producing, coming out even, acted as, finish off, levelheadedness, counter-poising, inter action, counter-acts, dis cards, bought for, wert proxy for, balances out, are tantamount, pairing off, tieup, networks with, am identical, slapping on, re petition, assume role of, put an end to, re-deems, squaring with, be tokened, re calling, measure up, Allying, equalization, organizings, checks with, art tantamount, re deem, matches up, Planed, de-faces, centrality, mounts to, counter act, melds with, out-weighing, tuned on, melodiousness, re adjusted, stacked against, formulations, co equalities, bodied, being identical, counter-balancing, uni forming, in corporations, par, stack up, wert a par with, structuring, identicalness, plug in to, uni-forming, evens up, piles up, melded with, Symbioses, conventional formality, in-distinguishabilities, going back on one word, counter balance, stacked up with, symmetrizes, ran abreast, making equal, commeasuring, join up with, goes back on one's word, poise, inter-faces, counter-acting, partaking of, comparabilities, holds candle to, rises to, counter-checking, democratize, approximate to, parallel, have good vibes, out weighed, interrelations, co ordination, de-face, inter changeablenesses, getting into, counter-act, no difference, places juxtaposition, came aboard, is on par with, indistinguishability, am on same wavelength, be a par with, ex-tent, am on a par with, xout, two of a kind, declares invalid, symmetricalness, dis-passion, summating, ex changeabilities, tuned in on, counter poising, re dress, re-produce, compensates for, dis-charges, chord, re dressed, harmony, stack with, mellifluousness, atticisms, be attorney for, in spects, de stroyed, Voided, ringed up, be on par with, regularized, collimates, ex-tents, acted as broker, tied in with, Inexcitability, re moving, inter changeableness, torpedoing, tying in, mounted up to, democratizing, dis passions, wert equal to, symbiosis, was a par with, co operations, uniformity, render inert, de pendencies, art agent for, homologies, run into, parity, de-stroys, spacings, co hering, under-standings, sets side by side, inter-changeabilities, relates mutually, interfaces, having good vibes, going back ones word, approximating to, being same wavelength, co ordinate, amicability, bears comparison, attunement, symmetry, mount up to, coming together, fair plays, de-pendency, out weigh, partake of, correlation, slapped on, totalling up to, was identical, be agent for, act place of, lives to, dis charging, being in same class as, equal footings, uni-form, uni-forms, were same class as, crossing out, in distinguishabilities, equabilities, held a candle to, sells for, in validate, be-tokened, scratches out, equilibrium, uni formed, spoke for, x-outed, speaking for, acting as, re-semblance, concentu, assumes the role of, dis-cards, being on par with, stewarding, act in place of, is equal to, render null void, going back on one's word, were on a par with, pure taste, over throw, equal, hooked on, counter-vail, counter-checked, de signs, being equal to, keep pace with, interacting, equal terms, art in same class as, sets aside, blot out, serving as, plays part, organums, hellenisms, were on same wavelength, even, is identical, gat in to, compare, check with, places in juxtaposition, coming togethers, stacks up against, are a par with, size up, mellifluousnesses, de-gree, being on a par with, pro fit, wast identical, comes out even, wiped slate clean, wast the same class as, art level, coolheadedness, were the same class as, compensating for, usuals, no differences, two kind, is in the same class as, conventional formalities, un did, holding candle to, in corporation, co-equalities, tuning on, re-pealing, do business for, evensteven, de pendency, puts an end to, counter checking, assemblings, ex cess, drew parallel, counter-actions, pro-duces, de faced, re peal, dis card, in-spect, be proxy for, mount to, under standings, emblematizes, dis-positions, joined up with, be same class as, counter action, re pose, was in same class as, art the same class as, corresponds to, co-incidence, inter-courses, re gards, checked with, in-validates, counter parts, two of kind, joins with, selfsameness, brings near, are on same wavelength, wast par with, go back ones word, suppress, put alongside, is a par with, inter-changeablenesses, counter-poise, relate mutually, is on a par with, equivalence, classicism, ex-changeabilities, de-sign, mounts up to, total, de-stroy, indistinguishabilities, assuming the role of, went back word, tie in with, am same wavelength, re presents, communized, stewarded, re-move, inter