Pronunciation of Imbue
/ɪmbjˈuː/, /ɪmbjˈuː/, /ɪ_m_b_j_ˈuː/

Antonyms for imbue

take out, drain.

Synonyms for imbue

flood (verb)

deluge, douse, drench, drown, engulf, flood, immerse, inundate, rinse, saturate, shower, slosh, sluice, soak, submerge, swamp.

infuse (verb)

fill, glut, impregnate, infiltrate, infuse, penetrate, permeate, pervade, seethe, suffuse.

infuse, saturate (verb)

bathe, diffuse, impregnate, inculcate, infix, ingrain, inoculate, instill, invest, leaven, permeate, pervade, steep, suffuse.

teach (verb)

coach, drill, edify, educate, enlighten, guide, inculcate, indoctrinate, instill, instruct, lecture, school, teach, train, tutor.

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Usage examples for imbue

  1. He tried to imbue into England the idea of a divine right of kings to rule that he had held in Scotland. – Our Legal Heritage, 4th Ed. by S. A. Reilly
  2. It is a charming picture this, of a young, gifted girl, under the loving care of cultured parents actuated by the sole desire to imbue their daughter with their own taste for natural and artistic beauty and their steadfast love for Judaism, and content to lead a modest existence, away from the bustle and the opportunities of the city, in order to be able to give themselves up wholly to the education and companionship of their beloved, only daughter. – Jewish Literature and Other Essays by Gustav Karpeles
  3. And it was Jenny who was to imbue the borough with this enviable metropolitan character! – The Great Miss Driver by Anthony Hope

Idioms for imbue

  1. imbue sb/ sth with sth;
  2. imbue sm with sth;

Rhymes for imbue

  • mew, loo, skew, nu, shrew, yu, chu, coups, tew, through, ewe, pru, bleu, strew, lou, slew, chou, dew, zhu, douwe, foo, glew, hugh, crewe, stu, q, brew, vu, hewe, phew, whew, shew, thuy, sue, yew, trew, flew, su, ooh, tu, u, vue, flue, joo, pou, thew, few, sioux, rew, kew, xue, threw, zue, spew, doo, kyu, ju, chiu, pugh, pooh, too, two, lu, poo, jew, jue, xu, ru, screw, pu, liu, siew, lieu, boo, moo, who, prue, coo, queue, dru, shoo, coup, mu, yue, shoe, true, do, du, crew, soo, knew, zhou, hsu, rue, you, hou, due, hew, chew, qu, view, gu, zoo, gue, gnu, shu, flu, fu, hue, hoo, clue, ou, lew, phu, yoo, cue, cou, glue, beu, blew, hu, woo, goo, grew, uwe, leu, lue, pew, tue, wu, stew, blue, thru, ku, drew, que, koo, new;
  • into, ragu, construe, ague, debut, larue, peru, untrue, baku, askew, ensue, undo, kazoo, purdue, leroux, ado, fondue, perdue, tatu, renew, zanu, reto, cat-2, outgrew, liou, abou, shampoo, mchugh, outdo, wahoo, accrue, pursue, m2, revue, cebu, babu, withdrew, bamboo, anew, taboo, subdue, urdu, redo, adieu, canoe, unglue, undue, kwangju, fitzhugh, tattoo, review, eschew, c2, miscue;
  • timbuktu, suu, hitherto, kangaroo, byu, iou, overdue, overdo, katmandu, misconstrue, isu, depardieu, overthrew;
  • kalamazoo, hullabaloo;
  • dfw;