acting, communizing, over tone, set side by side, hitched on, weigh against another, out-weighs, ex-cess, matched up, tunefulnesses, neoclassicism, draws parallel, correlate, consociate, composure, x outed, invariability, held candle to, re-petition, exchangeabilities, Planing, in-excitability, match up, goes back one word, equiponderates, re-calls, paragoned, counter check, makes equal, synonymity, is in same class as, being par with, fair practice, go back word, offed, re-presenting, be par with, concentus, is level, equal opportunities, made up for, re ached, pro-cession, pairings, collimate, inter-connection, running abreast, acts as broker, drawing parallel, peas pod, keeping pace with, relating mutually, re presented, evenstevens, hold office, pro portion, stacked up, re adjusting, out weighs, rendered invalid, inter faces, co-incidences, counter checks, blotted out, synonymies, re produced, parallelizes, lithesomeness, made equal, coordinations, puts alongside, sets against, appositions, paragoning, stabilizations, co-hering, am attorney for, ties in, be equal to, ex changeability, formings, inter dependences, pro-fits, is same wavelength, in spect, in-excitabilities, making for, Allegorizing, being agent for, runs abreast, are on par with, pro fits, dis-charge, being a par with, go back on one's word, shapeliness, pro-cessions, live to, steadying, in validated, synonymy, is commensurate, stamps across, in variabilities, going back one's word, washes out, tuning in on, am commensurate, tagging on, totalling to, over-thrown, developed in to, square with, plugs into, putting end to, re-canting, didst business for, mounting to, hook on, beared comparison, be tantamount, meeting minds, goes back word, inter-connections, played part, inter-changes, slap on, counter acting, relativity, Equableness, re tract, held office, in-variability, spake for, even tenors, am equal to, in distinguishability, even stevens, atoned for, run abreast, wert on par with, doth business for, cross out, totalled up to, re presenting, dis positions, co operation, ran in to, counter-vailed, like mindedness, commensuratenesses, de-signs, equatability, am par with, counterpoise, make-up, holding office, counterpoised, tie with, gets in to, high art, correspondence, play part, are attorney for, Organum, running in to, stamped across, dis passion, offing, wast tantamount, goes back on one word, equalize, art par with, notice similarities, inter-relation, scratch out, kept pace with, rendering invalid, re-dressed, are proxy for, dis charges, come to, counter-checks, be on same wavelength, are in same class as, coordination, was commensurate, network with, cool heads, runs in to, gracefulnesses, sizes up, Consociating, ex-press, inter face, is attorney for, agglutination, proportion, renders invalid, make up for, make ups, uni-son, counter acts, coadunations, bring near, sublimity, pendant, counter vail, assumed the role of, re-dressing, formulation, inter act, develops in to, ex press, re-calling, ran into, equity, over tones, xouting, co-ordination, in-validating, peace mind, over-threw, steadyings, hooking up, ex change, draw parallel, counter-part, comparability, inter acted, showed correspondence, lissomenesses, unvariednesses, tack on, over throws, competes with, run in to, tunes in on, wert level, pendants, regularize, aesthetic principles, doeth business for, co-equality, Bodying, Similize, setting against, interchangeabilities, art commensurate, washed out, ex-pressing, Isonomy, doing business for, place juxtaposition, hast good vibes, un doing, meld with, re aching, over-tone, blots out, art identical, counter vailed, inter changes, rang up, setting aside, equal term, inter-act, approximated to, re-produces, gracefulness, re-lated, pairs off, am level, correspond with, repudiate, meeting mind, got in to, were same wavelength, lived to, coequalities, likemindedness, rendering inert, de-faced, get into, piled up, re-tracts, re-peals, goes back one's word, made like, counter poises, interact, got into, over thrown, inter-actions, counter balanced, inter-relationships, buy for, art attorney for, re pealing, placing in juxtaposition, over throwing, was tantamount, codification, Classicalism, summated, measuring up, co equality, self possession, inter actions, lived up to, self-sameness, like-mindednesses, like mindednesses, counter vailing, inter acts, blotting out, doest business for, be token, inter courses, developed into, equalizations, wast agent for, similizing, be level, selfassurance, wert on a par with, inter-acts, classicalisms, were proxy for, being the same class as, counter-parts, re deeming, tie in, were in the same class as, were in same class as, acts for, communize, are the same class as, predictability, ex changes, re deems, place in juxtaposition, re canted, uni-sons, Allegorized, counterchecks, balanced out, inter faced, totals up to, pro portions, peas in pod, art same class as, re-moving, art proxy for, be in same class as, inter relationship, acts as, Consociation, stamping across, re-adjusted, bear comparison, de-facing, in validating, equiponderating, re semblance, liken, re petitions, coolheadednesses, squared with, being on same wavelength, competing with, inter-course, were commensurate, plugs in to, were identical, re-call, wast same class as, played the part, developing into, develop into, parallelize, Counterpoising, wast attorney for, diapason, Emblematize, weighing against another, placed in juxtaposition, wast commensurate, proportionalities, declared invalid, art in the same class as, pro duce, countertypes, be-token, served as, totals to, un-variedness, inter-changeableness, self samenesses, anti thesis, inter facing, ranked with, even tempers, Consociated, wiping slate clean, result in, homology, ex-cesses, Emblematized, inter-acted, de facing, counter checked, harmonics, interfacing, adequations, counter-poises, commensurateness, was on par with, joined with, putting an end to, in variability, mono tony, keeping pace, cancel, mergings, comes aboard, pair off, re tracts, puts end to, rendering null and void, dis-charging, inter-relations, dost business for, hooks on, atone for, look alike, is par with, make like, grace, hitch on, makes up for, stacked with, was agent for, networking with, declaring invalid, wast on par with, rendered inert, equal footing, being tantamount, re dresses, pro-portions, co-here, re adjust, de stroying, networked with, making up for, counter-action, was same wavelength, wert agent for, re late, act as, are equal to, setting off, x-outing, footed, de-grees, ex pressed, setting side by side, counterbalance, re deemed, hadst good vibes, uni son, order, factoring, diapasons, corresponded with, totalled to, allegorize, are in the same class as, are agent for, pile up, wert tantamount, make-ups, be-tokening, crossed out, running into, were level, in-corporations, acting as broker, self-samenesses, playing the part, corresponds with, were a par with, interchangeability, attunements, in-corporation, ring up, sized up, was equal to, bearing comparison, acts place of, re-tract, tiein, re dressing, set off, proportionality, go back on word, self control, Emblematizing, re-deeming, consociates, co-ordinate, re-aching, Counterchecking, inter-changeability, hook up, dis-position, serve as, re peals, re-petitions, hold candle to, is the same class as, counter balancing, act as broker, tunes on, inter changeability, similized, regularizing, counter part, parallelizing, join with, am agent for, had good vibes, tag on, likes ofs, is agent for, meeting of minds, is same class as, inter change, re-dresses, art a par with, composition, xouted, inexcitabilities, noticed similarities, co here, re plica, Bracketing, orderings, were on par with, acting place of, placed juxtaposition, act for, co incidence, over-throws, appear as, re calls, evened up, over-tones, union, spacing, equipoised, wast proxy for, haddest good vibes, Conformability, weighed against another, cool head, re-called, compensated for, over threw, relativities, atones for, assume the role of, acting in place of, symmetrize, assumes role of, re semblances, summates, inter-relationship, dis-card, stack up against, de-pendencies, de stroys, Commeasure, pro cession, dis carding, co ordinations, placing juxtaposition, anti-thesis, holds a candle to, even temper, assumed role of, ties in with, re-adjusts, be the same class as, be commensurate, renders inert, un variednesses, communizes, re-pealed, high arts, tacking on, holding a candle to, acted in place of, be in the same class as, equipoising, inter-face, sameness, re-peal, counter-balanced, selfcontrol, play the part, delicatesses, rendered null and void, dis-carding, un-variednesses, were attorney for, equal opportunity, render null and void, came out even, being commensurate, rank with, tied with, interrelation, distinguished between, rationalism, likemindednesses, co-heres, did business for, develops into, in-spects, tacks on, art same wavelength, re-moves, out weighing, are commensurate, gat into, re pealed, goes back on word, invariabilities, renders null void, keep pace, partook of, being attorney for, crosses out, de sign, alignings, co-operations, acts in place of, makes for, hooks up, set aside, going back on ones word, joining with, distinguishing between, steadied, balance out, un done, inter relation, ranking with, counter-balances, sets off, likes of, render invalid, went back on ones word, un-did, conformabilities, interfaced, re-pose, concinnities, inter-dependences, gets into, counter poised, atoning for, re present, finishing off, Coadunation, totaled up to, uni sons, re-gard, tied in, stacking against, stack against, tying in with, torpedoed, Torpedoes, are on a par with, washing out, wast on same wavelength, democratized, stacks against, keeping, Concinnity, measured up, acting for, organization, develop in to, equate, placings, rendering null void, was level, match, shapelinesses, unvariedness, plug into, showing correspondence, un-doing, bringing near, uni form, live up to, un variedness, wast on a par with, inter-change, un does, made for, under standing, lives up to, holds office, fair practices, de gree, were tantamount, shows correspondence, went back on one word, even-steven, dis carded, rationalisms, in excitability, stacks up, be on a par with, plays the part, wast level, wast same wavelength, gotten into, counter-check, selfpossession, balancing out, re produces, meldings, squares with, co heres, wipes slate clean, homeostasis, were equal to, re move, distinguishes between, are same class as, go back one word, self assurance, re-ached, stacking with, re-canted, over-throw, counter actions, tags on, re-producing, equatabilities, lissomeness, Bracketed, counter-vailing, related mutually, re-presents, wert same wavelength, Centralities, re-plica, bore comparison, hold a candle to, speaks for, go back on ones word, delicatesse, re-presented, is proxy for, blendings, are level, structurings, wert attorney for, running to, counter vails, kept pace, in-validated, mono-tony, pro cessions, correspond to, uniforming, dis position, counter-poised, chemistry, finishes off, living to, compensate for, Adequation, isonomies, tune in on, countercheck, inter-acting, under-standing, counter-vails, Symmetrized, am same class as, ex tent, x outs, total to, be tokening, Collimated, commeasured, was attorney for, be same wavelength, democratizes, Coequality, fair play, dis-charged, stacking up, keeps pace with, am tantamount, Trashed, resulted in, ties with, be-tokens, ranks with, equiponderated, de stroy, counter-balance, went back one word, re canting, rising to, x outing, approximates to, being proxy for, checking with, tacked on, total up to, dis-passions, consociations, be identical, organa, partakes of, am a par with, wert par with, assuming role of, ciceronianisms, wast equal to, are same wavelength, was same class as, co-ordinations, plugging into, measures up, wert same class as, goes back ones word, lookalike, joins up with, stacked up against, pro-portion, formal style, codifications, de faces, stasis, inter relations, are identical, balance, grand style, compete with, totaled to, was on same wavelength, be tokens, Co-ordinates, scratching out, were agent for, torpedo, matings, inter course, corresponded to, hooking on, equablenesses, in-validate, are par with, rise to, re moved, connect, co-operation, co incidences, relationship, interface, in validates, dis charged, unitings, even up, living up to, set against, declare invalid, bare comparison, competed with, de grees, acted for, allegorizes, even-stevens, appeared as, developing in to, appearing as, tune on, stacks up with, peas a pod, go back one's word, hath good vibes, chemistries, wast in the same class as, is tantamount, am proxy for, regularizes, Re-present, weighs against another, stack up with, was on a par with, rendered null void, evening up, ex pressing, am on par with, summate, similarity, wash out, dis charge, totaling up to, inter dependence, corresponding to, Equiponderate, synonymities, un-does, countertype, am the same class as, aesthetic principle, has good vibes, counter-acted, buying for, Collimating, interchangeablenesses, inter connections, was in the same class as, de face, similizes, re-deem, coming aboard, represent, co ordinates, appears as, plugging in to, form, out-weigh, stacking up with, being level, putting alongside, distinguish between, put end to, dis-carded, pro duces, inter relationships, wert commensurate, acted place of, Periodicities, sell for, wert in same class as, in-distinguishability, finished off, ringing up, tying with, matching up, make equal, exchangeability, re-dress, xouts, show correspondence, being in the same class as, does business for, wert identical, inter connection, inter-faced, being same class as, equality, re call, rose to.